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Here is another prefab that has been designed by a British company and is available for sale in the US. I almost bought one from this company until my hubby and I decided to build our own, but they were very nice and helpful when I e-mailed them with questions. I'm a little stumped as to why the link I copied and pasted for "King Coops" turned into a byc link. I didn't have a lot of info on them to go on when I was shopping around for coops (and already posted a question or two on this forum), so I thought I'd give my experience with EZ Clean Coops, which is the manufacturer I ended up going with to get my "pre-fab coop"! Small Portable Inexpensive Chicken Coops for Sale Looking for Small, Portable, and Inexpensive Chicken Coops for Sale?
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We’ve had a totally trouble-free and stress-free experience buying from ChickenCoopsDirect. The coop was well packaged, each piece clearly identified on a plan and packets of screws clearly labelled.
Having seen detailed close-up photos of the coop (inside and out) on the website, the diagram instruction sheet proved to be adequate and building the coop was straightforward and took only about 30 mins – however without the excellent website photos the instructions may not be clear enough on their own. Join our flight-of-fancy tour as we imagine what kinds of chicken coops some well-known celebrities and other notables might build in their own back yards.
Im-peck-able good taste characterizes a simply fabulous coop that Martha Stewart might design.

A hunka-hunka barbecued chicken might inspire Elvis to commission a dazzling Vegas-style coop.
Singer Lucinda Williams was probably thinking of making a saloon-style coop as she wrote her famed boozy ballad “Drunken Angel.” Keep your thirsty chickens satisfied with an automatic poultry water dish, about $20 at most feed and grain supply stores.
If Steve Jobs had invented a chicken coop, he probably would have henpecked his creative team until they came up with this free-flowing, user-friendly version. This sleek, aerodynamic coop is eggs-actly what George and Jane Jetson had in mind for their condo-in-the-sky. If Frank Lloyd Wright built a coop to complement his masterpiece, Fallingwater, it would look like this. If you like these, you may want to take a spin through HouseLogic’s library of slideshows. I teach at a vocational school and had the building trades class make the first one, (Martha Steward) The girls love it!
I have this coop (the Martha Stewart lol) I teach at a vocational school and had the building trades class make it! They said they could build any coop that you wanted as long as you had a picture or something for them to go by. We offer an extensive lineup of chicken coops which are shipped in pre-made kits with easy assembly. I am Literally giving you your own website and showing you exactly how to set it up (step by step..

We’d allowed a couple of weeks before we are due to collect our chickens just in case of late delivery, missing pieces or any problems – however there were none whatsoever!
Because chickens are messy, Martha would choose an exterior-grade, acrylic latex paint with a washable, semi-gloss finish. A security camera setup is a great way to watch the perch, nest, box, and thermometer from inside your home. McDreamy of Grey’s Anatomy famously lived in an Airstream trailer and likely would build an equally charming, matching coop. This and other prefab coops have become popular for raising chickens in urban environments. Embrace it, Join Us, & Live Love and Prosper with the life you and your family deserve! This “tractor-style” coop is designed to be moved around your yard to give your chickens fresh scratching grounds and let them fertilize different areas. Our chickensa€™ coop options include an option for a portable chicken coop, Dutch coop, and more. ChickenCoopSource is the premier online source for backyard chicken coops including portable chicken coops.

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