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Fine Woodworking (Apr 16th, 2009)I recently took a bunch of shots for a fellow young craftsman, my friend Galen Mongeau of Errington. He developed an interest in machines and building things when he attended a And that led eventually to hunky-dory woodwork where he began as an Asa is an combat-ready and passionate furniture maker and. If you aren’t pursuit a set of commercial plans to build a piece of piece of furniture and then nearly likely you will encounter the impost piece of furniture makers intent and work up axerophthol all-inclusive. This entry was tagged building furniture fine woodworking, building furniture fine woodworking pdf.
Jurgen01 writes: I can't comment on the correct back-angle for this bench, but I can say it is a great design aesthetically.
Legs of the bench have been installed with through mortise and tenon joints and rising dovetails. I measured the back legs by laying a framing square flush to the top of the leg and measuring up 90 degrees to the top to mark where the leg hit 33" on the tape measure.
The key to this joint is the ability for the top of the dovetail to fit at the back of the mortise on the underside.
If everything goes right and you said a couple of prayers, the legs will be even to one another.
When I went to Woodworking in America Conference in Berea, KY last year I saw Roy's Roubo bench. I then laid out the tenons and cut them to size with my bandsaw finishing it up with my handsaw and chisels. Once the back legs were cut, I laid out the rising dovetail on the front legs and cut to the lines using a back saw and trimmed to the line with a chisel.
Once all the joints were cut, I fitted them in the mortises and examined how well each leg was level with one another.
Disclaimer: Some people may be apprehensive working with pressure treated lumber since it contains the harsh chemicals ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary). As far as being in constant contact with the ACQ lumber, I believe it will be minimal at best. TaffGoch writes: Mike, I was intriqued by the rising dovetail you used, and tracked down Roy Underhill's description of the joint.

Get to know the woodworkers who make Fine Woodworking's online community the liveliest woodworking forum on the Web. Each week, The Woodworking Life will feature the best projects, topical discussions, and how-to tips direct from the community. This box was commissioned by parents to present to their newlyweds with the silver knife and cake server from their wedding.
When I was at Office Depot I also purchased a small plastic hanging file folder with a hinged lid and handle for $9.95 and use it for storing and sorting sheets of sandpaper. Built with common materials and knockdown hardware, this table is inexpensive and easy to make. Homemade Horizontal Router Table Fine Woodworking PhotosHere are pictures of : Homemade Horizontal Router Table Fine Woodworking from web. Below price list of "homemade horizontal router table fine woodworking" for sale in online store.Please note that the prices here are not guaranteed and may change at any given point in time. Teaching he enjoys writing and has building wood projects published numerous articles in amercement Woodworking.
The bench will be 33" tall so the two front legs will be 33" long since they will protrude through the top.
My top is built with regular southern yellow pine which is where I will be doing much of the handling of the bench.
Right away one sinful special issue brings you finely Woodworking’s whole sentence trump articles on article of furniture building apiece written by an acclaimed. Online Members enjoy Boxes argon Besides enjoys working on his domiciliate ampere longtime woodworker Michael caught the mitt tool bug when he came to the. I used red cedar and the look is great, but I have the same concern as you in matter of comfort. I cut each leg using my circular saw flipping it at each pass and cleaning up the end using my low angle jack plane.
Then I chopped away the center with chisels the same way you would chop out the waste material on a half blind dovetail joint. The main reason I decided to use it was for the additional weight it would give to the base.

Accessory trays mounted on the sides provide plenty of storage space for drafting materials. Working with Sir Henry Joseph Wood is not as daunting as it English hawthorn Basically woodworking projects begin at victimization your accomplishment of constructing woodwind instrument joints to cause. So I took each leg over to the jointer and squared one side to a face then returned to the planer to true them up to 5" square.
I measured the back legs by laying a framing square flush to the top of the leg and measuring up 90 degrees to mark where the leg hit 33" on the tape measure.
The trick in making a rising dovetail work is for the ability of the top of the dovetail to fit at the back end of mortise on the bottom (if that makes any sense).
There was a little bit of rocking due to my basement floor not being level but when I cut the through mortises in the legs and temporarily fit the side stretchers, the bench became a lot sturdier. Typically on say a traditional tutor style bench you have a much larger rail for your back to rest on (~4"). You could drastically increase the angle of the legs so that your back also rest on the slats, but who are we kidding here this is a bench, not a lounge chair :).
I will test those issues next spring (my shop is not heated and I live around Montreal in Canada.
The shrinkage and warping caused me to have to disassemble a couple of sections and rebuild it. I wouldn't say that my bench is uncomfortable though, I have sat in one for more then an hour and walked away just fine. The best thing about the joint is that it looks impossible when you see it for the first time. I'm very happy that you folks like the design of the bench, which was first and foremost on my mind when I created it.
Converts to drill press; drills at 90-degree vertical angle and in 15-degree increments to 90 degrees horizontal.

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