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JD + D have considerable experience in producing planning drawings for all kinds of applications using 2D or 3D drawings as appropriate. Location plans  are required for all planning applications. They are usually purchased in mapping data format and cost between ?25-50.
3D Models can be used during the design process to test concepts of 3D massing, to communicate ideas to the planners and neighbours, and check for overshadowing. Note: For small extensions, only a partial building plan adjacent to the proposed extension is required, and only the elevations affected by the proposed building work. Click on the images below to preview sample floor plan drawings included in the file. Like Lisa, I also was not terribly thrilled with the assignment to create my own Doceri drawing. I got married last month, though, and found during wedding preparations a few times that I really needed to get hand-drawn information into a document that I could email or print, and Doceri was the perfect tool for the job. The first time was when our wedding venue asked us how we wanted the tables and chairs set up.

I was then able to email the image snapshot to the venue so they could see how we wanted things set up. When we sent out our invitations, we also wanted to include a map with directions to the site. Note: This tutorial is a living document and will be updated and edited based on user feedback and comments.
The mapping data can however be used to generate Site Layouts and the Block Plans that are needed to show the proximity of new development to existing buildings. What is permitted is very complicated, your best bet is to take some sketches and a location plan along to your local planning department, most planning departments have a Duty Planning Officer who should be able to tell you if you need planning permission or not. All of the drawings that others had created were very artistic, or at least demonstrated good handwriting, neither of which are strong suits for me. I discovered that it’s not only a great tool for teachers, Doceri can help anyone who needs to get their own handwriting into an image or presentation on their computer.

If something isn't clear, or you have questions, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll work on updating it to answer your questions.
This week, SP Controls’ technical support expert Bob Toleno answers the question: How Do You Doceri?
Plus, being in technical support, most of my communications happen via email or phone, so I couldn’t think of an obvious use case here at work. First, I opened up the map in a browser, then used Doceri to trace over the streets, added arrows showing where to make turns, and filled in the street names.

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