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When buying a media storage cabinet it is important to calculate what size and style of cabinet you will need. CD and DVD media cabinets are ideal furniture pieces for the safe and orderly storage for items such as DVDs, CDs, video games and various miscellaneous items associated with the television, video recorder and games consoles. The tall oak wood media storage cabinet is made from solid hardwood which has then been fitted with warm oak veneers and a rich milti-step oak finish.
You can see a larger picture of what this tall oak media cabinet looks like when the doors are closed via the link mentioned below.
MC2D14 has a capacity of 540 CDs or 240 DVDs or 300 Blu-ray in standard packaging, 1,080 discs in slimline cases or 2,000 discs in sleeves. MC3D20 has a capacity of 810 CDs or 360 DVDs or 450 Blu-ray in standard packaging, 1,620 discs in slimline cases or 3,000 discs in sleeves. MC4D27 has a capacity of 1080 CDs or 480 DVDs or 600 Blu-ray in standard packaging, 2,160 discs in slimline cases or 4,000 discs in sleeves.
This three drawer media cabinet features extra-tall 8" drawers, for media, sleeves, and other items that may be too tall for our standard 6" high drawer cabinets.
Our double length top takes two side-by-side stacks and joins them into one piece of furniture.
Mica tops take the weight of heavy items like TVs and distribute it evenly to the cabinet below. Our post-formed 'Mica' Tops come in 11 decorator colors, to match or compliment your cabinets. Can-Am media cabinets are equipped with safety interlocking drawers which allow only one drawer to open at a time, to prevent accidental tipping. As soon as one drawer is opened, the other drawer or drawers in the cabinet are locked using a state-of-the-art interlocking device.
Stacked cabinets are inter-connected to provide even more safety against accidental tipping. Can-Am Cabinets are linked with C-Clamps that fit into holes found at the back of every cabinet, anchoring cabinets to each other.
Twenty gauge cabinets with eighteen gauge stiffeners and slide supports are equal to the task.
Can-Am produces a Divider and Backstop system which creates rows for your media and keeps them in check even if the rows are not full. Each drawer holds 270 CDs in conventional jewel cases - that's 540 CDs in a 2-Drawer cabinet, 810 CDs in a 3-Drawer cabinet, or 1,080 CDs in a 4-Drawer cabinet.
For ultra-slim jewel cases, or sleeves, the capacity could increase to over 1,000 CDs per DRAWER!Imagine more than 4,000 CDs in a single cabinet!
Each drawer holds 60 Videos in conventional packaging - that's 240 Videos in a single 4-Drawer cabinet, 180 Videos in a 3-Drawer cabinet, or 120 Videos in a 2-Drawer cabinet.
Most oversized video packaging and clamshells fit in our drawers, which are six inches deep.

If you need more height, or to store larger format tapes, consider our 8", 9", or 12" drawer cabinets. Stack up to 9 drawers high and you could have over 500 Videos stored in little more than 3 feet of wall space, each protected from dust and locked up for peace of mind. Index Plates come with blank and alphabetic labels to get you there fast, and when you've got a serious collection, that's not something to take lightly. INDX — Index plates, comes with blank and alphabetic labels and are sold individually.
Ourcrystal clear extruded acrylic inserts slide into the finger-pull area of your cabinets.
Blank labels are included with each label holder, and a preprinted set with alphabetic and months are included with orders of 12 or more.You can also laser print your own labels.
WHEELS are rated for up to 350 pounds and are intended to carry no more than one fully loaded media storage cabinet. When you have more than one cabinet stacked together, or two stacks side by side, you're ready for a heavy duty Caddy. A single length caddy for narrow cabinets is also available as CADDY24, Click Here for more details. Other double length caddy sizes are also available, to accommodate combinations of narrow and standard width cabinets. Legs replace the leveling feet on most cabinets, and come in wood (LEGSW) or metal (LEGSM). 2" and 3" legs support stacks of cabinets up to 3 high.4", 5", and 6" legs should be used for single cabinets only. The CAB14 and the flipper door version, FDCAB14, share the identical dimensions of our 2 drawer cabinet. This entry was posted on Tuesday, September 18th, 2012 at 5:40 pmand is filed under DVD storage cabinet with doors preview. Kids bedroom decorations,- One of solution to make the kids feel comfortable staying in bedroom and prefer like it than other place is because of fun.
Black and Decker cabinets are furniture that offers storage for your household equipments and tools. People still confuse whether they have to choose futon with storage underneath or just conventional sofa. Some pre-existing interior design schemes suit metals and glass whilst other interiors provide a more harmonious setting for more traditional forms of material used in furniture such as wood. A casual yet high functional furniture piece, this wood CD and DVD Media Storage Cabinet will fit in to a reasonably narrow gap next to a television or alcove. MC3D27 also takes width of media into consideration, and accommodates our dividers & backstops at 4, 5 or 6 rows.
Safety interlocking drawers prevent tipping, levelers ensure stability and linking devices for stacking are provided.

There are lots of different modules that can be stacked any which way for limitless design flexibility. It will also take the weight of heavy TVs and distribute it evenly to the cabinets below and provide a more resilient counter surface. Not only can you suit storage specifically to your needs, you can even match it to your home or office decor!
Black locks are used for black, brown, charcoal, navy, plum, or hunter green cabinets and silver locks for all others. Use them in conjunction with different height cabinets to achieve just the overall height you're looking for.
All image in this gallery hopefully can give you an ideas to improve your home become more beautiful especially on interior design. This kind of remodeling activity commonly done because the bathroom space that begins to look boring and tighter.
It can be seen in the increasing demand of the modern furniture product of housing.  One of them is the ceramic tile bathroom design for the interior design. This tall oak wood CD and DVD media storage cabinet as seen below is a wooden storage cabinet piece that will look great in a room where wooden furniture is the norm and will thus be complimentary to the decor already in place. Inside the wooden media cabinet are five shelves with four of these being adjustable so as to be better suited to your own individual needs. When the doors are closed, it will be yet another beautiful wooden furniture piece that will merge with the existing decor and hide the often garish CD and DVD casings inside.
There are AV component and computer modules, general storage modules – even filing modules for hanging files. Metal Legs can also be used to level your base cabinet the same way the included cabinet leveling feet do. Small DVD storage cabinet with Locking Shaker Doors and all other images, photo or designs in this blog are copyright of their respective owners. The curtains should enable the light enter the room, give outdoor attractive view, and also give privacy for homeowner. Media dividers and backstops, label holders, wheels, caddies, legs and tops are also available.
We collect from various website and blog to use as home decoration and inspiration for home interior designs.

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