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03.10.2013 admin
Once inside, you can TURN OFF the switch against the apps that you don’t want to backup.
If your iPhone is filling up faster than you expected, there may be one simple trick that will free up a surprising amount of space. We spend plenty of time here on BGR offering tips and tricks for smartphone users in an effort to help them get the most out of their beloved phones. Now, we want to tell you about another simple trick that could have a surprising impact on your free storage.
If you use Safari a lot to browse the web, watch videos and more, you may have inadvertently clogged up your phone with a shocking amount of website data. As one Reddit user revealed, this simple trick cleared up an astounding 6GB of storage space on his phone.
The Nokia Lumia 625 a fantastic value 4.7-inch smartphone that is the largest budget Windows Phone 8 smartphone right now. However, all those photos and videos, as well as the music we’ve downloaded from Nokia MixRadio, as well as apps and games can take their toll on the internal storage of the Nokia Lumia 625. On the Details list you’ll also find Temporary Files – these are typically files that are no longer needed by the Windows Phone operating system. Devices TutorialsTop camera tips for taking the perfect photo on your Lumia this ChristmasDid you get a shiny new Lumia phone this Christmas? While the increasing superiority of smartphone cameras is great, they can be a double-edged sword.

While removing backups is definitely not a good option, you do have alternatives like iTunes backup which goes into your system instead of occupying space on your iCloud account.
This shows up the backup data for your iPhone (you might have to tap on the name of your device if you’ve got more than one associated with the iCloud account).
For instance, if you save your photos in Dropbox or elsewhere, you might want to TURN OFF the Camera app. As you visit websites, look at images and watch videos, Safari downloads those files into cache and they can really add up over time.
We love the big and bold touchscreen display and while the 5-Megapixel camera may not be state-of-the-art PureView it does a great job of capturing reliable images you can easily share with others. Normally these are removed automatically but you can force your Nokia Lumia to get rid of them and free up valuable space. In 2015, you don’t get much to play with storage, especially after calculating how much space the operating system and preloaded factory apps take up. Note that removing stuff from here will remove the same from all other iOS devices that are connected to this iCloud account.
The Overview gives you a quick heads-up of what is stored on your phone, while the Details option gives you a more detailed look of what’s on your phone.
Storage space on your devices ends up paying the price for this luxury, filling up quickly due to the high-quality images and their grotesquely large size. Since getting it a few months ago, I’ve taken a little over 500 photos, which, according to iOS, equates to 5GB of space.

Luckily, there are a handful of ways to store your photos without taking up that precious space.The best and surefire way is to plug your iPhone or iPad into your laptop, and directly copy the “DCIM” or “Photos” folder onto your machine.
This way you get to keep your constantly growing arsenal of photos in their maximum resolution somewhere where storage space generally isn’t an issue.Alternatively, if you don’t mind your photos taking a quality hit, you can download Google Photos and upload them all to the cloud from there.
For instance, I use Apple’s Podcasts application quite a bit and discovered it’s stored almost 2GB of data without me realizing it. The app also saves all your EXIF data so that the original date, time, location, and other information remains intact.Image Optimizer is free to download from Google Play. Wrap UpAs just a quick mention, another thing to look into is deleting applications that you haven’t used in a few months.
Even simply transferring some of those applications to another device would free up some space without you having to get rid of it entirely. In most cases, just following one or two of the steps should free up enough space to return your device to optimal performance while leaving some extra room for a few additional apps.What are some methods you use to boost your device’s storage capacity? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or by starting a new thread in our community forum.

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