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They have been used in search-and-rescue operations, narcotics detection, police work, and commonly serve as guide dogs, therapy dogs, and disaster rescue dogs. The breed has very pretty, sparkling, and oval-shape eyes that are often amber, brown, or blue in colors.
Coat colors include black, liver, blue, merle, red, or pure red with white or tan border markings. The Australian Shepherd Dog is a sweet-natured, easy-going, affectionate, loving, fearless, protective, and lively dog that requires a lot of physical exercise and mental stimulation.
As a working dog, it is constantly on the lookout for things to do, and may get bored if you leave it cooped up all day. These highly intelligent, gentle, obedient, and devoted dogs are very easy to train, and need to be properly socialized in order to prevent them from adopting overly suspicious behaviors.
When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. In 2009-10 the Australian Opal Centre applied to the NSW Governmenta€™s Community Building Partnership (CBP) program, for funds to construct a Black Opal Heritage Shed and heritage walk. A request was also made to Round 2 of the Australian Governmenta€™s Regional and Local Infrastructure Program (RLCIP), this time to fund construction of a fossil preparation shed.
When both applications were successful, it was decided to co-locate the facilities in a single building, so as to make best use of the available funds and space. The CBP and RLCIP projects have already provided income for 11 local contractors or suppliers and has been supported by 15 volunteers. A full report will appear in a later issue of Harold Hodges Opal Teeth, on completion of the Community Building Partnerships project.
This article was originally published in the Autumn, 2011 edition ofA Harold Hodgesa€™ Opal Teeth, the newsletter of the Australian Opal Centre.

A contemporary interpretation of the archetypal Australian shed, this small-scale project by Jost Architects provides a farming shed as well as modest accommodation for visitors.
The client wanted a practical shed for his farm, which also included an area he and his family could use when coming to the farm for the day or short visits – an uncomplicated and aesthetically pleasing space, which had both the pragmatism of an outbuilding and the appeal of a living space.
Conceptually, the two areas of the building are positioned to form an L shape, taking advantage of the impressive view through the valley to the north. The interior, by Mini Living Interiors, compliments the simplicity of the overall design with raw but neat and clean finishes such as polished concrete floors, exposed steel structure and a rustic wallpaper that perfectly suits the external finishes and design.
Latest CommentsThe new village: ageing and suburban planningAnnie Cass: Like all of Maynard's work - I'm a fan! It looks similar to the Border collie and English shepherd dog, and excels in agility sports such as Frisbee and fly ball. They have triangular ears which hang high down from the sides of their heads, and deep chests that touch the upper parts of their elbows. Males tend to be more feathered around the hind legs, manes, and necks as compared to females, and their slightly wavy coats grow to medium lengths with medium-smooth textures.
Instead, they originated from Western United States during the early 19th century, and were once commonly found working alongside both cowboys and farmers.
They do not shed heavily, and you’ll only have to brush their furs with a bristle brush, or bathe them whenever necessary. When that happens, Australian Shepherds will display signs separation anxiety and suffer from mental anguish, and resort to destructive behaviors such as barking constantly, chewing its tail or other parts of the body, or trashing up your house.
Although they are not aggressive dogs, they may fall back on their natural herding instincts and nip your heels in order to get your attention at times. It is now being fitted out and will open to the public in July, in conjunction with the 7th National Opal Symposium and Lightning Ridge Opal and Gem Festival.

The client’s brief was for a functional shed, which would house farming equipment, as well as a simple, attached retreat with a bathroom, kitchenette and office area. Furthermore, it had to be sympathetic with, and take advantage of, the amazing surroundings of huge gum trees, native ferns and amazing views looking over the Peninsula.
The work area has two roof pitches, one steeper to suit the photovoltaic panels to provide power to the building. They have either a scissors-bite or a level bite, and arched toes that are connected to their straight-boned legs. They were frequently seen at horse and rodeo shows, and the breed developed a huge fan-following due their numerous appearances in Western movies. From one aspect, the building is in essence a classic Australian shed clad in galvanized corrugated roof sheet. The Uber Shed is a contemporary interpretation of an archetypal piece of the Australian bush that sits comfortably in its beautiful location. When viewed from another angle, it is clad in rough-sawn hardwood with large sliding doors made from recycled timber sourced by the client. The retreat’s wall from this side is solid and clad in corrugated sheet with a simple timber recess to maintain a visual barrier to the trucks and tractors driven in and out of the shed during the day. In contrast to this, the other aspect has a full building length of glazing orientated towards the bush outlook, grazing kangaroos and sunsets.

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