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Price is full colorbond, with 5m wide roller door, 1 pa door, 1 barn window & 1 sliding window.
Looking for a power source for camping or for emergency back-up for the home then the Ecoboxx 160 has you covered. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
With the increase of skin cancer problems, many schools have taken advantage of Tri-Steel's free standing roof-only buildings. Tri-Steel has supplied commercial hangars for many airports, as well as hangars for private customers. We introduced these specially designed ranges with different roof lines to blend in with new and old period style buildings. Tri-Steel is the only major supplier of Clearspan Barns with no internal columns, giving clear internal access.
The Aussie Barn is the traditional style of barn used in farming communities all over Australia.
They are not classed as dwellings,but we can spec them up at extra cost to Class 1a if required for a dwelling. With 2 open bays and one enclosed bay with a roller door, this is the right shed for all your storage.

Available in 2 sizes, and in your choice of Zincalume or Colorbond, this shed ticks all the boxes. Small enough to be out of sight and out of mind, but large enough to provide you with a good supply of water to keep your pot plants healthy, and your pavement and deck areas clean. Perfect for powering up medium sized appliances,LED tvs and portable devices including: laptops, smart phones,tablets ,portable DVD players, fans,radios and portable CPAP machines.
Our other son has just purchased a property nearby and would like exactly the same shed as you supplied previously.
This experience together with a commitment to leading edge technology and automated manufacturing using only the unmatched quality and strength of premium industrial grade steel, provides a building that's made to last a lifetime. Heavy duty sliding doors with or without outriggers for maximum width are a leading feature. With different configurations and sizes available, these structures are very versatile and cost effective, and with different styles availabe they can be appealing to different tastes, without sacrificing functionality.
First appearing in the Australian outback in the late 1800s these structures were basically a standard shed with awnings cobbled together from old timbers and tin to give more space.
The timing of this type of structure paralleled the development of the Aussie Barn, insofar as these were designed originally to expand storage space. With 4 open bays, and one enclosed bay with a 3m tall roller door, this versatile shed has so many uses.

This is perfect if you have a large 4wd, or if you have a larger boat, whilst still leaving room for work benches etc. Keep your outdoor area looking just right for when you are next entertaining your guests in the great outdoors! Traditionally structured with a main roof at around 10 degrees or more and the secondary awning roof at a lower angle but attached to the original roof line to allow gutters to be reused on the awnings, allowing water catchment of a larger roof area.
American Barns are easily distinguished by the fact that the main roofline is distinctly seperate from the awning roofs. Now these sheds are a common sight on farms - designed to give space and a look reminiscent of the early settler times. The distance from gutterline of the main shed to the roof of the awnings is usually 600 to 900 mm.

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