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Be sure to check out our current giveaways: Doug Stowe's, "Building Small Cabinets" and Hendrik Varju's "Using Your Router and Router Table Safely". Someone told me that in issue 1 or 2 there was an idea to build a router jig for use with a lathe that had the router on a pivot coming down on top of the piece and arced down on top and slid down the bed way. Pap12 writes: I've already pre ordered this DVD, but it will sure make a great gift for a woodworking friend. Aethalops writes: If I win this, can I then bring myself to get rid of the back issues on my shelf? 3985 writes: Collecting articles on Improving your shop layout, making jiggs and fixtures are as interesting to me as having plans to make a furniture project. You'll get the classic articles, timeless projects, a wealth of how-to techniques, plus insight from our respected contributors and their secrets for success - all the expert advice you need to become an even better woodworker.
Our 2015 Collection includes the articles our readers said they couldn't have done without, such as "Fast Fixes for Joinery Mistakes" (#233) with tips from five pros that may save your work.
At Fine Woodworking we turn to the pros to see what they're working on now, and we help you recreate the results in your own shop. Garrett Hack's opinion on handplanes stands head and shoulders above all others - as you'll see in issue #195. Michael Fortune is that rare craftsman who is as comfortable with a sketchbook as he is with a power tool.
These are just some of the contributors to Fine Woodworking who join Tage Frid and Sam Maloof, two iconic figures of the past, as well as today's leading craftsmen, such as Marc Adams, head of the Marc Adams School of Woodworking (MASW). For a woodworker who's had the parts for up to three disassembled barns stacked on his property at any one time, it's no surprise that John Tetreault would tackle a workbench of this size and scope.
Follow along as Fine Woodworking's John Tetreault builds a hybrid Roubo workbench with a timber-frame soul.

Learn how to scale-up your joinery skills for some super-sized tenons in episode one of the Hybrid Roubo Workbench. Learn how to craft three distinct tenon styles: stopped tenons, wedged through tenons, and a beautiful dovetailed tenon that brings your workbench leg assemblies together with a tight-fitting wedge.
The workbench begins to take shape as the leg assemblies are glued together and the dovetailed mortise and tenon joinery is test-fit. Learn how to tackle a large-scale top with slow-setting glue, plenty of patience, and an army of clamps.
Learn how to use templates to rout perfect mortises as the hybrid Roubo workbench base is finaly joined to its maple bench top.
Learn the basics of bench vise installation, plus, how to construct your own vise handle, bench dogs, and a sliding deadman that's great for supporting long stock. John Tetreault uses handplanes to perform the final flattening of the Hybrid Roubo Workbench top before moving into his home shop. And with the 2015 Fine Woodworking Magazine Archive, that information is right at your fingertips - it's a breeze to search through, and you'll know that every technique and tip you find here is shop-tested and comes from a working pro, respected instructor, or seasoned craftsman. In #232, "Doors that Stay Flat" shows you how to avoid problems that give your doors a twist, and "All Finishes Have a Shelf Life" gives you tips on saving your finishes and saving your money. Visit his workshop and learn his favorite dovetail tricks and his tips for building a classic chest of drawers in issue #171. His Versatile Huntboard plan from issue #209 is a new classic, reinterpreting a favorite piece for modern tastes. In issue #199, you'll learn his secrets for cutting flawless curves with your bandsaw and so much more. His article "How to Soup Up Your Cross-cut Sled" in issue #219 is a classic, proving that the most valuable ideas are often the simplest.

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An avid collector, and user, of antique hand tools, Tetreault enjoys building with reclaimed lumber, wide boards, and oversized timbers.
In each amazingly easy-to-search format, you'll enjoy 40 years of content from our award-winning magazine. Find out what tools to avoid when you're fitting tenons in #231's "Best Way to Fit Tenons" and in case you were wondering what you should use, we have the answer in that issue's Tool Test of shoulder planes and rabbet block planes.
We've got it covered, with more than 40 years of trusted information and tasteful projects for every skill level. Plus, learn about Raffan's new DVD on bowl turning.A Visit to the Sharpening Doctorby Steve ScottTwo "patients" came to Fine Woodworking and contributing editor Gary Rogowski for help with one of woodworking's more common woes-sharpening. When not laying out the pages of Fine Woodworking as the magazine's associate art director, John enjoys painting, bronze sculpture, and raising his own chickens in a backyard coop. And then you can read the article on the computer, print it out, save it to your favorites, or find your copy of the magazine and read the hard copy. But now I am back working but at half the salary I was making, so magazines have to get in the priority que behind a lot of other necessities..
That's all 251 issues of Fine Woodworking, starting with Issue #1 and including all the issues from 2015.
With our handy Magazine Archive, you can enjoy finding those articles in a snap so you can get right back to doing the work you love.

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