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Spring has officially sprung and although a few white-tailed bucks may still be holding onto last year’s antler growth, the vast majority of bucks have already shed their antlers. This is an exciting time of the year, not only because whitetail bucks are beginning to grow new velvet-covered antlers, but also because their antlers from last year are lying on the ground… somewhere. Since that time, early spring has become one of my favorite times to get out into the deer’s world.
Since finding shed antlers is not always easy, especially in an area with a low deer density, it is a good idea to look in areas that you think deer reguarly visit. But yesterday I found 4 sides, no matches, and none of them were exceptional by any stretch of the imagination. If you’re like most deer hunters, you spend the majority of your time in the woods during the fall and winter of each year. With spring just around the corner and whitetail bucks starting to shed antlers, there is a good opportunity to learn more about your hunting area and the deer that live there. But on the other hand, there are those hunters that get excited as the hunting season ends. Finding shed deer antlers not only ends with great rewards you get to take home, but also with some valuable information you can tuck away in your back pocket for next season.

Shed antlers also allow you to physically track bucks that you may have been keeping a close eye on. A lot of hunters may have their spring food plots in the ground or their supplemental protein feeders filled, but then neglect to get out in the field during the spring.
Not only can I get a good assessment of late-winter habitat use, but I have waited long enough that most bucks have shed the last year’s antler growth.
In areas with thick brush cover, I always have good success in tree-covered (closed canopy) areas with an open understories (no brush), primarily because deer often use these spots as bedding areas.
However, the habitat that deer live in, just like the animals themselves, are found there year-round — so get out and explore it, learn more about it, and find some shed antlers!
Information such as the quality of bucks that made it through the last hunting season, the number of different bucks that were in the area, and specific areas that these bucks used while in your area. Measurements that can be taken from year to year include common measurements such as beam length, tine length, and mass measurements. The length of time it takes for rats and squirrels to gnaw shed antlers varies from location to location and year to year. I was once guility of this. Following the close of deer season I would just shut her down and stay out of the field until mid-summer, but that was many years ago.

His testosterone levels are low, there is no need to battle for receptive does, and the buck has started a new antler growing cycle. You know, there are ways to get a huge set of antlers on your wall other than shooting the big boy.
In addition, warming weather will spur grass growth and make finding antlers more difficult.
And although looking for deer sheds is not an important part of a deer management, it can be awfully fun! With short green grass, sparse brush, most antlers laying on the ground, and favorable weather, early spring is my best opportunity to cover some country and see what I can find. The other two were along woodlines, where the edge of a wooded area turned into open field. Of course, I have spent longer days in the field looking for sheds and have come back with less, often zero.

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