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Rooftop gardens have been popular for a long time in Europe, and in recent years they’re also popping up in the U.S. The Extra Space Storage facility at 8301 River Road in North Bergen, New Jersey contains a rooftop garden featuring several shrubs, grasses and some flowering plants.
While the North Bergen storage facility escaped damage from Superstorm Sandy, the rooftop garden didn’t fare as well. Think about this: The EPA says that on hot days, the surface of a green roof can be cooler than the air temperature, but the surface of a conventional roof is up to 90° F warmer! Closets do not have to be a “one-design-fits-all” storage option — maybe you need extra space for shoes, or more room to hang suits and long dresses.
Your entryway is the first impression of your home, but it is also a high-traffic area prone to clutter.
We often incorporate stylish storage areas (called “drop zones”) into a home’s entryway design. Cars take up the bulk of a garage’s floorspace, but with some creative thinking you can make the walls and ceiling another storage hub. Storage shelves in the pitched areas of your garage are a great place to put holiday and special occasion decorations that you only use once a year, but have to store year-round. For those who like to build or tinker, having a custom garage workstation with plenty of storage is a dream come true. Protecting Wood Floors in Your Luxury Home Have You Heard These 5 Green Home Living Myths? Nellie Juan Lake with Jeff Mount Washington Ice Fest Kootenay Powder What's Your System?
Andy Newton, a friend of many fun adventures, joined Cathy and I for a weekend of horizontal ice on the Kenai Peninsula. Nordic ice skating gear: blades with skate bindings, skate boots, skate poles, ice picks in case you take the plunge, 50-foot throw rope, extra clothes in a dry bag and fire starter.

Our first skate of the weekend was a ten-mile out and back on the Placer River near the Spencer Glacier.
Shuffleboard ass-kicking was going on at the Sunrise Inn with fellow skaters Tony Perelli, Becky King, JT Lindholm and Matt Rafferty. EQUIPMENT AND MULCH: The main objective is to create a safe environment in a pleasing setting, where children want to play and have fun. PLAYSCAPE:  In a natural play area, or playscape, materials and features blend with nature. This courtyard garden is located close to the entrance of a tidy storage company in Hood River, Oregon. From closets to mudrooms, there are dozens of ways to maximize storage, reduce clutter, and make your custom home work for you.
Do you wish you had more room for folded clothes, or a built-in solution for storing your favorite jewelry? These are great places for your family and guests to leave shoes, hang coats, or store umbrellas, and they fit neatly into your home’s look and feel. Leave muddy shoes, wet coats, sports equipment, and other dirty items here to avoid tracking it all into your home. Whether you want more storage or are looking to downsize, we will work with you to design and build a custom home that is truly unique. In a small garden the play area can become the focal point, such as in the center of a courtyard. Native or naturalistic vegetation and creative landforms are combined to create an environment that is fascinating and challenging to children. The owners wished to create a private space for the manager and his family, including their three small children. The bermed south plantings are filling in quickly and provide screening from the busy road.

In addition to the beauty provided by green spaces, the rooftops also offer other advantages. So, rooftop gardens are not only aesthetically appealing, they also make sense from an environmental standpoint.
We can design your dream closet space in your custom home, or make suggestions for even better ways to maximize space.
Even better, go to Alaska Nordic Monster Tim Kelley's site to Make Your Own Nordic Skate Sharpening Jig. Playscapes are designed and built to look and feel like a natural setting, allowing children to learn about nature through play and interaction. The objective was to integrate the play structure into the landscape, and to create a retreat from storage patrons and the busy road to the south. Rooftop gardens can be created using containers, or planted directly on the roof using a waterproof membrane, insulation and a root barrier. Nordic ice skates give adrenalized adventure to locations where I'd normally be struggling to have a John Muir moment while sitting in a canoe swatting skeeters.
Mulch materials such as rubber mulch, with its high elasticity, break falls and increase safety. Fragrance, color, and the appropriate plants can attract wildlife such as butterflies or hummingbirds. They will add extra interest to the garden and enhance the children’s experience with nature.
Sof’Fall Engineered Wood Fiber also provides a long-lasting and slip-resistant surface, and other products such as SafeGrass Rubber Play Mats are available.

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