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The average square hay bale is going to range anywhere from $3 to $10 per bale.  The most common bails include round and square.
UWEX keeps up with the weekly hay market demand, as well as what the price report is for the upper Midwest area.  In March of 2011, a small square of prime hay was $179 on average, a small grade 1 hay bale is $90 per ton, and a small grade 2 hay bale averaged $62 per ton. Most farmers will request that you pick up the hay in person.  For delivery, a delivery fee may apply to your purchase. If you only need one bale, consider asking a farmer if they have any spares available.  Since they often sell the bales in bulk, they may be more than happy to give you some for next to nothing. When we think of a house of straw, the first thing that comes in our mind is the story of the Three Little Pigs. Other undeniable qualities are low price, the absolute organic materials, ease of execution and the charm of the building results.
The cost of a bundle not exceeding one dollar adding money to lift a metal structure resistance with conventional concrete foundation, it is clear that these homes can save construction industry from the lack of credit.
The house of straw bales cost, finally, between 12,000 and $ 20,000, and only because all modern utilities are installed: sewage, electricity, air conditioning and insulated windows. Simple, modern, comfortable, low costs are just a few words that define the new house of straw. To build our simple feeder we purchased used plastic drums (55 gal), the kind formerly used for fruit syrups or other human food products. Using a mild dish detergent, a brush and a hose, wash the inside of drum to remove plastic particles and any residue. In just a couple hours and with a small investment you, too, can have an alternative to feeding in the dirt and the mud.
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My 3 guys would immediately toss the hay out of the barrels in order to get their favorite bits at the bottom. I plan to do a future blog on slow feeders, ways to slow down your horse's hay consumption. Gor mounting to a wooden fence, we've screwed tie rings to the fence, spaced for clips that are put on the barrel through pre-drilled holes.
Super good idea- enviornmentally friendly and easy.However, I firmly believe it is better and more natural for your horse to spread out its hay on the ground. Smart Horsekeeping aims to provide practical advice for managing horses in a more environmentally friendly way, and on navigating difficult economic times as a hands-on horse owner.
The event is designed to teach owners how nutrition can affect their horses' health and longevity. His owner left him oweing me a lot of money, couldn't part with him he is such a gentle sweetheart. Seek the advice of a qualified veterinarian before proceeding with any diagnosis, treatment, or therapy.

Decorative mini hay bales are a great way to decorate for weddings, celebrations, country themed parties, or many other special occasions. Haven't opened the plastic bags yet but looks like an authentic product and is exactly what I was after.
EWA (Chicago) – The Equine Welfare Alliance today released a statistical study on the rates of equine abuse and neglect across the US since 2000. Historical records of the number of cases of equine abuse and neglect from these states was correlated with three potential causes; the rate of equine slaughter (or lack of it), unemployment and the cost of hay.
Surprisingly, the researchers found that the rate of abuse has been in decline in four of the six states since 2008. The analysis showed the second most important correlation was the rate of slaughter, but the analysis found more slaughter consistently correlated with more abuse and neglect. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) have long urged Congress not to ban horse slaughter on the basis that to do so would increase abandonment, abuse and neglect. This study follows on the heels of a peer reviewed paper in the Kentucky Journal of Equine, Agricultural, and Natural Resources Law by Holland (EWA) and Laura Allen (Animal Law Coalition).
Severe drought in some states has made an already insufficient supply of hay all but collapse.
The Equine Welfare Alliance (EWA) is a dues-free 501c4, umbrella organization with over 290 member organizations and over 1,000 individual members worldwide in 21 countries. This can be quite complicated though, because a bale doesn’t always tip the scales in the same manner. By understanding the various issues that affect it, you’ll be able to buy and sell at the right rates. There we picture a home that is unsafe when the hungry wolf blows a everything gets destroyed. Think of it as any lost traveler would not think of to sleep overnight in some piles of bricks, as long as, nearside, there is a haystack. The straws are shaped with a saw, electric and sanitary circuits are mounted, and resulted walls are skimmed. Summer is not necessary to use air conditioning only about two hours a day, which reduces the electricity bill by 80%.
Well known for her enthusiastic, down-to-earth approaches, Alayne is an educator and photojournalist who has worked with horse and livestock owners for over 15 years teaching manure composting, pasture management, mud and dust control, water conservation, chemical use reduction and wildlife enhancement. The best way to keep your horse from pulling the hay out is to make the opening much smaller. Our bloggers believe it’s possible to keep horses in an environmentally savvy way without breaking the bank!
The research examined equine abuse statistics from Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Maine and Oregon. Five of the six states had shown a spike in abuse and neglect around 2008 and two have shown a significant increase in the past two years.

That paper documented enormous increases in the cost of horse ownership between 2000 and 2011.
In 2011, Congress ended the long standing subsidy for ethanol in gasoline and removed tariffs on sugar cane. With more to choose from, sellers will have to reduce the cost of a bale of hay to get people to buy. Usually, the structure is made of beams of hardwood (oak or beech), but can also be steel, especially for buildings with floors. Heat needed in winter is four times smaller than conventional houses, which reduces heating expenses. You may be able to find this kind of drum through an industrial exchange program, a materials recycling program or Craigslist.
The holes in the bottom of the barrel also aid in allowing water to drain out for those pepole who soak their hay prior to feeding. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without written permission of The Horse Media Group LLC is prohibited.
Professionally compressed to be a 100% miniature hay bale authentic replica of the real thing, these mini bales of straw tied with baling wire are the perfect addition to your decorating touch. The paper demonstrates, among other pressures, that a shift of land use from hay to corn for ethanol has reduced the hay available to horse owners, cattlemen and dairy farmers.
We built three, one for each horse in our group pen where we are temporarily housing horses while building permanent facilities for them.
Just make sure the plastic barrel didn’t hold something toxic in its former life and there are no rough edges or metal that can cause dangerous cuts.
Alayne and her husband raise and train their reining horses at their ranch in sunny Nampa, Idaho. Due to their small size, these golden straw bales are just right for country displays or as centerpieces on your harvest or country table. Since we moved in this summer we’ve been feeding on the ground – not a very satisfactory solution since horses that eat in dirt or mud can ingest soil particles with their hay.
Just let your imagination run wild and you will see how natural mini bales can be displayed. Soil particles can potentially accumulate in their gut causing sand colic, a very serious health threat.
Arrange with sunflowers, wheat stalks, horseshoes, gourds, Indian corn, leaves, pumpkins, or whatever other country accents you enjoy.

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