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These climate controlled self storage units maintain a consistent temperature during the extremes of Colorado weather.
If you plan on storing, photographic materials, electronic equipment, linens and fine clothing, leather goods, musical equipment, crystal, glassware, books, or printed documents, climate controlled storage is your best option.
Climate controlled self storage facilities are a wise storage rental option for many businesses and individuals. Temperature controlled storage rentals maintain an environment of particular benefit for a business which deals in perishable goods. On the other end of the thermometer, climate control facilities have air conditioned storage space when beating the heat is required to ensure goods and valuables are protected.
Electronics are very vulnerable to changes in temperatures and humidity so renting a climate controlled self storage unit is a great idea for those wishing to protect their investment in virtually anything related to electronics. Musicians who want reliable protection for their instruments are ideal candidates for the benefits which climate control storage rental can provide. Climate controlled self storage units are a wise choice to protect and preserve valuable paper products and documents. Proper storage space is playing an increasingly crucial role in the ability of business to meet document retention requirements.
A good rule of thumb when determining whether climate-controlled storage or a common drive up access self storage unit can benefit you is to simply ask: would I feel secure in storing these items in my garage in this climate? I learned about the damage from humidity about 20 years ago when I put a sofa in a public self storage unit that was not climate controlled. Coventry Self Storage is proud to offer premium climate controlled self storage with easy drive up access. Our building has state of the art climate control to keep your valuables 'out of the weather'. Come in and check out our building and let our knowledgable staff help you decide which size unit will best suit your needs. As Little Egg Harbor's premier self storage solutions provider, our well manicured grounds and classic styling shows well to passers-by, but it's what you can't see from the road that will impress even the most critical of storage customers.
A state-of-the-art security system is just one of the reasons you'll be delighted to store at Barnegat Bay Self Storage in Little Egg Harbor, NJ! Offering a secure place to store your belongings isn't the only thing Barnegat Bay Self Storage has to offer!
Little Egg Harbor self storage solutions provider, Barnegat Bay Self Storage, offers public climate controlled and standard storage units; serving Little Egg Harbor, Tuckerton, New Gretna, West Creek, Manahawkin, Long Beach Island and other surrounding areas in Southern Ocean County, New Jersey. If you are looking to create more space in your home by moving a few extra items into storage, it may be wise to consider the benefits of a climate-controlled storage unit.

Many places in the United States, experience periods of extremely high or low temperatures, fluctuating humidity, and precipitation.
A climate-controlled storage space will keep out the elements and will help protect your most delicate items. Many people choose a climate-controlled storage unit when their business or hobbies have outgrown the available spaces in their homes.
There are many reasons to consider trying the climate-controlled storage option, but if you are storing precious cargo for a longer period of time, it’s better to be safe than sorry. This temperature consistency ensures that sensitive items are not damaged due to temperature extremes. For your valuable items, climate controlled storage is the best option to ensure safe storage. In some regions the onset of winter and steady freezing temperatures reinforces the need for a secure climate controlled storage rental. Climate controlled facilities and heated self storage units will prevent damage which results from exposure to freezing temperatures and dry air which accompanies low temps.
Self Storage in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas and other Texas cities are examples where demand for climate controlled storage units is high due to the hot climate.  It is important to note there are some perishable items which are unable to be stored in many public self storage facilities like perishable food items, plants, flammables and explosives.
Though you might not think of a vibrating recliner or a pinball machine as a candidate for climate control storage, these are examples of electronic goods subject to damage from swelling and contracting which changes in temperature and humidity can cause. While rock bands tend to think of their equipment as more durable than that of a jazz trio or string quartet, most musical instruments, including electric guitars, are subject to alteration from extremes in temperature and humidity. In fact, many self storage facilities now offer wine cellar rental space in various sizes to serve those who lack the room or capital to invest in a wine cellar in their home or business.
For this reason climate controlled storage facilities are being utilized as an affordable option to address this often legally required practice. If the answer raises doubt or is a resounding no, then a rental climate control self storage facility will benefit you. I have a lot of electronic equipment that I need to stay nice as well as things made of wood. It was a beautiful couch a girlfriend had bought for me and it was ruined by mold rot caused by humidity. Another level of security is provided by our CCTV system with all hallways fully covered by cameras 24 hours a day.
Our system includes 24-7 digital video cameras, access control system and site graphics by Digitech International, as well as Digitech's revolutionary VLF gates. We understand how busy your day is, that's why we stock a number of moving and packing supplies for your convenience.

These natural elements can produce unwanted ware and tare on some of our most valuable stored items. Our climate controlled storage units are better protected from blowing dirt and are better sealed to prevent wind blown particles from entering the units. Self Storage rentals in Denver CO and the Boston, MA area are a good example of facilities in areas where cold temperatures are a concern. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to check with the prospective climate controlled storage provider to see what items are permitted for self storage.
The steady temperature ranges and controlled humidity of climate controlled storage provide protection from the elements, and give the storage space renter security and priceless peace of mind. Paper and paper products are also known to harbor mold if stored in a facility subject to humidity. Finding rental self storage for your important documents has become simple at Rent It Today.
Hope this post and comment helps people realize the damage that high humidity can do to things stored in dark places.
Keypad access on doors, multiple cameras & climate control give you the peace of mind that your valuables are secure. An intercom at both entry and exit keypads make it convenient to speak to the manager without having to get out of your car. Photographs and books will be kept cool and dry, electronics will be save from damp, sticky humidity, and precious antiques will be kept from the damaging effects of rust and corrosion in metals, or warping and cracking in wood that can happen in areas with varied hot and cold temperatures.
Pieces of art, self created or purchased can be stored safely to maintain the value of the pieces. Our representatives are proud to provide satisfactory service to each and every one of our customers.
Even more temperate climates like Cincinnati OH, Self Storage facilities offer temperature controlled storage space. As if that wasn't enough, our tenants enjoy free use of hand trucks and dollies for easy vehicle to unit transfer, especially helpful in the climate controlled corridors. Some people even use the units as an extension of their home office, when things get a little too noisy at home.

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