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If you need to organize and de-clutter your home or office, consider a storage system that combines shelves and baskets.
Provide some extra baskets to store items on top of a dresser or on a built-in closet shelf.  Looking for a great gift for family, friends, neighbors, newlyweds, college kids, singles, or older people?
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The Shaker's culture continues to interest people across the world and especially the scholars who have contributed to Expressions of Innocence and Eloquence. White storage bench seat with drawer features three classic wicker baskets that are perfect for storing everything from shoes to hats. This entry was posted in Bench and tagged in Tags: 3-basket bench with drawers, white rattan three drawer bench, wicker seat bench, antique white cushioned bench, reviews on white aspen 3-basket storage bench, three seat and basket storage bench, white furniture with wicker baskets, wicker basket storage bench with drawers. We offer drawers in two different depths front to back, three widths and three depths top to bottom.
We offer seven hardware finishes, seven melamine finishes and 16 specialty drawer hardware styles for our closet and pantry systems.
Closets: Slide Out Belt Rack, Slide Out Tie Rack, Slide Out Valet Pole, Tilt Out Laundry Hamper, Handle and Knob Upgrades, Slide on Shelf Dividers, Hosiery Drawer Dividers, Slanted Shoe Shelves, Drawer Divider, Velvet Jewlry Tray, Slide Out Baskets, Custom Doors, Custom Islands, Custom Benches and Crown Molding. Pantries: Slide Out Spice Racks, Slide Out Rattan Baskets, Beech Drawers Wine Racks, Stemware Holders, Tray Dividers and Crown Molding. Laundry Rooms: Slide Out Baskets with optional Canvas Liner, Touch up fold Out Ironing Board, and Crown Molding.
Chestnut Walk-In Closet Features include: slanted shoe shelving, double hanging, tilt-out laundry hamper with drawer, regular shelving, standard drawer unit, slide out chrome baskets, short hanging, adjustable shoe shelving, wrap around top shelf, and crown molding. White Walk-In Closet Features include: shelving with slide out chrome baskets, double hanging, tall hanging, double hutch drawer unit, tilt-out laundry hamper with drawer, shoe shelving and wrap around top shelf. Cherry Walk-In Closet with Island Features include: center island, shoe shelving, tilt-out laundry hamper with drawer, short hanging, tall hanging, double hutch drawer unit, double hanging, and regular shelving. White Walk-In Closet with Sloped Ceiling Features include: tilt-out laundry hamper with drawer,standard drawer unit, tall hanging, double hanging, shoe shelving with slide out white basket and standard shelving. Candlelight Walk-In Closet Features include: tilt-out laundry hamper with drawer, slanted shoe shelving, tall hanging, double hutch drawer unit, wrap around top shelf, and crown molding. Light Maple Reach-In Closet Features include: tall hanging, regular shelving, standard draw unit with shoe shelving, tilt-out laundry hamper with drawer, and double hanging. Light Maple Reach-In Closet with Hutching Features include: double hanging, hutch drawer unit, and short hanging with shelving above.
White Reach-In Pantry Features include: tray dividers, wine rack, stemware holders, beech drawers, slide out rattan basket, and regular shelving. White Walk-In Pantry Features include: regular shelving, slide out white baskets, slide out drawers, and corner shelving.

Feeling more grown up by the day, my daughter insisted in using less color than in her previous room themes, and have the decor be grounded in black and white. This hand me down armoire had an unfinished pine exterior that had darkened over the years. We continued this organization effort by drilling a hole in the back of the armoire, making it a perfect landing pad for anything electronic.
I created a mini gallery wall in an attempt to make Chloe’s room a “Positive Vibes Only” space.
This gold and faux marble c-shaped table is perfect for doing homework while sitting in bed. We were lucky enough to find many pieces of furniture that brought out these gold accents as well. I partnered with HomeGoods for this post and received the purchased products in exchange for my work. Simply using storage shelves, baskets and basket benches allows you to de-clutter and organize any space by tucking items neatly out of sight. Baskets on shelves could contain toys, clothing, closet stuff, bath accessories, personal items and office supplies. Storage shelves, baskets and basket benches are just perfect for everybody on your gift-giving list. Before purchasing shelving with baskets, look over your room, consider your wall space, and think about the needs of your family. Each contributor to Expressions of Innocence and Eloquence has extensive knowledge of the subject matter, from antique shaker furniture to Pennsylvania portraits of American folk art.
The artifacts created, such as antique shaker baskets, represent a community in an earlier and simpler time throughout American history.
The spacious drawers will conveniently store odds and ends while its ivory-textured fabric is perfect for entryway seating. Whether you have a large walk-in or smaller reach-in, I will transform your closet into one of the most talked about spaces in your home! Todd Alder Construction is proud to offer the highest quality melamine closet systems available, complete with a wide range of high end options and accessories. We can only achieve that goal by providing you with beautiful., functional, high quality closets that enhance your home! We can design hanging, floor mounted, hutch, bench or island drawer units to suit your storage needs!
After 14 years of “pastel flower power” plastered all over her room, it was time for my daughter Chloe to get a room that she helped design and spoke to her. We removed the door, painted her semi-gloss white and added plum colored agate stone knobs from HomeGoods.

We then filled it with any and every black and white storage box we could find in the organization and office aisle at HomeGoods so that all her stuff would be well organized and out of sight. The gold polka dotted organizer is an ideal place for student IDs, cell phones, chargers, wallets and everything else under the sun. Additionally, we applied a chevron metallic gold decal just below the ceiling line to draw one’s eyes up. And just next to it, tucked nicely in a corner, is a black and white accent chair that provides additional seating when my daughter has friends over.  We purchased a plush throw blanket and sequined gold accent pillow for the chair, making it extra inviting. I just love how this gold framed mirror reflects the other golden accents on the other side of the room. Drawing from a collector's point of view, the selections featured in the book and on the web site explore rituals, daily customs and historical contexts of rare antiques.
It’s not unusual that I get calls to design a nursery and then get called back years later to redo the room in a more sophisticated theme. It all matches perfectly with the gold glitter art, organization tray, ring holder and stackable mini boxes, all purchased from HomeGoods.
A black and white polka dot Kate Spade bedding set, turquoise sheets, and brand new pillows from HomeGoods perfectly dress up the bed.
If you’re storing documents and other stuff that you need to frequently check, then having shelves inside your rental unit is most ideal. Instead of stooping down and lifting boxes to get your needed items, you can store heavier boxes near waist level. Our contributors have a genuine interest in historical heritages and pass the information on to enthusiasts who value collecting.
Expressions of Innocence and Eloquence features essays on antique shaker furniture, such as Jean M.
Explore Quaker traditions through our analysis of antique shaker baskets or learn more about the history of cultures surrounding New England, New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia.
Robert Shaw also analyzes the significance of boxes and basket arrangements from this era and others alike.
Let the beauty of these antiques enthrall and inspire your inner sense of knowledge and appreciation for historical items.

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