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Yes, the majority of people who bought and read this book were women, so naturally people were going to talk about women and sex.
I’ve never seen men’s desires questioned like this: people don’t wonder what Page 3 or the ubiquity of chesty female ‘sex symbols’ in Hollywood blockbusters means about the male sexual psyche. About UsPHOENIX is an internationally distributed, independent magazine that represents the beating heart of London’s vibrant fashion and culture scene. PHOENIX is intelligently crafted and insightful, factually informative yet entertaining, and unpretentious while aspirational. Launched to industry acclaim in June 2010, PHOENIX has fast become the indispensable publication for Britain’s most creative and thought provoking designers, artists, photographers and writers.
Welcome to the Fifty Shades of Grey, the latest book phenomenon that has women across continents swoon in sex literature.
Anastasia Steele, a young final year collegian gets to interview the young, self-made billionaire  entrepreneur Christian Grey for the college newspaper when her best friend and roomie and newspaper editor, Katherine Kavanagh falls ill. Now coming to the narrative, E.L James has no pretension of spinning a tale in a language that would be lauded by literary critics but its appeal lies her ability to make this erotic fiction appeal to men and largely women and bring them out of the closet of shame and unabashedly talk about it to others and read it in public. My final word when I began reading Fifty Shades of Grey I had no idea what to expect but only the fact it has taken the bookshelves across the continents by storm. He is the lead man of GingerChai and plays the multi role of chief author, editor, business development and also of a chaiwala!
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Tougher regulations on rape and sexual violence have been introduced in the film industry which could see films depicting sexual violence given higher classifications or filmakers forced to cut scenes.
James’ erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey, which needs no introduction if you have been in any sort of public space in the last year, where copies of the books’ euphemistic cover sprouted like black and grey invasive plants.
But who could have predicted our frenzy for a BDSM love fantasy or teen wizards or a middle-aged symbologist in France?
Ok, those who want to stay away from the shades of book summary can make a one para-leap here. After all it is indeed a sex book in essence, not a romantic book laced with sex but other way around. Perhaps because they take us by surprise, blockbusters like Fifty Shades tend to inspire soul-searching about what this kind of book says about us.
Whether journalists thought it was a regressive fantasy of female subordination or liberating porn by and for women, almost everyone was asking frenzied questions about women’s desires.
Events follows and they meet again and by now Anna is flushed with love over Grey in spite of him warning him he is not a heart and flowers kind of guy and being a control freak.
Writing sex as I mentioned earlier is the most difficult part if you would ask any writer and to bring an erotic fiction with sex as the focal point and to explore the darkness of the erotic side of a troubled protagonist who in his own words is Fifty shades F%CKED up and gets his satisfaction in pain and pleasure of BDSM. It was over-the-top erotic sex that am not sure if I enjoyed it or not but one thing for sure E.L James did strike the imaginative g-spot somewhere that makes this book such a hit. James’ trilogy shifted a total of10,509,988 copies in 2012, occupying the top three spots on the UK bestseller list, and making Fifty Shades of Grey the best-selling book since records began.

Puritans might frown, the blue-blooded literature fans might cringe but millions of readers especially women are devouring the 50 shades of Grey.
In spite of warning, the duo hooks up and Grey insists he does not make love but only fcuk hard and in a business like fashion offers her a contract that would take her into a vortex of dominant and submissive bondage, pain and lust in spite of  unspoken love simmering underneath.  She also realizes Christian is not a shining knight but a troubled man fighting his own inner demons and a troubled past that he would not share with her or anyone. And after a trawl of the various opinions, reviews and critical rows in the papers, I came to two major conclusions: 1. It is literature’s sexual liberation for whatever reasons and would make a good subject for modern-day Freud. Films will be given higher ratings and if these aggravating factors are present they could be referred to the BBFC's Presidents for compulsory cuts. Not the regular vanilla sex but bondage, pain, sex between a dom and sub caught between a wounded past and anguish of unspoken love. You have music videos with self harm activity, fans carving bands names into their wrists." The legislation modifies the Video Recordings Act, so only applies to physical material such as music videos that are recorded on DVDs but the Government could later ask the music industry to comply online as well.

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