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A trip to Jammu and Kashmir is not complete without a visit to its many markets and shopping malls.
What to Buy from Jammu and KashmirOver the ages, Kashmiri artisans have used available resources to create beautiful objects of art. However, if you find carpets to be too expensive for your pocket or too cumbersome to be carried home, you may look for your Namda Rugs instead. While looking for a perfect rug you must also try chain stitch rugs available in most shops.
Shopping for Shawls in Jammu and KashmirShawls made in Kashmir are unique in many respects. Although woolen shawls are made in many other parts of the country, the ones made in Kashmir are unique in their design and coloring. A species of antelope, known as Pantholops Hodgsoni, is found in eastern Ladakh and parts of Tibet.
Walnut trees grow in abundance in the Kashmir region at an altitude of 5500 to 7500 ft above the sea level. Where To Go for Shopping in Jammu and KashmirThe best places to shop in Jammu and Kashmir are Srinagar, Jammu, Gulmarg, Pahalgam and Leh. Malls and Departmental Stores in SrinagarHowever, if you prefer to have everything under one roof, do not be disappointed.
Markets in SrinagarHowever, the best way to shop in Srinagar is to visit the local markets.
Those visiting Leh and Ladakh must visit Tibetan Market and Moti Market In Leh and Main Bazaar Road in Ladakh. People often mistake things I make from Black Acacia for the much more famous Hawaiian Koa.Koa is a member of the acacia family and the wood is very similar.
Chapter 1 takes place between February and September 1933, and introduces young Woody Hazelbaker as a junior member of a Wall Street law firm in trouble thanks to the Depression. When Woody Hazelbaker got there at the end of the 1920s, he thought it grand, even after the breadlines that followed the Stock Market Crash in October a€?29: New York was Americaa€™s greatest and most bustling city, its port the gateway to the world.
Owney Madden was no scientific genius like Professor Moriarty, but he handled things the same way. In Chapter 2, during the autumn of 1933, Woodya€™s deepening involvement with Owney Madden jars his cultural preconceptions loose when he visits the flagship of Maddena€™s nightclubs, the Cotton Club in Harlem. Club DeLuxe opened in 1920 at 142nd and Lenox Avenue, but Owney Madden bought it three years later and turned it into the Cotton Club, offering not only booze but the best jazz to be had, launching meteoric careers for Fletcher Henderson, Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, and others.
Bleecka€™s had opened as a speakeasy in the mid a€™20s, and though ruled with an iron hand by its irascible owner Jack Bleeck, it was instantly and permanently adopted by the newspapera€™s editors and reporters.
Bleecka€™s saloon was a few paces from the Herald Tribunea€™s back door, a stonea€™s throw from Seventh Avenue. Nevertheless Walker and Beebe become important resources about New York social life for Woody, their perspectives stretching from the 1920s into the a€™40s.
Prohibition ends December 5th, 1933, just about when Harvard Club librarian Earle Walbridge a€” later a€?The Sussex Vampire,a€? BSI, and at his death in 1962 the only man whoa€™d attended every BSI dinner back to its a€?first formal meetinga€? in June a€™34 a€” takes Woody to Christ Cellaa€™s speakeasy on East 45th Street, where he meets Christopher Morley and some of his friends just as the nascent Baker Street Irregulars are about to burst out into the open. In Chapter 3, over the winter, Woody is incurably bitten by the Sherlock Holmes bug, but his work for Owney Madden is not done.
New York Police Commissioner Grover Whalen estimated in 1929 that there were 32,000 illegal speakeasies in the city. It will take all of $5.00 to pay for a dinner for two at Christ Cellaa€™s little hideaway restaurant in the basement of a brownstone front at 144 East Forty-fifth Street, just a block from Grand Central Palace.
Cella, sleek, brown-eyed and chunky, is a born innkeeper, though he gives mural painting as his profession.
But in the early 1930s it was a speakeasy, where around a table in the kitchen Chris Morley and his Three-Hour Lunch Club friends met to drink, laugh and talk, gestating The Baker Street Irregulars. He sat back and sipped the drink that Chris brought him, watching the room through half-closed eyes. The crew Woody met that day were about to bring the BSI out into the open, once Repeal took effect. In Chapter 4, stretching from spring to autumn, 1934, a chance meeting with Lucius Beebe at Bleecka€™s propels Woody into a more cosmopolitan circle at the Plaza Hotela€™s Mena€™s Bar. It still exists a€” known now as the Oak Room: a€?by far the hotela€™s most significantly historic space, virtually unchanged since the day the Plaza opened for business, Oct.
It was then known as the Mena€™s Bar, an all-male enclave said to be the favorite room of the hotela€™s architect, Henry J.
For the next 70 years, it was patronized by some of the most celebrated folk of the 20th century.
Alsop was younger than me, short and pudgy with a pale face and dark-rimmed glasses beneath thin brown hair. When the National Organization for Women decided to challenge the men-only policies at restaurants and clubs, it chose the Oak Room, which refused to serve women at lunch on weekdays, as a test case, knowing the kind of upscale publicity it would lend to the cause.
The Mena€™s Bar Oak Room is sadly the only venue this chapter that still exists (with a close escape a few years ago when the Plazaa€™s barbarian redeveloper intended to gut it). If Ia€™d seen the place empty I might have wondered what the fuss was about, but it was busy when we arrived. Shake well with ice cubes and dash of orange bitters, twist of lemon peel and just a touch of sugar. Owner John Perona and maA®tre da€™ Frank Carino made El Morocco, once a speakeasy, the place to go and be seen for all manner of celebrities, including Broadway and Hollywood stars.
People kept stopping by to speak to Beebe, hoping to find themselves in his column the next day. I must have snickered, because he went on reprovingly: a€?Believe it or not, fortunes and careers are made by sitting at the right table.
Beebe basked, and started to reply, when suddenly behind me a silvery voice spoke out of the blue.
In Chapter 5, December 1934 through the next several months, Woody attends the first Baker Street Irregulars dinner at Christ Cellaa€™s and solidifies his position in Chris Morleya€™s BSI. Suddenly, with an explosive burst so nobody would miss his entrance, Alexander Woollcott arrived.
Chapter 6 stretches from the spring of 1935 to New Yeara€™s Eve in 1936, more than a year and a half of political turbulence in America, and in Woodya€™s life as well. Woody attends the a€™36 annual dinner at Christ Cellaa€™s a€” neither he nor anyone else there realizing that it will be the last for four years.
In the early 1930s the New Schoola€™s snazzy new Greenwich Village building, with an informal left-wing faculty and ties to outfits like the John Reed Clubs, was just the place for a Wall Street lawyer to validate his anti-Wall Street feelings, as long as he could duck. Chris Morley looked down the table at me, elbows propped up on it and chin resting on tented hands. After taking Diana to see After the Thin Man on New Yeara€™s Eve, he finds himself finally, truly, completely alone with Diana a€” and this time all escape cut off. And Diana snatched the paper from me, dropped it on top of the others, and pushed the entire stack off onto the floor. The consolation of BSI seems to be denied: there is no Annual Dinner in 1937 (nor will be in 1938 either). Pratt stood only 5'3", had thin receding red hair, and wore round-rimmed eyeglasses with tinted lenses. In 1937 even Irregulars have foreign dangers on their minds, and not just those convening at the Mena€™s Bar Sundays for martinis and chicken soup. The British Empire may no longer be able to regard itself, as it reasonably could until 1914, as the leading power of the world; since we let opportunity slip through our fingers in the early twenties, it may be doubted if the world has had any leading power, which may be one of the things that is the matter with it.
When the crisis that ended with the abdication of Edward VIII had been quickly and smoothly settled the English indulged in a good deal of excusable self-congratulation. Americans are not particularly proud of their countrya€™s isolation from world politics, but do not see what else can be done about it at the moment.
People who try to describe the Czechoslovak Republic in its nineteenth year seem driven to metaphor. Diana has her own response: use her family money to fund groups opposed to Nazi aggression. Everyone did after Benny Goodman took the Paramount Theater by storm, people clamoring for tickets nearly rioting in Sixth Avenue. The first time I heard them do a€?Moonglowa€? it was three in the morning, Diana and me listening to the sweet haunting music through a dreamlike haze of smoke and alcohol. Bleecka€™s had opened as a speakeasy in the mid a€™20s, and thoughA  ruled with an iron hand by its irascible owner Jack Bleeck, it was instantly and permanently adopted by the newspapera€™s editors and reporters.
A A A  Cella, sleek, brown-eyed and chunky, is a born innkeeper, though he gives mural painting as his profession.
A A A  He sat back and sipped the drink that Chris brought him, watching the room through half-closed eyes. One of the most outstanding features of the Cathedral Church of All Saintsa€™, Halifax, is its magnificent woodwork.
Upon entering the Chancel, furnished in Austrian oak, richly carved by experts in North America and abroad, one sees on either side the figures of the Saints of the United Kingdom: on the right are St. The Choir Stalls, made by the Bromsgrove Guild Canada, Ltd., Montreal, have angel figures on each end, each with individual faces.
The Chancellora€™s Chair, from Bromsgrove, England, was dedicated by Bishop Waterman in 1960 and is seen just before the Bishopa€™s Throne or Cathedra. Within the Sanctuary, one sees the Sedilia (seating for the presiding clergy) and the Credence Table, the latter of solid oak, beautifully carved with symbolic wheat ears and bunches of grapes, dedicated at the first Service of Holy Communion. The oak Reredos or Screen immediately above the Altar with its magnificent carving was one of many gifts of the Diocesan Womena€™s Cathedral League, whose mandate it was to beautify the interior of the Cathedral. The Altar Rail and Credence Table, further gifts of the Diocesan Womena€™s Cathedral League, are of Canadian manufacture and are matched by the Prayer Desk and the Sanctuary Chair. Viewing the beautiful woodwork of the Cathedral Church of All Saints, one can agree with Robert Louis Stevenson when he noted that mankind was never so happily inspired as when it made a Cathedral. Once the residence of the Muslim rulers of Granada and their court, the Alhambra is now one of Spain's major tourist attractions exhibiting the country's most famous Islamic architecture, together with Christian 16th century and later interventions in buildings and gardens that marked its image as it can be seen today. The terrace or plateau where the Alhambra sits measures about 740 m (2430 ft) in length by 205 m (674 ft) at its greatest width. The river Darro passes through a ravine on the north and divides the plateau from the AlbaicA­n district of Granada. Completed towards the end of Muslim rule in Spain by Yusuf I (1333-1353) and Muhammed V, Sultan of Granada (1353-1391), the Alhambra is a reflection of the culture of the last days of the Nasrid emirate of Granada. The first reference to the Qala€™at al Hamra was during the battles between the Arabs and the Muladies during the rule of the a€?Abdullah ibn Muhammad (r. The Muslim rulers lost Granada and Alhambra in 1492 without the fortress itself being attacked when King Ferdinand II of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castile took the surrounding region with overwhelming numbers. The decorations within the palaces typified the remains of Moorish dominion within Spain and ushered in the last great period of Andalusian art in Granada. Damage produced in Later Era After the Christian conquest of the city in 1492, the conquerors began to alter the Alhambra. Over subsequent centuries the Moorish art was further damaged, and, in 1812, some of the towers were destroyed by the French under Count Sebastiani, while the whole building narrowly escaped the same fate. In spite of the long neglect, willful vandalism and sometimes ill-judged restoration which the Alhambra has endured, it remains an atypical example of Muslim art in its final European stages, relatively uninfluenced by the direct Byzantine influences found in the Mezquita of CA?rdoba. The decoration consists, as a rule, of stiff, conventional foliage, Arabic inscriptions, and geometrical patterns wrought into arabesques. The Alhambra resembles many medieval Christian strongholds in its threefold arrangement as a castle, a palace and a residential annex for subordinates. Access from the city to the Alhambra Park is afforded by the Puerta de las Granadas (Gate of Pomegranates), a triumphal arch dating from the 15th century. The SalA?n de los Embajadores (Hall of the Ambassadors) is the largest in the Alhambra and occupies all the Torre de Comares.
The Patio de los Leones (Court of the Lions) is an oblong court, 116 ft (35 m) in length by 66 ft (20 m) in width, surrounded by a low gallery supported on 124 white marble columns.
The Sala de los Abencerrajes (Hall of the Abencerrages) derives its name from a legend according to which the father of Boabdil, last king of Granada, having invited the chiefs of that line to a banquet, massacred them here.[citation needed] This room is a perfect square, with a lofty dome and trellised windows at its base.
Among the other features of the Alhambra are the Sala de la Justicia (Hall of Justice), the Patio del Mexuar (Court of the Council Chamber), the Patio de Daraxa (Court of the Vestibule), and the Peinador de la Reina (Queen's Robing Room), in which there is similar architecture and decoration. The original furniture of the palace is represented by the vase of the Alhambra, a specimen of Moorish ceramic art, dating from 1320 and belonging to the first period of Moorish porcelain. The Alhambra, Generalife and AlbayzA­n of Granada are listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.
Alhambra has directly inspired musical compositions as Francisco TA?rrega's famous tremolo study for guitar Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Memories of the Alhambra)[1], Claude Debussy's piece for 2 pianos Lindaraja (composed in 1901) and the prelude La Puerta del Vino (in the 2nd book of preludes, composed 1912-13).[2].
In pop and folk music, Alhambra is the subject of the Ghymes song of the same name.[citation needed] The rock band, The Grateful Dead, released a song called Terrapin Station on the 1977 album of the same name. British composer Julian Anderson's Alhambra Fantasy (1999a€“2000), commissioned by the London Sinfonietta, was influenced by the architecture of the Alhambra Palace.
From 19th-century Romantic interpretations until the present day, many buildings and portions of buildings worldwide have been inspired by the Alhambra: there is a Moorish Revival house in Stillwater, Minnesota which was created and named after the Alhambra. Once again, congratulations and hopefully your photos will receive many more views in the future!
Painting an alternate reality: The Titanic limps into New York Harbor, having survived her collision with the iceberg, but slightly down by the head from the flooding of her forward compartments. In the ramblings that follow, I may come across as a bit bitter, or as a nitpick, maybe a little pretentious to some. Pink - Photos that are labeled as being of Titanic, but are actually photos of her sister ships, primarily Olympic, or posts about the Olympic Class Liners in general. Interestingly, in my survey, I don’t think I came across any posts that had anything to do with any other Titanic movie. Perhaps you could say I’m just being bitter, but when it comes to the Titanic tag on this site, and the way the general public sees Titanic, there needs to be far less of this, and much more of this. The Olympic was of course the sister ship of Titanic, and nearly identical to Titanic. My collision with a berg of ignorance and contemptibleness that’s bigger than the Titanic.
I was originally going to reply directly to this person, but after seeing all that, I’m not going to bother getting into a debate with her. The A Deck Promenade - On Olympic, the A Deck promenade was open along the entire length of the deck, marked in green.
The sheer stripe - The yellow stripe that ran along the hull is lower in this picture than it was on Titanic. Also, this photo is of Olympic in Southampton, either entering or exiting the dock with her bow facing inland. For additional verification, I went to a group dedicated to Titanic and the Olympic Class Liners. Those sites are occupied by many people who have extensive knowledge on Titanic and the Olympic Class ships. The funniest, perhaps best thing about this little debacle is the fact that this person’s own words describe them and their actions perfectly. This film was put together attempting to be the most historically accurate representation of the sinking of the Titanic. Over two years in the making, this film is only the shortened version of the feature film (as of now still in post-production). Visit the "Titanic Resources" page of this blog to see a list of other websites about the Titanic. Feel free to submit your own posts or drop me an ask if you want to know something about the Titanic or her sister ships.
Among them, Kashmiri carpets made in Persian style of weaving are famous all over the world. While specifying percentage of each yarn used, manufacturers generally take into account yarns used in the base.
These rugs are made mostly on hessian base, which is a woven fabric made out of vegetable fibers such as jute and sisal. Therefore while shopping for woolen shawls in Kashmir it is important to make sure that you are actually buying a Kashmiri shawl, not one made in Ludhiana. Thirdly, a shawl made from pure Shahtoosh yarn is very delicate and so they cannot be embroidered. The embroidery, which looks like chain stitch, is done with a pointed hook using either wool or silk thread.
It is almost a national dress for the people here and so if you are in Kashmir, you must get one. The wood from this tree is hard and durable; moreover, it has close grains and even texture. Furniture or other art object made from walnut wood is easily recognizable by its color and tone. Boxes of different shapes and sizes, bowls, ashtrays, flower vases, wall plaques, screens etc. The artisans still work with traditional tools and create beautiful objects of arts out of it.
While bigger cities such as Srinagar and Jammu have a few shopping malls it is the local markets which give you the feel of the place and therefore, many buyers prefers to go to these small markets to make their purchases.
You may go to Polo View Market to look for mementos; the shops there are laden with different kinds of souvenirs. There you will find exquisite Thankga paintings, hand-woven rugs and carpets, handicrafts, Tibetan silver jewelry, woolen garments etc.While in Pahalgam, one must visit the Main Market.
He gets a chance (and despite trepidations, takes it) to hang on by undertaking work for a clandestine client, the kind his firm would never accept in good times: bootlegger Owney Madden, and his No. What I knew about them came from Walter Winchell in the Mirror and movies like Little Caesar. Owney Madden was in the bootlegging business and everything else that went with it, including his chief aide and enforcer Big Frenchy DeMange. Black entertainers performing for strictly white audiences reflects the eraa€™s racial segregation, but the Cluba€™s showcasing of brilliant talent helps make jazz a national treasure. Beside the entrance was a tarnished brass plaque saying a€?Artists and Writersa€? a€” the admission policy? It finally comes to an end a year after it started, with Madden retiring from the rackets in New York and departing for a new life elsewhere. Lexington Avenue could still be followed south to 45th Street; and on 45th Street Chris Cellini should still be entertaining his friends unless a tidal wave had removed him catastrophically from the trade he loved . The kitchen was the supplement to the one small dining room that the place boasteda€”it was the sanctum sanctorum, a rendezvous that was more like a club than anything else, where those who were privileged to enter found a boisterous hospitality undreamed of in the starched expensive restaurants, where the diners are merely so many intruders, to be fed at a price and bowed stiffly out again. The flash of jest and repartee, the crescendo of discussion and the ring of laughter, came to his ears like the echo of an unforgettable song. On the far side, back to the wall, was a burly man with a broad hearty face, thick brown hair, and lively eyes full of mischief.
1, 1907,a€? wrote the Times five years ago (a€?What Would Eloise Say?a€? by Curtis Gathje, Jan. One day in February 1969, Betty Friedan and several other women swept past the Oak Rooma€™s maA®tre da€™ and sat down at a table. The Biltmore Hotel is gone, turned into office space despite protected-landmark status at the time.
I froze, then scuttled out sideways like a crab, and turned to face the most stunning girl Ia€™d ever seen. At Decembera€™s BSI dinner, he observes a Worlda€™s Champ and a Fabulous Monster, both of whom he will meet again, but more importantly he makes a new friend for life in Basil Davenport. Everybody knew his face from magazines and high piping voice from the radio a€” and some people hated both. Woollcott and Morley might be rival bookmen, but Chris didna€™t look half as annoyed as Bob. One of his dislikes was Alexander Woollcott, whose presence at the December 7, 1934, annual dinner Leavitt always insisted was uninvited, unwanted, and obnoxious.
Woody can use one: his regained professional calm is jolted the self-possessed young heiress he met at El Morocco has daddy switch his legal work to Woody.
The still young phenomenon of radio carries not only FDRa€™s reassuring Fireside Chats into American homes, but also the demagoguery of former Louisiana Governor, now Senator, Huey a€?Kingfisha€? Long, and the maverick priest Father Charles Coughlin. Not only cana€™t he get started with Diana, he doesna€™t even seem to have her attention when theya€™re together a€” and is silly enough to look for answers in the movies, as if life were one big screwball comedy.
For some it was Shirley Temple, for others Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald, for more than you could count Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.
Diana is beautiful and wealthy, but comes with a father-in-law whose politics Woody can barely abide. But Woody and some others, instead of shrugging, organize occasional Irregular three-hour lunches of their own. But into those sessions now is injected an isolationist note even Anglophiles like Elmer and Woody cana€™t ignore, from Chris Morleya€™s brother Felix, a€?the Second Garrideb,a€? editor of the Washington Post sharply critical of FDR and his policies. Elmer Davis gives up fiction to write serious foreign policy articles for Harpera€™s Magazine, about the dangers in store for an indifferent and unprepared America.
Not only had they disposed of a troublesome situation with less fuss than almost any other nation would have made over ita€”the reaction abroad, they told one another, had demonstrated that all men of good will realized that the stability of England was vitally essential to the stability of a somewhat unsteady world.
You still meet Europeans who ask you why America does not come into the League and help to do something about world peace; but most of them, after recent collapses of the system of collective security, know why, and only wish that they could do as we do. President BenA?s, in his radio broadcast last Christmas Eve, said that a€?Czechoslovakia stands like a lighthouse high on a cliff with the waves crashing around ita€”a democracy that has the mission to keep the flag of peace, freedom, and toleration flying in Central Europe.a€? The propaganda German radio stations and newspapers have been pouring out for months sees the country as a a€?sally port of Bolshevism,a€? And K. As one moves up the centre aisle under the vaulted wooden ceiling, the carved oak Pulpit to the left, a memorial to Bishop Binney has a place of prominence. Dominating the Sanctuary, below the Great Window is the High Altar, of carved oak, one of the most beautiful of its kind in Canada. Stephena€™s Chapel, being in the form of a triptych, the central panel of which features SS. While the early Cathedral Prayer belongs to an earlier time, its appeal is timeless: that God may grant us the help of His grace that we who desire to complete a Cathedral for this diocese to the glory of His Name, the honour of His holy church, and the welfare of His people, may be blessed in our endeavours, and enabled to bring it to perfection through the Christ who liveth and reigneth with Him and the Holy Spirit, ever one God, world without end.
Within the Alhambra, the Palace of Charles V was erected by Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor in 1527.
The rest of the plateau comprises a number of palaces, enclosed by a relatively weak fortified wall, with thirteen towers, some defensive and some providing vistas for the inhabitants. Similarly, the Assabica valley, containing the Alhambra Park on the west and south, and, beyond this valley, the almost parallel ridge of Monte Mauror, separate it from the Antequeruela district.
It is a place where artists and intellectuals had taken refuge as Christian Spain won victories over Al Andalus. The buildings of the Alhambra were originally whitewashed; however, the buildings now seen today are reddish. After retreating to Granada, Ibn-Nasr took up residence at the Palace of BA?dis in the Alhambra.
With little influence from the Islamic mainland[citation needed], artists endlessly reproduced the same forms and trends, creating a new style that developed over the course of the Nasrid Dynasty.

The open work was filled up with whitewash, the painting and gilding effaced, and the furniture soiled[citation needed], torn, or removed.
The palace complex was designed with the mountainous site in mind and many forms of technology were considered.
The majority of the palace buildings are, in ground-plan, quadrangular, with all the rooms opening on to a central court; and the whole reached its present size simply by the gradual addition of new quadrangles, designed on the same principle, though varying in dimensions, and connected with each other by smaller rooms and passages. The alcazaba or citadel, its oldest part, is built on the isolated and precipitous foreland which terminates the plateau on the northwest.
A steep ascent leads past the Pillar of Charles V, a fountain erected in 1554, to the main entrance of the Alhambra. The Mexuar is modest in decor and houses the functional areas for conducting business and administration. It is a square room, the sides being 12 m (37 ft) in length, while the centre of the dome is 23 m (75 ft) high. A pavilion projects into the court at each extremity, with filigree walls and light domed roof. The roof is decorated in blue, brown, red and gold, and the columns supporting it spring out into the arch form in a remarkably beautiful manner. The palace and the Upper Alhambra also contain baths, ranges of bedrooms and summer-rooms, a whispering gallery and labyrinth, and vaulted sepulchres. This villa probably dates from the end of the 13th century but has been restored several times. In two sharply contrasting sections the work relates different facets of the Alhambra a€“ the first, rough and energetic, is related to the building of the Palace itself[citation needed], dominated by the sounds of hammering and banging on percussion.
Also, the main portion of the Irvine Spectrum Center in Irvine, California, is a postmodern version of the Court of the Lions.
But it is only because Titanic, the ship, is such a huge part of my own interests that I say things like this. Examples of such posts would be photos from the production of the film, and gifs such as the one of the ship’s lights flickering out. These could be posts having to do with some indirect part of the history of Titanic, or the passenger and other elements of the Titanic story. I posted a picture of the real Titanic, and stupid bitches are reblogging it saying it’s the Olympic because they, keen eagle eyes that they are, recognize non-existent differences in the make-up of the ships. Anybody who can throw such a hissy fit over a picture of a ship clearly needs to get out more AND needs to be blocked wow!
On Titanic, however, the area marked in red was not open, it was enclosed, with smaller windows along its length. Titanic’s sheer strip was directly below the white painted part of the hull, it was never any lower.
The arrangement of windows on B Deck, the arrangement of portholes on the hull, and if you’re looking for something to tell you the period in time this was from, according to an actual Titanic researcher, the particular type of hat the guy on the left is wearing was not around in 1912 when Titanic sailed. When Titanic was docked in Southampton, her bow faced the river, and her stern faced inland. If they handle the facts, fine, but if someone reacts the way this person did to being corrected, they’re not welcome to the Titanic community. The Olympic looked almost identical to Titanic inside and out, being built from the same plans. The sets were painstakingly made to represent the real Titanic’s Marconi room using several sources- ship blueprints, photographic evidence, and first hand accounts.
The feature film depicts more scenes aboard the Titanic- specifically Father Frank Browne’s photography (the only known photo of the room), the ice warning (which were almost entirely cut from this version), and more information about their personal backgrounds. Therefore, we will start our journey with a peek into the array of beautiful handicrafts made by the local artisans and then we will see what other products we can buy from here. Therefore, if you want to a genuine Kashmiri carpet, it is not enough to look for right design or coloring; you must turn it over and examine its rear.
Today these shawls are made from three varieties of yarns and they are wool, pashmina and shahtoosh. In this style, flowers and leaves are worked in chain stitch in bright colors and each motif is then outlined in black.
Shahtoosh shawls are made from fur that automatically falls from the throat of these animals.
It is to be noted that artisans here practice four main types of carving; they are plain, raised, engraved and undercut.
Let us look into them one by one:Sarah City Centre, located at Jahangir Chowk, is one of the few shopping destinations in the town.
Besides, there are many shops at Lal Chowk, Badshah Chowk and Residency Road, which sells different types of products.
Member of Hudson Dusters gang, convicted twice of safecracking with 13 arrests total, including one for murder. And as winter approaches Woody makes a third discovery that will change his life for good, this time at the Harvard Club library: Vincent Starretta€™s brand-new and magically evocative book, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. Ellingtona€™s a€?Cotton Club Stompa€? captured the beat and drive as well as the venue and era. Astora€™s Horse (1935) are available today; The Night Club Era especially evokes the New York popular culture in which the BSI gestated and was being born in the early a€™Thirties. Woody has weathered the Depressiona€™s worst year and learned a lot a€” but the ending of his clandestine association with Owney and Frenchy DeMange leaves him feeling blue.
One was opened in a brownstone at 144 East 45th Street in 1926 by an Italian immigrant named Christopher Cella, whose boyhood friend Mike Fischetti was on the NYPDa€™s a€?Italian Squad,a€? one of the toughest cops in town. Although there were no familiar faces seated round the big communal table, the Saint felt the reawakening of an old happiness as he stepped into the brightly lighted room, with the smell of tobacco and wine and steaming vegetables and the clatter of plates and pans. It was the same as it had always beena€”the same humorous camaraderie presided over and kept vigorously alive by Chrisa€™s own unchanging geniality. Its German Renaissance design features walls of sable-dyed English oak, frescoes of Bavarian castles, faux wine casks carved into the woodwork and a grape-laden chandelier topped by a barmaid hoisting a stein. Cohan, the Broadway hyphenate, a composer-playwright-actor-producer-theater owner, and the only person ever awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor for a song, the rousing World War I anthem, a€?Over There.a€? Cohan made the Oak Room his pre-theater headquarters, his preferred table being a booth in its northwest corner.
There was an air of privilege about him even in the way he held his drink and his cigarette.
The waitersa€™ response was to remove the table, leaving the women sitting awkwardly in a circle. Banquettes along the walls, and backs and seats of chairs, were in the blue zebra print identifying El Morocco in newspaper pictures.
At a podium outside the arch, the maA®tre da€™ greeted us and led us inside, where Beebe was perched on a stool watching a bartender perform with a cocktail shaker. On his favor and discretion hang feuds, romances, careers, ambitions, the very foundations of the most bitterly jealous and competitive social hierarchy of our generation. She looked at me with indignation, rubbing the top of one gold-sandaled foot against the back of her other ankle. His acquaintance with Elmer Davis moves beyond the BSI into other realms, and Woody comes to understand what Morley had told him: they do all have Sherlock Holmes in common, but the BSI is primarily about friendship.
But a September 9, 1938, letter from Elmer Davis to Vincent Starrett gives a different impression: an older friend of Morleya€™s than Leavitt, Davis took up merrily with Woollcott that night. While Elmer Davis worries about a native despot poised for the a€™36 elections, Woodya€™s worries are closer to home. For me, it was one romantic comedy of William Powella€™s after another until my mind turned to mush. Yet Ambrose Converse is also his most important client now, as if Jimmy Stewart had gone to work for old buzzard Potter in Ita€™s a Wonderful Life.
The big stories were the Prince of Walesa€™ abdication, Italy invading Ethiopia, and FDRa€™s new term.
Four columns were marching on the city with a a€?fifth columna€? inside it waiting to strike like a snake. To Basil Davenport, Peter Greig, Earle Walbridge, and Dave Randall are added two more, one a kinsprit already, the other someone who will become important to Woody as the world drifts closer to war. Wiry and muscular, with a neatly clipped mustache, he resembled a wary bird whoa€™d bite off any finger poked in his direction.
I believe that every democratic nation in Europe today would get out of Europe and stay out if it could; out of the neighborhood of Germany . But for them both, 1937 is their newlywed year a€” out on the town, taking in the movies, seeking out the coolest jive joints with the hottest jazz, and going dancing with the Age of Swing in full blast. One night I overheard a callow youth say something to his girl about a€?shaming the old folks off the floor,a€? and realized in dismay that he meant me.
He said he could play drunk because he practiced drunk, and he sure could play, but we were watching self-destruction right before our eyes. We went on that way into 1938, celebrating our first anniversary without even a BSI dinner to break the mood.
Owners are proud of their cars but this is often difficult to convey to other enthusiasts who have never heard of Crossley, much less the model: Regis. It was dedicated by the Primate of All Canada before the sermon on the Cathedrala€™s opening day in September 1910 The carved figures of SS.
Bearing the arms of the Diocese, it was the gift of the Bicentenary Church Congress held in Halifax at the time of the opening of the Cathedral in September, 1910. A memorial to Bishop Binney and dedicated at the first Eucharist at 7 am on September 3, 1910, the front bears carved figures of the four Cherubim of prophetic vision. The Altar Rail is supported by the carved figures of the four Evangelists: John, Luke, Mark, Matthew, and two other apostolic figures. Of particular note are the doors as you enter, dedicated to the Glory of God and in loving memory Dean J.
Mary and John on either side of the Crucified Christ, designed in accordance with pre-mediaeval crucifixes: the virile strength and calm, self-contained dignity expressed in the Figure and Face of Jesus express the Anglican view of the Eucharist with its emphasis on the Love Triumphant rather than the Love Suffering. The Alhambra mixes natural elements with man-made ones, and is a testament to the skill of Muslim craftsmen of that time. In one particularly fierce and bloody skirmish, the Muladies soundly defeated the Arabs, who were then forced to take shelter in a primitive red castle located in the province of Elvira, presently located in Granada. A few months later, he embarked on the construction of a new Alhambra fit for the residence of a king. The Nasrids used freely all the display of stylistical resorts that had been created and developed during eight centuries of Muslim rule in the Peninsula as the Calliphal horse-shoe arch, the Almohad sebka or the Almoravid palm, and unused combinations of them, beside novelties as the stilted arches and the capitals of muqarnas, among others. Charles V (1516a€“1556) rebuilt portions in the Renaissance style of the period and destroyed the greater part of the winter palace to make room for a Renaissance-style structure which has never been completed. Just before his plan was carried out, a soldier who secretly wanted the plan of Napoleon a€” his commander a€” to fail, defused the explosives and thus saved the Alhambra for posterity.[citation needed] In 1821, an earthquake caused further damage. The park (Alameda de la Alhambra), which is overgrown with wildflowers and grass in the spring, was planted by the Moors with roses, oranges and myrtles; its most characteristic feature, however, is the dense wood of English elms brought by the Duke of Wellington in 1812. This is the Puerta Judiciaria (Gate of Judgment), a massive horseshoe archway surmounted by a square tower and used by the Moors as an informal court of justice. Because water was usually in short supply, the technology required to keep these pools full was expensive and difficult.
This was the grand reception room, and the throne of the sultan was placed opposite the entrance.
Opposite to this hall is the Sala de las dos Hermanas (Hall of the two Sisters), so-called from two white marble slabs laid as part of the pavement. Its gardens, however, with their clipped hedges, grottos, fountains, and cypress avenues, are said to retain their original Moorish character.[who?] The Villa de los Martires (Martyrs' Villa), on the summit of Monte Mauror, commemorates by its name the Christian slaves who were forced to build the Alhambra and confined here in subterranean cells. Irving lived in the palace while writing the book and was instrumental in reintroducing the site to Western audiences. Short counterpointed and juxtaposed motifs create, for some, the impression of a mosaic[citation needed].
Escher's visit in 1922 inspired his following work on regular divisions of the plane after studying the Moorish use of symmetry in the Alhambra tiles.
I went through many pages, 484 posts, in the Titanic tag to see what sort of content people fill that tag with. Some people go on to research the subject themselves, figure out the errors in the movie on their own, and take the time to learn about the real Titanic. Now, more than ever, people will be remembering Titanic, talking about Titanic, breathing Titanic.
The only thing I think that could have been even remotely misconstrued as some sort of insult was my inclusion of the last image, which was a joke. When she entered the dock, it was the middle of the night, so of course there are no pictures of that event.
The story was pieced together and recreated to be exactly as the real story was- and in many places the scene unfolds pretty much word for word as it did on the real Titanic. At the same time, it is important to be aware of a few points about Kashmiri carpets before investing on it. If you find tufts of yarns at the backside, you will know that the carpet is not made in Kashmir.2. Also make sure that the motifs have clear cut outlines and the edges of the carpet are straight and equal in size.
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For the green and rather innocent Woody, Madden, DeMange, and the work prove quite an education.
Then decades later, in Francis Ford Coppolaa€™s 1984 movie The Cotton Club, its life and times were recreated superbly, with Bob Hoskins and Fred Gwynne playing Owney Madden and Frenchy DeMange. A chorus line of nearly naked colored girls ran out onto the stage and went into a routine never seen south of Central Park.
Its big room, mahogany, brass and mirrors with a forty-foot bar, served as clubhouse for Trib reporters and editors. Tables are covered with clean white cotton cloths and the waiters wear long white linen aprons that flap about their ankles. It took him back at one leap to the ambrosial nights of drinking and endless argument, when all philosophies had been probed and all the worlda€™s problems settled, that he had known in that homely place. Why were there not more places like that in the world, he began to wondera€”places where a host was more than a shop-keeper, and men threw off their cares and talked and laughed openly together, without fear or suspicion, expanding cleanly and fruitfully in the glow of wine and fellowship? It drove me across town to East 39th, the wet streets dark and nearly deserted at that hour. Offering a fine view of all comings and goings, it became known as the Cohan Corner, where the great man was courted by theatrical types looking for work. A man at a nearby booth offered breadsticks, which were declined, and the group decamped to form a picket line in front of the hotel.
But the movie Woody saw there that night has lasted: The Thin Man, starring William Powell and Myrna Loy.
Ita€™s comical that the Nobel Committee gives its Peace Prize to do-gooders like Jane Addams.
Ia€™d struggled through it in high school; they talked about Horace as if he were a mutual friend. So Woody dwells uncomfortably in a higher social and economic stratum of an increasingly disturbing world, as he takes stock of it when they return from their honeymoon.
Fierce debate had started over his court-packing scheme, to circumvent the Supreme Courta€™s a€?nine old mena€? striking down one New Deal program after another. Frank of the Czechoslovak parliament, a German belonging to the half-Hitlerized Sudetendeutsche Partei, has said that the state must be a€?either a bridge between Germany and the southeast or a barricade against Germany.a€? . But when I walked into a jive joint with Diana, nobody took me for a rootietoot, let alone a lawyer. He had an about-town column in the Herald Tribune called a€?This New York.a€? It wasna€™t Woody Hazelbakera€™s New York. An elderly chap looking at my Regis - albeit, in Australia - commented that he did not know that Crossley made anything as new as my Regis - he obviously knew of the older, large cars for which Crossley Motors is famous. Columba, Augustine, Chrysostom, Paul, and Peter a€“ famous preachers all a€“ are featured, as well as the figure of the Preaching Friar at the newel post of the stairway, and, under the pediments, the tiny Church Mouse, an Angel with the Book, a shell for Baptism, a Rose, and a Hand. Hibbert Binney, whose dream it was to erect a stone Cathedral for the oldest colonial Diocese. According to surviving documents from the era, the red castle was quite small, and its walls were not capable of deterring an army intent on conquering. The isolation with the rest of the Islam, and the commercial and political relationship with the Christian kingdoms also influenced in the space concepts. Philip V (1700a€“1746) Italianised the rooms and completed his palace in the middle of what had been the Moorish building; he had partitions constructed which blocked up whole apartments. The park has a multitude nightingales and is usually filled with the sound of running water from several fountains and cascades. On its watchtower, the Torre de la Vela, 25 m (85 ft) high, the flag of Ferdinand and Isabella was first raised, in token of the Spanish conquest of Granada on January 2, 1492. The hand of Fatima, with fingers outstretched as a talisman against the evil eye, is carved above this gate on the exterior; a key, the symbol of authority, occupies the corresponding place on the interior. The ceilings, floors, and trim are made of dark wood and are in sharp contrast to white, plaster walls. It was in this setting that Christopher Columbus received Isabel and Ferdinand's support to sail to the New World. The Torres Bermejas (Vermilion Towers), also on Monte Mauror, are a well-preserved Moorish fortification, with underground cisterns, stables, and accommodation for a garrison of 200 men.
And when it comes to what people post in the Titanic tag here on Tumblr, there is not enough about the real Titanic. Most are not aware that Titanic nearly collided with a ship when leaving port, that the car was crated, that passengers weren’t allowed at the front of the ship, that there were no gates and 3rd class passengers were not kept locked down there like animals, that the funnels were not lit up, and that there is no evidence that Murdoch shot himself, the list goes on.
We need to have a lot more on the Titanic tag than just a bunch of pictures and talk of Jack and Rose, and people talking about the movie making them cry, or how they hate Rose for not letting Jack on the piece of wood.
It’s nice how the Internet lets people make public idiots of themselves, well done, slow clap. When Titanic was first launched and still under construction, her promenade was indeed open along the whole length like Olympic’s. This photo was taken sometime after her 1920 refit, so the stripe is lower, as indicated by the yellow arrows.
When Titanic finally left the dock again later on, her bow was, as I said, facing the opposite direction that Olympic’s is facing in the above photo. He has a history of being dead wrong on many things, and he has not always reacted nicely to being corrected. They ultimately decided not to do this, however, as it was thought that it would be bad for the traumatized survivors to be aboard a ship that looked exactly like Titanic, or to even see it. In general, the stitch looks like stem stitches; but only the outline of the design is worked on. Another unique point to remember is that that the color of the walnut wood is different in different parts. Therefore, if you are looking for some mementoes do walk the street searching for different types of copperwares such as samovars, bowls, plates and trays.
Therefore, if you are buying high-end products such as knotted carpets, Pashmina and Shahtoosh shawls, walnut wood products you may visit this emporium. The rates too are quite reasonable.You can also try Sangarmaal Shopping Centre built by Shrinagar Development Authority. Wickerwork made from willow rushes and woodwork crafted out of apple wood is a specialty of this place. But his agents are numerous and splendidly organized.a€? Same with Madden, and I discovered a separate and different world beneath the surface.
Formed alliance with Tammany Hall chieftain Jimmy Hines, went into bootlegging including many speakeasies and night clubs. Kidnapped and held for ransom by a€?Mad Doga€? Coll in 1931 (an unwise career move on the lattera€™s part).
It was nearly empty at eleven in the morning, but even busy I couldna€™t have missed Walker halfway down the bar, next to an arresting sight: another man dressed, at that hour of the day, in white tie and tails. I carried the briefcases when we got there, and Owneya€™s driver lugged the rest up to my apartment. After his death in 1942, a bronze plaque was installed to commemorate his tenure; it still hangs there today. As the evening wore on and more and more people arrived, additional tables and chairs were brought out and placed on the dance floor until it almost disappeared. When I finally got a word in edgewise and asked what the hell, Basil shrugged off a€?two perfectly useless degreesa€? in classics from Yale and Oxford. Bradford, another Thin Man imitation, had come out while Diana was in Europe, but when she got back I took her to My Man Godfrey at Radio City. Enlarging the Court had peoplea€™s backs up, while others felt the Court was so pre-Depression in make-up, it might as well be the Dark Ages. It was the New York of El Morocco by night, people with plenty of money despite the Depression, Broadway openings instead of bank closings, charity scavenger hunts instead of breadlines, uninterrupted self-indulgence instead of the dole. The following account explains the facts of what a Regis actually is and gives the history of the car and how it was developed. Over the pulpit hangs a small, hand-carved Crucifix, brought from the scene of the Passion Play at Oberammergau, Germany, by a dedicated Cathedral member.
He did not live to see that dream realized, but one cannot help but feel his essence in the beautiful English Gothic structure of the Cathedral. The castle was then largely ignored until the eleventh century, when its ruins were renovated and rebuilt by Samuel ibn Naghralla, vizier to the King BA?dA«s of the Zirid Dynasty, in an attempt to preserve the small Jewish settlement also located on the Sabikah hill.
During the reign of the Nasrid Dynasty, the Alhambra was transformed into a palatine city complete with an irrigation system composed of acequias for the gardens of the Generalife located outside the fortress. Columns, muqarnas and stalactite-like ceiling decorations, appear in several chambers, and the interiors of numerous palaces are decorated with arabesques and calligraphy. These are supplied through a conduit 8 km (5 miles) long, which is connected with the Darro at the monastery of Jesus del Valle, above Granada. A turret containing a large bell was added in the 18th century and restored after being damaged by lightning in 1881.

A narrow passage leads inward to the Plaza de los Aljibes (Place of the Cisterns), a broad open space which divides the Alcazaba from the Moorish palace. Serallo, built during the reign of Yusef I in the 14th century, contains the Patio de los Arrayanes. There are galleries on the north and south sides; that on the south is 7 m (27 ft) high and supported by a marble colonnade. The composer is careful to point out[citation needed] that he has not written programmatic music, although his concern is with the splendour of the palace itself, its place in the landscape and its relevance to the complex and turbulent history of the region. Only 26 out of 484 posts had anything even remotely to do with the subject of the real-life Titanic. But for most, it seems, they just accept the movie as it is, thinking it to be, at least to an extent, a factual account of the real Titanic.
As a result, Olympic was told to stay out of sight, and the passengers were taken to New York on the Carpathia instead. These days the embroidery is mostly done by acrylic yarn.Today, the namda rugs are mostly made in Anantnag, Baramula and Rainawari. This increases the lifespan of the rug.Tiny stitches cover the entire surface of these rugs. Wall plaques, table lamps, room divider, bedsteads, wardrobes, tables, chairs, kitchen furniture etc are also popular items made with walnut wood in Kashmir. Wood from the root is almost black and the grain here is very prominent; consequently items made out of such wood are most expensive.
However, before spend your hard earned money on them it is important that you are aware of certain facts.All that is sold in the name of papier machie may not actually be made out of mashed paper. You will find many shopkeepers with their merchandise spread precariously close to the water. Owney Madden grew up in the part of New York called Hella€™s Kitchen, and had been in the rackets since he was a kid, starting with one of its Irish gangs, The Gophers. He held a drink in one hand, a cigar in the other, and on the surface of the bar rested a silk top hat. I hung up my hat and coat, opened the briefcase Owney had given me and gazed at the money again, then stashed it in the back of my closet. Then as I started thinking of him as a pudgy intellectual, he said something to Gene Tunney across the table about their boxing a few rounds at the Yale Club before coming to Cellaa€™s. He and drummer Gene Krupa were from his band, but the others were colored musicians, cool Teddy Wilson on piano and excited Lionel Hampton on vibes, the first mixed group wea€™d seen. Details of the SpecificationA and other aspect of the Regis areA covered to help Owners to keep their cars "on the road". The Deana€™s Stall, immediately behind the brass angel Lectern, was given in memory of Dean LLwyd and bears the crest of the Cathedral coat-of-arms and those of several Deans. Lukea€™s Chapel is situated now on the south west (ecclesiastical east) wall and has the old Altar and Reredos of the original St. Lawrence, vested as deacons in dalmatics, and bearing the appropriate emblems of their martyrdom. However, evidence from Arab texts indicates that the fortress was easily penetrated and that the actual Alhambra that survives today was built during the Nasrid Dynasty.
Previously, the old Alhambra structure had been dependent upon rainwater collected from a cistern and from what could be brought up from the AlbaicA­n.
The arabesques of the interior are ascribed, among other kings, to Yusef I, Mohammed V, and Ismail I. Designed to reflect the very beauty of Paradise itself, the Alhambra is made up of gardens, fountains, streams, a palace, and a mosque, all within an imposing fortress wall, flanked by 13 massive towers. Beyond the Alcazaba is the palace of the Moorish rulers, or Alhambra properly so-called; and beyond this, again, is the Alhambra Alta (Upper Alhambra), originally tenanted by officials and courtiers.
To the left of the passage rises the Torre del Vino (Wine Tower), built in 1345 and used in the 16th century as a cellar.
Underneath it, to the right, was the principal entrance, and over it are three windows with arches and miniature pillars. Over them is a series of oval medallions with inscriptions, interwoven with flowers and leaves.
Well try telling that to the good people on those forums, because they will rip you to shreds if you go in there and pull the kind of attitude this person has done with me. He’s a real example of where being stubborn with your mistakes and an asshole to those who correct you is not how you go about research and finding out the truth. To cut cost and make them more sturdy artisans are also using other materials such as cardboard and even wood pulp.
Besides, honey produced in Jammu Kashmir is famous all over the state for its delicate coloring as well as taste. Government Emporia near Ghanta Ghar at Lal Chowk is another government run establishment in Srinagar.
If you can bargain hard, this is the place where you will get the commodities at the cheapest rate.
He had to eat; and in all the world there are no steaks like the steaks Chris Cellini broils over an open fire with his own hands. Author: History of the New York Times, 1921, Times Have Changed, 1923, Ia€™ll Show You the Town, 1924, Friends of Mr.
I loosened my tie, poured myself a stiff drink, and sat down beside a window a€” sat there a long time, the untasted drink in my hand, listening to it rain.
Anyone whoa€™d box Gene Tunney for funa€” I gave up, and went and got another drink myself. Powell was a stockbroker down on his luck, plucked out of a hobo jungle to butler for the nuttiest family on Fifth Avenue. Stephena€™s Chapel, the Bishopa€™s Chapel, on Robie Street, the congregation of which  joined that of St. Above the triptych proper is the figure of the Risen Christ, surmounted by a crocketted pinnacle. The creation of the Sultan's Canal solidified the identity of the Alhambra as a palace-city rather than a defensive and ascetic structure. Blue, red, and a golden yellow, all somewhat faded through lapse of time and exposure, are the colours chiefly employed. From this court, the walls of the Torre de Comares are seen rising over the roof to the north and reflected in the pond. There are nine windows, three on each facade, and the ceiling is decorated with inlaid-work of white, blue and gold, in the shape of circles, crowns and stars. As someone who is deeply interested in the subject of Titanic, the ship, this disappoints me immensely. Even if the object is made out of actual paper pulp, it is important to see if the finish is smooth. Staff New York Herald Tribune since 1929; writer, syndicated column a€?This New Yorka€? since 1933. 1919; professional boxer, 1919-1928, World Heavyweight Champ, 1926-28, a€?Fighter of the Year,a€? 1928, retired undefeated that year. The Times called Lombarda€™s Irene a€?a one-track mind with grass growing over its rails,a€? but that was a damn sight better than her mean sister Cornelia. The new model was first described by the motoring press in August 1934 and showed a more modern style of car but with some rather a€?angulara€? features.
Lastly, the Harem is also elaborately decorated and contains the living quarters for the wives and mistresses of the Arabic monarchs. The vast majority of content in the Titanic tag has very little to do with the real Titanic. If someone wanted to point out that I was wrong, and why, they could have said so in a fairly polite manner. Member Confrerie des Chevaliers du Tastevin, Wine & Food Society of America, Republican. Lukea€™s Pro-Cathedral, whose building was destroyed by fire in 1905, in forming the Cathedral congregation. This area contains a bathroom with running, hot and cold water, baths, and pressurized water for showering.
It diverts attention from the real thing, and focuses attention on a fictional version of the ship, a fictional account of its history, and most of all, a couple fictional characters.
It’s these people that are the biggest bane of the existence of many Titanic historians, researchers, and buffs. But because of the way this person has treated me, and the attitude she has taken with me, she does not deserve the dignity of a direct response and a debate. Different motifs such as china leaves, lilac and lotus flower are usually found engraved on them; but if you want yours custom made, they will happily oblige.
Kashmiri Shawal Museums is another place where exquisite Kashmiri shawls and authentic Kashmiri carpets. All famous brands such as Reebok and Cantabil are available here.Then there is the V Mart located on Airport (IG) Road. The street houses many popular shops selling different types of Kashmiri Handicrafts, Traditional Dongra Jewellery, Dry Fruits etc. That may be all well and good for everyone else, but for me it’s a bit disappointing.
All these carpets generally have cotton base although some silk carpets may also have silk base.5. The shop is located near Dal LakeIf you are interested in walnut furniture, you must visit Fancy Art Emporium located at Amira kadal ain Lal Chowk.
Founded, with Cleon Throckmorton, Hoboken Theatrical Co., 1928, producing revivals of a€?After Dark,a€? a€?The Black Crook,a€? etc. The Harem also features representations of human forms, which is forbidden under Islamic law. People like that shouldn’t even be posting on the internet, let alone Tumblr, or the Titanic tag.
These days carpets made out of mercerized cotton are also being manufactured in Jammu and Kashmir. Incidentally, the art of engraving motifs on silverware is known as naqash and the price of the object depends heavily on that.
The shop also offers Kashmiri carpets and rugs, home furnishings, embroidered tapestries and cushion covers, Papier Machie ornaments, trinket boxes, tailored clothing made from the finest cotton, leather bags and belts etc.
The Panels above the left door are the Tree bearing good fruit and those above the right door are the Tree that bears evil fruit (Matthew 7: 16 a€“ 20). The Christian artisans were most likely commissioned to design artwork that would be placed in the palace and the tolerant Muslim rulers allowed the work to stay.
Gold and silver jewelry studded with precious or semi precious stones are also another of their specialty. Guggenheim Fellow, League of Nations, Geneva, 1928-29, dir., Geneva office, League of Nations Assoc.
The magazine incorrectly stated that the new bodyA  was to be the new standard body for the (new) Ten chassis. The body was a smarter, more modern design than the Ten although not quite as long as the subsequent Regis and possibly Gordon Macandrew saw this body and decided he could have a better one designed. Lampshade, shopping baskets, praying mats, and chics for doors made out of willow rushes are also popular items. FS 9998 was the result.A This car is the special bodied car built by RanalaghA for the March 1934 RAC Bournemouth Rally, illustrated in The Autocar of 23rd March 1934. The later Regis of C F Beauvais design was slightly longer to provide a larger boot and also accommodate the six-cylinder engine option of the Regis. However, by the time the Crossley Regis appeared at the 1934 Motor Show, it was basically the same as Mr McAndrewa€™s car, Crossley having engaged Mr Beauvais to tidy up their body to the New Avon design. This became the standard Crossley Regis available in Ten and Twelve horsepower versions until the end of car production in 1937. Note the more angular coachwork when compared to the Beauvais-designed Regis Sports Saloon.
These views are from Veteran and Vintage Magazine archives.A The chassis itself was modified from the Ten style basically in the shape of the main chassis side members.
The older Crossley Tens had a parallel chassis to the rear engine mountings when the chassis angled sharply outwards to provide parallel side members from just behind the engine to the rear of the car.
This allowed the older style of body, with a full-width scuttle, to be supported by the chassis. The Regis body, however, tapered from the a€?Ba€? post of the body towards the radiator and was supported on timber main sills that tapered to a point level with the rear engine mounts. The rather heavier Regis model probably prompted Crossleys to offer the larger 12hp version to regain a€“ and surpass - the performance of the earlier Tens.
UD 6393 was registered on 6th Novemebr 1934 and the Regis Sport Saloons cars were already at 100051 by 3rd November 1934 so both types of Regis were usingdifferent chassis number series it would seem.. See Chassis List page for more details.The first 100 chassis included Ten and Twelve horsepower cars. Mr J R I Crossley, one of the family members involved in the Crossley car empire, states, in correspondence to Motoring Historian, the late Michael Sedgwick, that a€?about six interim modelsa€? were built. In the records maintained by the Crossley Register, which includes some car details taken from the surviving records of Council Registration Records, the highest chassis number of cars shown within the four cylinder sequence is 100504. Similarly, no numbers are on record within the six cylinder sequence 100901 to 100999, suggesting that none were made within this series. Six cylinder cars were, however, continued from 101001 upwards, the highest recorded being 101043, a registration record.
Actual cars known to exist in this area are 101036 the 1936 Motor Show Twelve horsepower car (used by a Register Member until sold in 1968) and 101041 an existing car in preservation. Under the circumstances, the number of Regises built may vary between about 900 and 1050, depending on whether or not the gaps mentioned were actually a€?gapsa€? and not just a lack of information. In this context, Coventry Climax engines used in the Regis had the chassis numbers of the cars to which they were originally fitted stamped on the edge of their flywheels. A six cylinder engine has been found in Australia, JMC 155, showing a chassis number 100900. This does not, unfortunately, prove that other cars were built with numbers within the 900 series.A A Several people have heard the story about a Regis being smuggled out of the Factory and being built in a garage workshop. This illegal act was discovered when the owner wanted spares and the chassis numberA quoted had not been issued by the Factory. Perhaps this more than rumour was actually a car quoted in the 100901 - 100999 series before the Factory had actually reached those numbers!A From the chassis numbers listed in the "Chassis List" page of this website, Cars between 1 and 100 were built in both 10 and 12hp versions.
Taking the 10 hp cars as 100101 to 100504 gives us 404 cars plus the 20 from the first 100 series and that gives us 424 cars.
With the 12 hp cars, 100601 to 101043 gives us 443 cars but the possible absence of the 900 series not being used reduces this to 343 cars.
This suggests, since the final number made may well be higher than 100504 - for 10 hp cars or 101043 for 12 hp cars.
Let usA estimate that 425 cars were built of both 10 hp and 12 hp cars - a total of 850 vehicles.
A select band of quality cars.A A four cylinder a€“ Ten horsepower a€“ car exists as chassis number 100121. It was owned by an ex-Factory Foreman, Mr Jacques of Bury, Lancashire and had quarter lights operated by small wheels instead of the sliding locks normally fitted to the Regis - similar sliding locks were fitted to Jaguar XJ 6a€™s until recently. The a€?wheela€? operation of quarter lights was used by the German firm Borgward in their a€?Isabellaa€? models of the 1950a€™s and early 60a€™s. Chassis 100039 (The late Ron Wilsdona€™s car, ABY 690 had the same quarter light treatment.) Such an item on the Regis may have been included as an added a€?attractiona€? to patrons at a Motor Show similar to the a€?cutawaya€? cars at modern Shows and the chromed chassis used by Crossley for some of its larger models at earlier Motor Shows. Rumour has it that these latter items ended up as fill for the bomb craters within the Works during World War 2. What a terrible shame!A In Australia, the Regis types were supplied without bodies since this reduced import duty for the imported chassis. Bodies were often supplied by Ruskin Motor Bodies of Melbourne but some of the Motor Show cars displayed at the Melbourne International Motor Show in June each year had bodies to the UK design and may have been fully imported vehicles. Ruskins at least, had a design of their own for the Regis body, similar bodies being also built on Triumph Gloria chassis. In the Coach and Motor Body Builder of Australia and New Zealand, a Trade Journal, a design is illustrated in a 1935 edition for a six-light body on a Regis chassis, again quite different from the UK outline (a four light design) and advertised as a a€?streamlinea€? version.
The Company was at the forefront of bright two-tone liveries on the Regis, having a second colour picking out the mudguards and running board and also the raised relief above the aluminium beading just below window level and continuing over the doors and windscreen. To avoid overstating the colours, when two extremely contrasting colours were used, such as maroon (Tuscan Red) and fawn (Desert Sand) the secondary colour, fawn, was used only on the raised relief and not on the mudguards and running boards.
In all cases, the raised concentric circle section of the wheel discs were also painted in the lighter colour. Anecdotal evidence from different people indicates that Crossley Motors were well known as offering two tone a€?brighta€? colurs on their cars of the 1930a€™s and covers the Crossley Ten era as well as the later Regis. My own Regis, bodied by Ruskin MotorA Bodies of Melbourne, Australia, was originally dark green (Bottle Green) overpainted white at a later date.
The wheels, however, had been painted silver on their outer sides only and the interior faces were what appeared to be an original duck egg blue although in slightly different shades due to weathering.
In August, 1934, the Industry magazines described the squarer a€?interima€? design in great detail. On the Motor Show stand for that year, Crossley exhibited both the a€?interima€? and Beauvais-designed cars.
After about January 1935, no further mention of a€?Regisa€? appears and only the Beauvaismodels were available a€“ in 10 and 12hp form. Later adverts appear to have been more general with comments such as a€?A precision built Crossleya€? or a€?A car with no nonsensea€?.. The Motor Show adverts for the 1935 Show used the theme of a€?Make a point of seeing the New Crossleysa€?, the illustration being a light-coloured Regis. Cook and Palmer, the main Crossley distributors for Londonused a drawing of a Regis with the slogan a€?To try it is to buy ita€?.
Some of these adverts have been available on ebay using the a€?Art Decoa€? slogan by the dealers selling them.A Letters to customers from Crossley Motors suggest that cars were not available sometime between January 1937 and September 1937, this latter date stating that the cars were not available due to other commitments of the Factory. However, whilst not being confirmation of the end of production, it is interesting to note that The Motor magazine of 5th October 1937 carried an advert for Regis 4 and 6 cylinder cars as well as the 3 litre 20.9hp Sports Saloon. Cost 365, accept 215.a€? The advert was illustrated with a fine three quarter front offside view of the Beauvias Three litre saloon!
So much for advertising standards!A Brochures were always available for the Regis and appeared for the four cylinder a€“ red and gold and six cylinder cars a€“ blue and white.
Right to the end of production, however, the illustration of the chassis in these brochures showed the dash area to be that of the original a€?interima€? model a€“ rather similar to the old Crossley Ten. The support for the dashboard showed the holes to allow glove boxes to be fitted in the dashboard itself so that the a€?interima€? model must have differed from the Regis Sports Saloon in this area as well. Even in the brochures for the 1936 cars where the 1640cc engine was mentioned, this a€?interima€? style of chassis was shown.
From the outside, the car illustrated was invariably a light coloured car with a four cylinder grill a€“ even though the brochure was specifically for the six cylinder model. Pass and Joyce were agents with showrooms in London and Manchester a€“ having also been involved with competing with a Ten in the RAC Rally to Torquay a€“ leading to one version of the Ten having this model name.
Cook and Palmer in London advertised themselves for Regis sales and Gordon C McAndrew of Edinburgh who actually had the body design that lead to the Crossley Regis itself, was an agent until the Company stopped car production in mid 1937.A The Coronation Edition of The Autocar of May 1937 included a well-known Crossley advert showing a Regis, a Mancunian Streamline bus and a six-wheeled trolley bus in a coloured, glossy page establishing a€“ rather than actually advertising a€“ Crossleya€™s involvement in both car and commercial vehicle manufacture. The artista€™s illustration showed a hybrid version of the Regis a€“ neither the a€?interima€? nor Beauvais versions!
The winning car referred to in the advert had been, however, a Crossley Ten of 1933 although this was not specified to the buying public.
This has some truth in the context that they did buy some cars back that were offered for sale so that they could update the cars used by their staff. For example, BTD 272, the Maroon 1936 show car, chassis 101036, was registered on 1st November 1936 and purchased by Harwoods Ltd, the haulage and taxi firm in Darwen,Lancashire for use as a taxi. They sold the car back to Crossleys in November 1940 and it was then used by Mr Whittaker, a bus salesman until about 1955.
It would be unlikely and uneconomic for the Company to have literally a€?bought backa€? all their production so this shows the practical aspect of this rumour.
Whilst used by Mr Whittaker, the car was registered in his name but when he left the Company in 1955, it was Crossley Motors who sold the car to The Prince of Wales Motor Company of Moss Side, Manchester. This firm was operated by Mr Small, one time employee of Crossley Motors who had travelled with the Prince of Walesa€™ overseas tours to service his fleet of Crossley cars.
The car later ended up with a Mr Foster of Newton Heath, Manchester who raised the height of the rear shackles to tow a trailer with competition motor bikes that he used in Isle of Man TT Races. By this time it was painted black and regrettably ended its days requiring some body repairs when the roof of the garage where it was stored collapsed on it. After the first twelve months or so, the Company was receiving more Military vehicle orders as well as commercial vehicle orders, mainly buses and space was at a premium at Gorton.
Orders for the Regis were not high in number and it was decided by the Board of Directors to work on a three monthly basis of building these cars.
Despite this, construction continued until well into 1937 after which it ceased completely.
During early 1936, all finishing work on vehicles was carried out at the Companya€™s Hyde Factory although few Regis cars were taken there since production was by then running at a low level. Engines were number MC1501 upwards for four cylinder 1122cc units and the six cylinder engines were numbered JM 1xx upwards denoting 1476cc units. Late in production, a larger six cylinder engine of 1640cc was introduced and these were numbers JMC 101 upwards.
All the engines were of the inlet over exhaust configuration.Bodies were built on wheeled bucks and only transferred to their chassis when the main frame and panelling was completed, mudguards and running boards then assembled during the finishing process. Flooring and trimming and wiring was done once the body and chassis were joined.A The body was usually built by a team of workers with coachbuilding skills to a high standard - as often stated in the Crossley Motors publicity and Trade Press descriptions. Registrations in the chassis list show a Regis registration in April 1937 which would fit into this time slot.
However, lack of accurate registration and sales information does not reveal an actual date at this stage and such statements are made with this in mind.
Michael Eyre, (Part Author of a€?Crossleya€?) points out that Sales Staff are not known for their definitive statements amd may well say whatever they need to say to make a sale or explain why a sale is not possible at a certain time. This car has been mentioned with its photograph in the Crossley Registera€™s Newsletter but no other information is available.A The late Michael Wylie, an automotive historian in Belfast has tried to find more information for me without success, before he passed away but, as he rightly said, Ireland has not a great liking for Crossley due to their use by the hated Black and Tans in the history of Ireland. So much so that the Crossley Tender features sinisterly in various songs and verse recording these events.
This car was owned by Crossley Motors and was Chassis Number 100019 which would date it as 1934 but the car was not registered until 1936, presumably for the Rally. Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 Gallery 4 Gallery 5 Chassis List Handbook Instruction Manual Specification.

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