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One of the most popular questions we get from consumers and builders looking at house plans is "How much will it cost to build?" This information is necessary in accurately determining if you can afford to build your dream home. Thanks to The House Designers' recent partnership with the experts at StartBuild, consumers and builders can now purchase an accurate, state-of-the art Cost-to-Build Estimator based on current costs for products and labor specific to your location.
With StartBuild's many years of experience in the construction industry, they understand how important it is to provide accurate information and consequently continually update their databases. This reliable program allows you to select all the materials you'd like to have included in your new home so you can understand how product selection can affect the overall cost of your home. Specific to each house plan: StartBuild's estimate begins with a custom estimate for your specific house plan.
Specific to the location of the potential home: Adjusts for regional differences in material and labor costs based on your individual zip code.
Accurate and up-to-date material and labor costs: StartBuild's continuously updated database comes from bids from actual contractors and suppliers.
Easily customizable: Calculate costs based on the options that you want in the home and not some predetermined configuration.
Modify your estimate for 30 days: Each estimate is available and modifiable for 30 days so you can reevaluate your options.

Unlimited copies: Print it out as many times as you want for builders, contractors, material estimates, etc.
Fast and convenient: Your personalized cost-to-build estimator will arrive only two business days after your order, along with online access to your budget. Summary: Estimate how much it costs to build a house in Tucson Arizona by using construction cost software. I have purchased a set of house plans and was wondering if you could give me an estimated cost to build for them. The other issue is that this will be built on 10 acres of land that is located in flood plain. Using the construction estimating software found on cost estimating software I came up with a total cost of $486,586, or $120 per sq ft. Note: Since this house is being built in a flood plain, as per letter, flood insurance will be required by the lender. Also, the local building codes may (should) require a raised slab to a height determined by code. Note: Slab construction, a flat roof, and a€?standard quality finish", PLUS a large heated area, helped keep the building cost per sq ft relatively low.

Highly decorative, starkly original or exceptionally well-appointed residences will cost more. Add the cost of the land, government-mandated site development fees (impact fees) and the cost of bringing utility lines to the site, plus any additional permits, or additional costs to arrive at an approximate total cost.
What might have been a realistic building cost last year may no longer be accurate this year as prices for home building products and services fluctuate. This also allows you to modify areas of your home to help you stay within your budget before you build. YOU can update this 2016 estimate to see if it has, as well as experimenting with different building quality inputs that affect the cost to build.

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