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We are experts with Nokon cables and with the difficult cabling requirements of time trial and triathlon bikes. Ignoring the doors on this pic (which look like they'll leave an odd, open section on the side) something like this (top left)?I can see that is open to the wall, rather than boxed in a carcass.
Vesta Stoves are leading the way with the release of a new Heritage Green colours for the 2016 season.
Our heritage green stove range  work perfectly to compliment the style of period homes and cottages. With the option to have a double sided version of the heritage green stove you can really create a stunning feature. Our super high temperature heritage green paints do not discolour over time and are hard wearing. Our wood burning stoves can be found all around the country and we have a range and a colour available to suit every home, summerhouse and log cabin. If you’re looking for the right type of wood burner for your summerhouse please get in touch on 01704 821095 or contact us.
Vesta stoves install in log cabins nationwide, and this particular stove install included a custom flue with a heat shield fitted into the ceiling. If you have a log cabin or summer house and need advice on installation or fitting a wood burning stove please contact us or telephone 01704 821095.
Here at Vesta Stoves HQ we often get unique requests for stove and woodburner installations. Recently we had such a request and it was a really interesting installation for our engineers. On the roof of the boat itself a custom chimney was installed, removable when required (in case you have any tricky branches to go under!) Due to the size of the narrowboat, our 2KW Vesta V2 woodburning stove was more than enough for the task.
The Dunster House cabin is 4 years old and had been used previously just to store garden furniture.
Because of the nature of the installation the stove engineers surveyed the site to ensure the stove would have optimal and safe placement. After commissioning the stove (which included the installation of a free carbon monoxide detector) the Vesta engineers stayed behind to give a full tutorial and a demonstration on how to use it correctly.
The demo included how to light and manage the stove, as well as how to care for the burner and log store long-term. The Vesta engineers specialise in stove installation for log cabins and summerhouses and we cover the whole of the United Kingdom. Our stove DIY kits come with the complete system to enable the stove to be installed with a working DIY understanding. Before his initial order the customer telephoned and explained that his neighbour had a Vesta V4 woodburning stove installed in his home. Following my recent order of my Vesta V4 I feel I should put a quick email together to let you know that I am thoroughly pleased with it! I have tried various stoves to heat the lounge, kitchen and the hallway (I am open plan) whilst my lounge is 44 cubic meters the whole area it has to heat is considerably more!
The stove was well packaged upon arrival and secured to a pallet and arrived pre 09:00 as promised on the courier, a tip to the driver ensured a lift over the threshold and into the lounge upon delivery. If you have any photos, stories or reviews on your Vesta Stove experience please do get in touch. We’ve been sent through some great photos of a double sided stove installation from Norfolk Stove Installers, one of our retailers based in the South East of England. Their customer was looking for a double sided woodburning stove that was unique and unconventional. The pictures below showcase how the Vesta V8 Double Sided complements the room design and detailed tilework on the fireplace. We were recently approached at Vesta Stoves to develop a unique custom stove project that really piqued our interest. The customer had seen the work that we did recently on Channel 4’s Grand Designs on the HIVEHAUS.
The customer is over the moon with the results and we’re happy to have worked on such an individual stove design. Vesta Stoves are perfect for the Irish stove market as they have a very large firebox and are extremely low maintenance. Customer purchasing a wood burning stove can enjoy all the benefits from Vesta Stoves including 3 year warranty and money back guarantee. Containing all the standard technology that we design into all our stoves such as self cleaning glass and tertiary burning means the T4 is one of the most efficiency stoves we produce.

There a few ways in which we have tried to make the T4 is customisable to match your surroundings and taste. The door fascias reatile at ?99.00 per unit and come complete with rope seals and fixtures. So if your looking for a modern wood burning stove then we believe that we have designed a stove that can be customised to suit any home. Garden Childrens Areas - Bespoke ckimbing frame activity centre, with slide, swings, rope climb, climbing wall, voice pipes, telescope, chalk boards and play hut. Built by Bart at Jermyn Street and shot by Bobby, the build has a full Fizik finishing kit, Zipp 202s and Ultegra Di2. We wrap the handlebars with an inside layer to protect the carbon and to keep the cables intact, then do an incredible job of the outer wrap. This allows one to see their bike in a photo album, on the internet or in a large format 16 x 24 print which we offer with our compliments on every new bicycle we sell. We know approximately how long it should take us to build a custom bicycle at this level, and we will quote based on your particular combination.
Then (if I'm reading your replies correctly) use the top bit of space in the slanted section for storage - essentially fronted off with a non moveable door piece, but cut on the 45 degree angle. You'll lose a bit of internal space, (or at least easy access to that space), although the panel closing off the top could be made removable. Our Heritage range colours perfectly compliment today’s trends in decor as well as being suited to period homes and cottages. The balance of simplicity and large glass stay clean door means that you will always have the best view of the flames. We recently had a request to install a Vesta wood burning stove in a Dunster House log cabin and we’re really proud of the result. We had to create custom heat shielding and a metal hearth to maintain a safe environment, without detracting from the aesthetics of the boat.
Our range of woodburners are available in a variety of colours to fit any styles or surroundings.
This time one of our Vesta V2 woodburning stoves was installed in a wonderful Dunster House cabin situated on the outskirts of Chester. Our customers were looking for a new lease of life for the cabin and the Vesta V2 fitted the bill perfectly and transformed the cabin completely. With an OK from the customer on their choice of stove location, within a few hours the custom heatshield was installed as well as watertight flashing and a twin wall flue kit. We left a very happy (and snug) customer to enjoy his summerhouse cabin for years to come with a Vesta Stoves woodburner. We have a range of woodburning and multifuel stoves designed for use in summerhouses, log cabins and garden rooms where the flue system has to be kept as short as possible. During a visit over the Christmas cold snap, he noticed that his neighbour’s home was lovely and warm, whereas his own house was quite cold. It all started with my neighbour ordering one about 2 years ago, he often boasts about his lounge being toasty and sitting there in his shorts whilst the thermometer is commanding sub zero temperatures!
I would recommend this stove as it claims a 4.5kw output ensures no need for an airbrick (constant source of external airflow) under the current laws, however it feels like it’s outputting a whole lot more! After viewing various wood burners and stoves Norfolk Stove Installers showed them the Vesta V8 Double Sided woodburner. Or please get in touch if you have any questions about this particular stove installation or any queries on fitting a wood or multifuel stove in your own home, conservatory or office space.
The request was for a custom wood burning stove that could be used to heat a cabin in Winter as well as a patio heater in Summer.
Firstly we had to ensure the door could take the full weight of the wood burner being hung on it. We really think the Vesta stove is at home in (and out of) the cabin and we know it’ll be a talking point and centrepiece for many years to come. Although Vesta Stoves manufacture all our stoves on Lancashire we are now able to provide delivery to Ireland at the same cost as mainland England.
The innovative multifuel conversion allows for easy conversion from wood burning to multifuel ensuring that you will always be getting the most efficient burn from your fuel.
Should you have any technical queries or simply wish to speak with one of our engineers then our Irish customers can call our factory on 01704 821095 or use our online chat system through our website. The T4 wood burning stove similar styling the the 6kw version but is in a portrait formation allowing for a more natural view of the flames.
The chrome pillars that stand on all four corners of the wood burning stove can be colour coded to match you stove as well as the door front.

While some dealers can build a bicycle in a few hours, we need between one to two days to do the job right. Our Heritage colours have taken inspiration from some of the leading paint manufactures and we have deigned our new colour range to compliment this. A very well to do Victorian green that you’d expect to find in a period home. Openfires can be messy things but with a woodburning stove you can have all the ambience with non of the mess. With it only being 2.5m to the ridge height it does not require planning permission under normal circumstances.
As wood burning stoves are a romantic, reliable and economical way of keeping a boat warm and cosy on cold British evenings. Because of the limited space the Vesta engineers installed a fully insulated custom shaped flue, ensuring that the flue gases passed safely through the wooden roof. The clean lines and slim design of the Vesta fit in perfectly with the surroundings of the boat.
Over six hours our stove engineers did some fine work and by the end of the day the wood burner stove was up and running.
The owner of the summerhouse opted for Vesta engineers to install the stove so he could take advantage of our lifetime warranty.
Even in such a small area we have to ensure that the woodburner has sufficient ventilation.
Although if you’re not confident in installing the stove, our professional installers and engineers are on hand to answer your technical queries or carry out the installation for a fixed fee.
I find initial burn when lighting of an evening requires a nice hot burn around 450 degrees on the thermometer for about half an hour then the heat is in the chimney and refuelling is easy, the air wash is excellent and the view of the fire is amazing this also contributes to heat transference into the room quite considerably. I can see how you achieve a high efficiency with this stove it is remarkable and made in this country to boot. The customer instantly fell in love and it was exactly what they had in mind for their room centrepiece. We also manufacture boiler stoves that can be combined with water heating systems to provide hot water as well as a cosy living space. Always up for a challenge our engineers in our Lancashire workshop came up with a design based on our coveted Vesta V4 wood burning stove.
Whereas our customer wanted to take it a step further by having the choice to use the wood burner either inside or outside.
This means that customers in Ireland wishing to purchase our stoves can do so direct through our website and receive direct customer service from Vesta rather than purchasing through an agent. Finished with stainless steel accent posts and polished handles and controls the T4 is sure to compliment any modern home. The door front is removable within a few seconds and a new face can be added in whatever colour matches you taste. With a Vesta Stoves wood burning stove installed it’s perfect for a mini holiday home in your garden. Wood burners have been in use on narrowboats and canal boats since the industrial revolution. The Vesta V2 woodburning stove (with log store unit) was selected due to its low KW output, ideal for a small garden room or summerhouse. At Vesta we build garden stoves and we build indoor stoves, but this is the first time we’ve ever combined the two designs together. Next, to ensure the safety of the stove in use, we designed and built a custom heat shield that backed and surrounded the flue system. All frame mounting surfaces are checked and perfected if need be to allow the components to fit correctly. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of modern conveniences and contemporary styling though! We made sure that the custom built heat shield matched the bespoke stove colour and modern curved design of the wood burner itself. Threads are lubricated and the saddle and handlebars are located early on as to allow the exact lengths of both the fork steerer tube and the cable runs. We appreciate that safety is a must but there’s nothing wrong with doing it in style! The flue system then neatly goes from the top of the stove out through the back door adding to the classic log cabin effect with a neat chrome finish outside.

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