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History - Nelson has come to us from a loving family who found themselves no longer in a position to care for him, so sadly had to re-home him. To help us raise much-needed funds for our rescues we are updating our Sponsor a Kennel scheme. The new scheme will include part and full kennel sponsorship, and have options for the length of time you can sponsor the kennel for.
Start saving your favorite products into your Wish list, and access our Member's Only Deals Section. The K&H Lectro-Kennel Heated Pad and the free Fleece Cover that comes with it will keep your pet warm and cozy even in the middle of the most bitterly cold winter blizzard. Last week I made a 3D cake of Snoopy lying on top of his kennel and it is possibly my new favourite cake. I took the remainder of the cake and did a little bit of measuring and carving to create as perfect a rectangular piece as I could for the kennel base. Then it was just a matter of crumb coating and covering the base with white rolled fondant, colouring some fondant red and covering the roof, and using a knife and a ruler to cut some shallow lines along the fondant of the roof and kennel base. While the kennel was drying, I moved on to creating the sugar models of Snoopy and Woodstock. Next I took a tiny bit of fondant, coloured it black, rolled it out thinly and cut out an arched doorway which I sugar glued on one side of the kennel.
Delicious Cake DesignDelicious Cake Design creates bespoke wedding cakes, birthday cakes, anniversary cakes and celebration cakes for any occasion.
If you decide to kennel your dog outside please review the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and the very informative DEFRA- Code of Practice for the Welfare of dogs. The Animal Welfare Act was introduced on April 6th 2007 and declared a duty of care for all pet owners to provide for their animals a suitable environment, a suitable diet, the ability to exhibit normal behaviour patterns, protection from pain, suffering, injury and disease and consideration of the animal’s needs to be housed with, or apart from, other animals. Your dog needs a safe environment and, whether it lives inside or outside the house, it needs protection from hazards.

Our single kennel with lift up lid is a very popular kennel and can be made to suit any size dog. In addition to standard design kennels we offer a fully bespoke kennel design, manufacture and installation service.
Steve approached us with the concept of manufacturing a block of breeding kennels that would resemble a stable block from the front, so as to blend in with the rural location of his home whilst offering suitable, safe accommodation for his German Shepherds as well as his wife Jane's Wire Haired Dachshunds. For your donation you will have your name on the kennel for the time of your sponsorship, your name will also appear on this page. It consisted of a kennel made entirely of cake, with a sugar modelled Snoopy a lying on top of the roof with a little sugar modelled Woodstock perched on his tummy.
I tried creating the kennel at first with butter cake and it was a disaster, really horrible to carve.
I did each bit of them in separate parts – the head, nose, ears, torso, arms, legs, etc were all done as individual bits. The salient points are shown below but for more information we recommend you follow the picture links to each document and fully read each so you know what is expected of you. Single kennels are 5ft wide by 10ft long by 6ft high and incorporate a 3ft x 5ft sleeping kennel, the double is a 10ft wide by 10ft long by 6ft high kennel and run giving 2 separate kennels. Nelson has previously lived with children but due to his size and strength we would prefer him to go with older children. This covers the cost of the rates, utilities, vets bills, staff wages, and anything else the dogs may need.
Dogs who are in foster homes will also be included in the scheme as we still have to cover the cost of their vets bills and the cost of the kennel when they are in the centre. You can use it indoors as well as outdoors, which basically means any and all of Fido’s hideouts including the dog house, porch, garage, barn and anywhere inside the house. It seems madeira is a lot easier to work with if you are going to be carving to make a 3D cake. I halved and buttercreamed the cake, then took a sharp, long bladed knife and cut off bits to make a triangular roof shape.

While the fondant on the board was still wet, I took an icing tip to it to create grass texture. Dogs are naturally inquisitive and a dog may put itself in danger if it is left to explore unsupervised.
The separate sleeping kennel has a solid floor and lockable pop hole to the kennel run and a sliding air vent to the kennel run. I did this quite precisely, measuring length and angles as I went to ensure a uniform and balanced roof.
This kennel is 5ft 5" high sloping to 4ft 9" and the kennel run is raised from the floor to allow easy cleaning of the inside run area. After they had dried a little I used sugar glue to stick Snoopy together and secure him on top of the roof and did the same with little Woodstock. Be warned that you may experience fits of jealousy caused by pets ignoring your warm lap and heading straight for the Lectro-Kennel.
All dogs must be able to avoid things that frighten them and need a place to hide where they feel safe. A dog is naturally disinclined to soil its living area and needs regular opportunities to use a toilet area, or it will become distressed.
In hot weather they rapidly become distressed in enclosed areas such as conservatories, cars and outdoor kennels.

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