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Every municipality has different restrictions when it comes to sheds and other accessory buildings. Make tall enough for an open loft above living room.Design ideas for a modern detached shed. Cost: You can find basic, off-the-shelf sheds made from plastic and resin at local big-box stores for about $600 for a 7-foot by 7-foot unit or around $1,700 for a 15-foot by 8-foot unit. EmbedGarage Conversion That Turn It Into Contemporary Living Space - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH.
Sleeping cabin with screens, clear roof and hanging bed in Vermont by Robert Swinburne Architect LLC - plans available.Inspiration for a rustic detached guesthouse in Burlington. When we first started to discuss our chicken adventure this winter, I guess we just assumed that my handy hubby would build a coop. While my husband was evaluating and repairing the basic structure, I was doing research on BYC.
We decided to add the pop door alongside the people door so that both could be enclosed within the run which will come straight off the front. Our chicks have moved into their new home, although we still have to keep them either inside the coop or moved out into the baby  yard.
Mother nature has finally decided to give us a break and we have been able to get the run in place.  I am probably being overly paranoid, but I wanted to make it extremely predator-proof as we have a den of foxes a very short distance away that has already gotten some of our neighbors' chickens and we have hawks that fly over quite frequently. The entire run is covered in chicken wire and then we ran hardware cloth halfway up the bottom section and extended it down and out onto the ground.
The section on the ground will be covered by dirt and mulch and we would like to do some planting around the whole coop. The coop and run are now completed enough for the girls to be outside all day and we couldn't be happier.
When I am out in the yard I open the run and let them free range, but they still stick pretty close to home.
Many codes will dictate the size of your structure and how far it must be from your property line.
We will add extra run space to give them as much outside room as possible and they will be allowed to free range when we are out and about in the yard. It became apparent that some rot had set in so we had to completely redo the roof, do some additional framing to reinforce the floor and replace some boards.

We covered the gaps between the boards with batten strips that we purchased, rather than wasting our rough sawn by ripping it down.
While it has been raining, hubby has been building the structural elements in his workshop. We also have raccoons, fisher cats and I am sure some other critters that would love to get to our girls.  Because the run sections were built in my husbands' shop, they are perfectly square.
They showed their appreciation by promptly pooping on it. They love watching all the work and use the gaps between the run and ground as though that is how you are supposed to get out. We also had to run the hardware cloth around the outside of the coop to cover the space at the bottom where it is up on cinder blocks. I may try also try to incorporate a way to open the pop door from outside the run that I have seen using a rope and some PVC. One vendor I really like is Studio Shed, which uses sustainable materials and cares about making sure the designs are as earth friendly as possible.Inspiration for a modern detached shed in Denver.
The 320-square-foot garage conversion is full of space saving solutions used throughout: a support beam functions as a kitchen pot rack, a bookshelf is tucked in the interior eaves, and so on. When I was out with the dog one day, the raggedy old shed in the woods that had come with our property (purchased a year and a half before) suddenly looked like something that was calling out for a new life. The design was mainly determined by the existing structure and then some brainstorming about how to incorporate the essential elements.  Making the nesting boxes somehow became top priority to my husband although I assured him that they wouldn't be needed for several more months. The trim is done with a natural stain that will also be used for the run structure.  It all went on beautifully in one coat. The roosts were made from some pre-primed lumber from my husbands' workshop and he had an extra sheet of MDO (medium density overlay) that he used for the nesting boxes.
The run will be 8 x 16 and  and was built in sections that will stack up with a door at the opposite end from the coop. Everytime a kid went running by we held our breath, but all went well and are now being fitted with wire prior to installation. Although we chose the most level spot on our property for the coop, there were significant spaces between the bottom section of the run and the ground so he made up some inserts that served as mini-panels and filled them in. These are changes that we can still make so check back in the future! If we had to do it all over again, we might reconsider using the old shed. It's so refreshing to hear people building their spouses up instead of complaining about them.

Besides, it features a faceted ceiling to guide warm air to the triangular vent window for passive ventilation. It had yet to find a use other than rock throwing target practice for our son and our neighbor so it was decided that we would give it a go. The door to collect the eggs was made out of some boards that had been removed from the original shed and I posted for and received a piece of linoleum from Freecycle that we put on the floor to make cleaning easier.
The top will be covered with aviary netting with one area having plywood to provide shade and shelter.
For now, I put large rocks over the hardware cloth that is on the ground as some added protection.
We are more limited on space than we would like and didn't have any room for storage.  The existing structure was in less than great shape so we had to do quite a bit of rehabing. I also like how everything is layed out inside and feel it uses the small space very efficiently.
SHED’s way to the architecture is very nice and practical and they managed to get a contemporary living space that is similar to studio apartments from the garage. We will be attempting to use the deep litter method, but I wanted to avoid scraping dried poo off of bare wood at all costs. I really like that it is located between the swingset and garden because it truly is a merger between fun and food and is another wonderful way to connect our children to where their food comes from.
We do, however, feel very satisfied that we used a limited amount of new material and made something beautiful and useful out of what was an eyesore.
He could have lived his whole life without chickens and been quite content, but he knew that I REALLY wanted to try this and that I was up to the challenge. Although I did the research and the bulk of the care for the chicks, he had to bare almost 100% of the construction responsibilities and he did everything I asked him to and more. He did it all because he loves me and that's what I will think of every time I open the  door to collect an egg - Love.

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