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Camping is a great way to spend some time in a fresh air and to enjoy the beauty of nature. All these activities allow you to spend some quality time outdoors and be physically active in nature, to have peace and quiet, away from city noises, stress and smog.
The first time you will go camping, you will probably find out that you did not brought a lot of things that you need for camping. Because of all these reasons, we present to you the camping stool plan by which you can – if you make it well – have universal wooden camping stool that will last for years.
Its construction is so simple that the basic hand tools such as hand saw, drill and layout tools are enough to make it. You could purchase quality camping stools, but the ones that will serve you for years are usually quite expensive, so by making this camping stool you will save a lot of money and its manufacture will give you pleasure.
Camping stool from our plan is designed for a person of average weight, so if you are heavier you should adjust the dimensions to your needs. For stool making, use wood free of any knots, because the stool will eventually break on that spot. You can use various types of wood for the manufacture, but it is best to use some hardwood.
When it comes to the finish, you can paint it with color or lacquer, but you can also leave it without a finish. All woodworking and metalworking plans are under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.

The measurements are given in millimeters, while the measurements given in inches are in brackets (1 inch = 25, 4 mm). This classic end table is a solid piece of furniture that will seem right at home wherever placed. Spending time in nature offers a good opportunity for some recreational activities like biking, hiking, bird watching or canoeing which we can not practice in urban areas, or at least they are not even closely so pleasant. You will become more experienced after few years, you will understand which things are necessary and which excessive and you will be equipped with the right camping gear.
This camping stool is very simple and sturdy and its main advantage is that it takes very small space after folding. Since this folding camping stool is also ideal for various purposes in the house and yard, we recommend that you make a couple of them, which will always be at your hand.
The width of the stool should be adjusted to provide an ample seating for a person using it. Of course, you can always sit on a fallen tree or a log around the camp fire, but when the rain falls and all around you become wet, the dry stool will be quite valuable thing for you. In a few words, this camping stool represent a comfortable, dry spot for sitting, and if necessary, it can serve as a work surface, writing table or as a mini table. The height of seating area should be at user`s knee level.  If you change its dimension, you can also easily make a camping table. We recommend you to choose some hard and durable hardwood or pressure treated wood, suitable for outdoor use.

Of course, we always put it in a dry place, where it is not exposed to the various weather conditions. Besides that, the anthills can often be found near the camps, and that could make sitting on the ground very unpleasant.  Because all of the things listed above, the folding stool is a very valuable part of camping gear. However, if you decide to use some less resistant wood, protect it with several coats of water-proof finish. It usually consists of equipment like tent, sleeping bags or blankets, folding table, kitchen utensils, camping stools or camping chairs, hammock and numerous small but important things.
If the right model of the camping folding stool is chosen, it can serve not only for sitting but also as a mini table, and for other various things. Protect it with a finish at least once a year, because your fishing stool will be often exposed to a moisture and damp. When the stool is not in use, clean it from the dirt, wipe off the moisture, dry it thoroughly and then place it in a dry place. With the right choice of the wood and proper finish you will get great and long lasting stool.

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