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Some exciting changes to White Pages are coming in May, but your web browser won't support them. The Big Shed has been trading for over 20 years, and is the natural place people are going for all their indoor and outdoor furniture needs.
We arrived in Geelong at about 2pm without expecting much other than a boring country town with a few fish and chip shops, a shitty cafe, the Ford Factory and a stadium for the Geelong Football Club. However, as we were driving along the lip of Corio Bay, Geelong emerged into our sights and our assumptions were blown out of the window.  What a picturesque view of the bay, with the white and grand Cunningham Pier, the moored boats and the foreshore.
On closer inspection, the Geelong Revival was on, and the pier and waterfront were bustling with locals and visitors who had come to check out the hot rods, classic cars and motorbikes on display.  There was a market, carnival rides, and a portion of Geelong sectioned off for time trials. The first recorded non-aboriginal visitor was Lt John Murray, an Australian explorer who arrived in February 1802 to explore the land, and Matthew Flinders was not far behind. The name Geelong comes from the Wathaurong word jillong, which means bay, while the name Corio Bay comes from the Wathaurong word corayo, which means sandy cliffs.  However, the European settlers got the names switched around the wrong way so the Bay was called Corio Bay and the sandy cliffs were called Geelong. In 1925, Ford Motor Company set up their manufacturing plant which is still in operation today. Geelong experiences four distinct seasons with warm summers and cool winters, but it can get quite fresh in the evening if there is wind.  It doesn’t rain much due to a rain shadow caused by the Otways. This massive park is located on the Eastern Beach and is home to the magnificent Geelong Botanic Gardens.  Established in 1851, it is the fourth oldest botanic garden in Australia and has been continually cultivated and maintained for over 150 years.
The first curator of the gardens was Daniel Bunce, a fellow traveller of Leichhardt.  He started working on the Geelong Botanic Gardens in 1857 and successfully cultivated the Sturts Desert Pea, a coveted flower amongst the ladies who had pressed flower collections.

Its main purpose is plant conservation, acclimatisation and horticultural study, but it is also a public garden that is free of charge to enjoy. Located at the intersection of Gheringhap Street and Malop Street, Johnstone Park is considerably smaller than Eastern Park but has its perks. Acting as a World War 1 memorial, there is a great big bandstand in the centre of the park surrounded by manicured grass, tall palms and colourful gardens, and there is a very grand statue of King George V, who was King of the UK from 1910 to 1936. The surrounding buildings are great to look at and include the Geelong Art Gallery, Geelong Town Hall and the library.  There are a few sculptures in this park, as well as public toilets in case you’re hanging for a piss. If you pilgrimage to this historic building, feel free to stay and have a drink, but you may choose to leave shortly afterwards and spend your evening at The Barking Dog Hotel about 100m up the road, or at Sebroso, a lively bar with Spanish and French influences.
Located in the same building as the Geelong Information Centre, the National Wool Museum tells the Australian story of wool and how the wool gets from the sheep’s back onto your back. Copytight disclaimer: Absolutely no part of this website or any of its contents may be reproduced, copied, modified or adapted, without the prior written consent of the author, unless otherwise indicated. Rural buildings are our speciality at Sheds n Homes Geelong and we never compromise on quality.
The size of these sheds is practically limitless, as our portal frame system will support as many side by side bays as you need. Leaving the gable end open can provide for clear spans up to 30 metres (with a gable), for those properties needing large storage solutions.
Our range of optional extras are just another way we help you get a shed that works for you.

Get a farm shed to support the operations of your business from Sheds n Homes in Geelong, and be confident in your investment. Victorian farmers need the best protection for machinery, tools, equipment, livestock and feed. Call us today on 1800 764 764 or (03) 5298 1861 to arrange an appointment to start the design process.
About UsThe Big Shed Gorgeous homewares, beautiful furniture & bedding, or even something for the Man Cave or home office. We design all sheds specific to the site upon which they will be built, can offer a competitive price and utilise Australian BlueScope Steel. We can adjust the bay widths to suit what machinery and other vehicles need access, and can even design a shed with varying bay widths. You can choose to enclose any number of the walls, or even leave the sides open with extended header sheeting instead.
Mezzanine flooring, internal walls, varying roller doors, motorised mechanisms, insulation and even ventilation are available. Our team are committed to getting the very best design for you, and can even conduct site visits as well as offer additional build services should you need.

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