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07.02.2014 admin
Years ago I started a blog feature called The Garden Shed Hall of Fame because I had shed envy. For fun, I started asking blog readers to share photos of their sheds, which you will see here along with shed photos I have taken while visiting other gardens. Ironcially, I actually have a shed of my own now —but it’s not very nice to look at and dearly needs a makeover, which I hope to do before too long. I hope you enjoy this collection of favourite sheds—there’s every style from rustic and more traditional, to some more modern looking designs, including one with a living, succulent roof. If you are going to build your own shed, this should help determine which type you would like in your garden.

Whether they are used to store yard tools or provide a quiet spot to get away, there’s something so alluring about these little buildings.
If you would like a book on great garden sheds, I highly recommend Stylish Sheds and Elegant Hideaways: Big Ideas for Small Backyard Destinations by Debra Prinzing. Some links (like Amazon) go to shops via my affiliate accounts—or to eBay, where I write a blog. This next one is my shed – you can see how I gave it a makeover and painted the vinyl siding here. I had a small garden without a shed and envied all the beautiful sheds I would see on garden tours.

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