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Please click on Subscribe if you would like to receive a newsletter email with top articles. New from Ikea in February more money than expedit but could be cool for those who want something different I assume you could stain the pine. Just the outside panels are thinner so it doesn't look as nice but other than that seems to be the same. I was about to buy at least one Kallax unit but may wait if indeed the Nornas shelving will soon be available here.. I really like what this guy did to keep his record spines from pushing too far back into the shelves.

If there any Swedish members reading this thread I would love to know how Swedes feel about Ikea, and is old vintage Ikea furniture better quality than today's product and is it collectible?
It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. I wasnt done installing it yet, so the 2 units dont look like they line up right but trust me it looks perfect. I've read a lot on the Expedit and Kallax as vinyl shelf solutions, stories and issues.
This elegant, modern wall unit is a discontinued item, doesn't come up on Canadianlisted often, and therefore highly sought after.

Biggest mistake I think people make with these is trying to move them when they are loaded or orienting them wrong.
It seems pretty stable, but the constant worrier in me is afraid to fill that thing full with vinyl now (which was the entire point of the whole thing!

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