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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Durabuilt is an Australian manufacturing company which has been producing quality Garden Sheds in a wide range of sizes, styles and variation for more than 25 years. EasySHED combines the most popular aspects of garden shed design with convenience and ease of assembly.
Durabuilt sheds are manufactured here in Australia using modern roll forming technology and are constructed of hi-tensile heavy gauge steel for years of performance in harsh conditions.
For most sheds and garages you can add additional skylight sheets (with some exceptions- see end of article). When adding this accessory to a steel shed it will replace either a full or a half roof panel depending on the brand you choose. Most models of Absco and Durabuilt do not come with anchor kits to fix it to the concrete slab.  Anchors come in a pack of 8 or 12. Anchor sets can also be used for our Absco pool pump covers and aviaries for secure installation. You can upgrade most of Absco and all Spanbilt models with cyclonic kits in case you live in a cyclonic area or coastal areas exposed to high wind.
Durabuilt currently has the best StormSHED on the market which is well worth looking into if you are in a high wind rate area.
It is always recommended to lay a concrete slab for your new shed as it provides a solid and level surface for your shed.
For example with some Absco sheds you can add a timber flooring kit to substitute for a concrete slab. You don’t often have guttering available for sheds but on some models we do have this feature on offer.

Another add on is the shed blanket that has recently been introduced by Absco to help keep the shed cool during summer and insulated during winter.
Durabuilt offers sliding door upgrade kit and a tee door handle.  Extra wall height may also be obtained for their EasySHED and Workshop models.
KrisztianManaging Director at Cheap Sheds Pty LtdKrisztian is the co-founder and Managing Director of Cheap Sheds Pty Ltd and Cheap Sheds New Zealand Limited.
There are amazing possibilities to customise your shed and add a wide range of accessories. ZipMoney is a payment service where you can buy your product, have it delivered and pay later! Lay-Buy is an affordable payment plan option which allows you to pay-off your shed via one down payment, with the balance paid over 1, 2 or 3 monthly instalments. They are available in eight sizes each in Flat, Skillion, Gable and Gable Roof Truss styles, in a choice of 25 colours, and with a range of optional extras to add value and versatility.
Our sheeting meets the strict, and internationally regarded, Australian and New Zealand Standards, and have a warranty of 20 years in most applications.
5 Step Assembly comprises simple, fully illustrated assembly instructions, which are both comprehensive and extremely user friendly. The StormSHED is designed for high wind areas and complies with W60 cyclonic conditions and so will obtain council approvals in tropical cyclone areas like Darwin, Cairns, Broome and high wind areas in other parts of Australia.
By adding a skylight you will be allowing natural light into the shed, so you can see your things clearly without having to reach for a flash light. However some of our resin sheds include a skylight ridge cap which runs the length of the roof. You have a few options regarding types of windows but it really depends on the type of shed you purchase.

Two sizes of potting shelves are also available for those who love gardening and want to go easy on their backs. However it’s not always an option for all people so some types of sheds come with alternative options. You can opt for the standard  rebated floor kit or the heavy duty floor kit for uneven surfaces. You can increase the wall height as well as change the hinged doors to sliding doors, add louvre widow, skylight, shelving, tool holders and the list goes on.
You are not alone, often people are hit by disasters or have to move and change storage solutions asap. And, with the inclusion of EdgeSAFE ® rolled safety edges on all channels, panels, door jambs, flashings and ridge beam. It is also best to add windows to your garden shed kit when buying one, so the correct parts are included in your shed kit saving you money and the hassle of adding it to your shed later.
Whatever your reason if you need a shed today but cannot afford it, we have solutions for you! You can apply for the loan online in a few minutes and organise low monthly repayments which work best for you.

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