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Eco friendly Building Systems from Premium Materials that do not Require Permits, Built from solid wood, not Sticks and Plywood. MIGHTY CABANA's are designed for our customers who desire to have a quality structure on their property without having to comply with the rigors or the building permit process.
We have designed our CABANA's to give you maximum performance along with elegant aesthetic appeal. MIGHTY SHED'S are also designed for our customers who desire to have a quality storage structure on their property that is easy to build and has an elegant look. Our patented pre-cut MIGHTY WALL system allows solid wood members to be joined in the field easily.
Sobria eleganza e buon gusto: questo il binomio che definisce un ambiente arredato in stile classico. I mobili dell’arredamento classico sono quelli tipicamente trasmessi di generazione in generazione. Sono frutto di saperi artigianali, che senza conoscere il sistema della qualità certificata, hanno sempre mirato a produrre oggetti resistenti, pratici, efficienti, capienti e a loro modo assai funzionali.
Sono ammesse lampade in forma di applique o con piede a terra, purché dotate di paralumi. Le specchiere, accettate ma in misura contenuta, non devono disturbare la prospettiva degli ambienti. Nello stile classico è molto importante il richiamo di colori che cerchino di raggiungere una pacata armonia.
Si gioca così con tessuti di rivestimento di sedie, poltrone e divani che divengono anche utili per i tendaggi alle finestre.
La casa classica deve infondere un senso di serenità e di pace in chi la abita e in chi la conosce anche per la prima volta.
Top Tip: Choosing quality lumber over cheap materials would make the planter water-resistant.
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The first step of the project is to build the planter box, using 1×3 tongue and groove slats.
The next step of the project is to build the legs of the planter and to attach them to the side walls, as in the image. Afterwards, install the flooring slats and secure them at both ends with 2” wood screws. Top Tip: Work with good judgement and with great care, if you want to obtain a professional result. Continue the woodworking project by cutting the corner trims and installing them into place. You could also drill pilot holes from the outside of the planter in the legs, to prevent to wood from splitting. The column channel to wood wall connection allows for incredible strength and ease of construction. Building a simple trellis planter is a great way to grow climbing flowers, especially if you are an amateur gardener. A nice planter would enhance the look of your garden, but if you add trellis it will make it the focus point of your patio or deck. In this manner, you could focus more on gardening and less on maintaining the planter in a good condition. As you can see in the free plans, you should use a carpentry square to make sure the corners are square, before driving in the 2” wood screws.
In order to save time and materials, we have design this components to have a dual purpose: cleats for the flooring slats and legs. You don’t need to place the slats equally spaced, but try to fit them as symmetrically as possible. As you could see in the image, you should cut the ends of the trims at 45?, to fit together easily.
In order to get the job done as a professional, you have to build the frame of the panel from 2×2 lumber and fit a piece of lattice.

Therefore, fill the holes with a good wood filler and let the compound to dry out properly for several hours. If you want to see more outdoor plans, we recommend you to check out the rest of our step by step projects. Solid wood when properly sealed will resist the ravages of environmental weathering a lot longer than plywood and stick buildings. Use them as a Cabin, Artist Studio, Pool House, Storage Shed, Man Cave, Garden Shed, Play House, Hobby Room, Vacation Cabin …. Whether you choose to paint or clear coat with a uv translucent, Your MIGHTY CABANA or MIGHTY SHED will provide you years of performance and contemporary appeal to your property. Buy quality lumber, such as cedar or redwood, if you want to build a durable planter that doesn’t require significant maintenance for many years in a row.
In addition, you need to drill pilot holes before inserting the wood screws in the lumber, to prevent the slats from splitting.
Moreover, you could grow climbing plants and use it as a privacy screen or to hide certain items. If you desire customizing of your new CABANA, we offer that design service at no extra charge.
In addition, growing flowers or vegetables in containers is convenient, as you have total control and it only requires a small space. In this manner, the trims will have the same width on all sides of the planter, making it more pleasant.
All MIGHTY SHED packages come standard with 24" front overhangs supported by prefab roof corbels.
Mighty Cabanas & Sheds can show you how to take advantage of this opportunity to broaden your lifestyle.

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