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We recognise that buying a garden shed is an investment of both your time and money, so you want to get it right first time. The size of garden shed that you require will largely depend on your intended use for your shed.
However, you will find that floor space in your shed can quickly be taken up, and if you are planning on using your shed space for DIY projects or to undertake a hobby, then a Walton’s workshop would be a better option, with even the smallest workshops measuring 10’ x 10’. There are two main varieties of shed roof styles available at Walton’s, apex roofs or pent roofs. An apex roof style is perhaps a more traditional looking shed, with the point of the roof running the length of the shed. Pent roof styles are built with a flat yet sloping roof, which are most effective when placed alongside a boundary wall or fence, or where height restrictions apply.
When buying a shed, customers have the choice between wide selections of wooden garden sheds or metal garden sheds, or the occasional plastic garden shed. Wooden sheds have long been a common appearance in our gardens, with their traditional good looks helping them blend into the garden. Metal sheds are another popular choice for many gardeners, as metals sheds tend to be, on average, better value for money in terms of storage capacity than their wooden shed counterparts. Another reason why metal sheds are growing in popularity is the fact that they can be easily maintained once they have been erected. Whilst constructing a wooden shed can be a relatively straightforward DIY job, sometimes we just don't have the time or the tools to put it all together.
However, if a metal shed is your preference, then feel free to browse our metal shed range, which can be sorted by either manufacturer or roof style. We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with our phone lines, we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.
The compact nature of our 6x3 Suncast Adlington shed makes it perfect for the storage of smaller garden tools and lawnmowers. If you are planning on simply storing a few gardening items and perhaps household equipment, then a 6’ x 4’ garden shed should suffice. Sheds with double doors can allow easier access, especially if you store larger or bulky items in your garden shed, whilst single doors may be more appropriate where access is restricted to your shed.
Apex roof styles are useful for the additional height they offer, known as the ridge height, which makes storing taller items easier, as you can use the extra bit of space provided by the apex.

Wooden sheds are built to withstand poor weather and the rigours of standing in a busy garden, such as knocks and bumps as you carry gardening equipment in and out of your shed, or the occasional thump from a stray football. This can be a deciding factor for you if you are working on a restricted budget, and you’re happy to forego the charming looks of a wooden shed. Whereby you need to treat your wooden shed with some good quality wood treatment prior to or shortly after construction, a metal shed can be simply hosed down once in a while to maintain its appearance. For people who are not familiar with the various kinds of garden sheds available, how would they learn about it? If the garden shed is meant to last for years, without little maintenance, the homeowner may choose to buy a metal garden shed.
Offering ultimate security, the walls are constructed with dependable double wall resin which has been formed using innovative blow moulding technology. However, it is likely that you’ll soon fill up a smaller garden shed such as a 6’ x 4’ with only a handful of larger items, so if you are planning on storing a lawnmower and a bicycle or two, then an 8’ x 6’ shed is more appropriate.
Single door sheds are also slightly more secure than double door sheds, as the door is actually locked to one of the shed’s permanent walls. If you are happy to spend a little time ensuring that the wood is treated with a quality spirit-based treatment, then a wooden garden shed can provide you with great garden storage for many years. Our EasyFit Wooden Sheds are available in four sizes, and are constructed from tongue and groove cladding, aiding water run-off.
When trying to choose material for garden sheds based on strength and durability, where should one go for recommendations? If a person is more interested in a garden shed with a country appearance, they would perhaps like a wooden garden shed. No doubt there?ll be individuals who are familiar with garden sheds, their construction and durability.
If any images that appear on the website are in Violation of Copyright Law or if you own copyrights over any of them and do not agree with it being shown here, please also contact us and We will remove the offending information as soon as possible. This shed is created from extra strong double-wall resin made from exclusive blow moulding technology giving it one of the strongest builds of its kind. Furthermore wooden sheds are not susceptible to the condensation that sometimes affects metal sheds, allowing you to store items such as seed without it being affected. These sheds are one of the easiest to construct, as they come with pre-hung doors and windows, saving you so much time and effort.

Garden sheds may seem quite small and even irrelevant to some people, however to others they are very important and have an excellent purpose. It would be wise to listen to their advice and check out any information they offer regarding buying garden sheds.
This 6x8 Suncast Adlington plastic shed has two large windowed robust doors which have space for a padlock to be placed if you wish, providing security for your tools and items.
Furthermore, bitumen coated boards are used on the roof, saving you time and effort felting the roof, and also saving you on maintenance costs of replacing damaged felt for years to come.
Garden sheds provide a space for storage of important tools and items that requires shelter. The roof consists of metal reinforced shingle style panels which have excellent water run off capabilities. Garden sheds provide space for potting storage, Christmas decorations and other articles which are not needed all year round. The floor is made from reinforced boards which allow for heavier items and even machinery to be stored in this shed. Reinforced boarding has been applied to the floor to ensure that your weight is comfortably supported along with heavier garden tools and equipment.
Garden sheds also provide a work area for many skilled people who enjoy wood-working and picking at small engines and other such machinery. This 6x8 Suncast Adlington plastic shed requires a foundation for it to stand upon (not supplied). Suncast products feature a notoriously easy installation and the 6x3 Adlington is no exception.
To get ideas about building a garden shed, an individual may want to visit websites which focus on buying garden sheds to get ideas.
The shed has a fast easy bolt assembly which requires minimal tools and will be standing in no time.
You will not be disappointed with this product and like all sheds in our Suncast range, a 5 year warranty comes complimentary.

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