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You don’t have to have a vintage home to enjoy the charm and appeal of old-fashioned carriage style garage doors. Our carriage style garage doors come from such trusted names as Wayne Dalton, and can be customized with your choice of colors, window shapes, panel designs, trim pieces, and hardware to create the perfect look for your home. Frosted panels also create a unique visual appeal that distinguish them from other panels and beautifully accentuate a large variety of color schemes and architectural styles.
Additionally, most different panel sizes are available in the frosted “obscured” style,  making it a great choice for a variety of applications including front doors, entryway doors and driveway gates.
Unfortunately, there are many homeowners who do not realize the importance of buying a new garage door. With the help of modern garage doors for your homes, you can slash off a noticeable amount in your utility bills. If you have plans of selling your homes in the future, indicating that you have new garage doors in the description of your property can increase its value. Compared to old models, modern garage doors are strongly built with special mechanisms that can withstand different types of weather including strong winds. Unlike old garage doors, modern doors can be disconnected from the opener and can be opened even if the electricity is out.
Door Doctor Inc.As a garage door company Door Doctor was founded in 1988 in the Greater Toronto area. When choosing a garage door we have found that a personal appointment to go through all of the doors available is always the best way to approach a major renovation project like a new garage door. 2-car garage doors are 16? wide x 7? high or 18? wide x 7? high and 1-car garage doors are generally 9? wide x 7? high.
On the left you see a bright red door without windows and on the right you see a wood door with windows. No matter how large or small your garage door is Greeley Garage Doors can handle the job quickly and efficiently. Garage Door Tracks MattersJanuary 14, 2011 by admincarriage garage doors, garage door companies, garage door repair toronto, garage doors, residential garage door0 CommentBefore going into full blown garage door repair Toronto homeowners can first troubleshoot a garage door jam by themselves.
Unlike the carriage garage doors that open outward, overhead door slides on a track system to operate.
Tightening the screws and tapping the skewed parts into place with a hammer will usually resolve this. In choosing from the many kinds of garage door track options, you have to consider the material used on your garage door. Just find the type of garage door track that you are certain to be compatible with your existing door, unless you are also springing for a new garage door along with the tracks. To install your new tracks, you can seek the help of a garage door contractor or do it yourself. The garage door is made from overhead zinc coated torsion spring with a cast mechanism alloy cable drum with vertical tracks allowing the door to travel. A single canopy door mechanism which is contained within the door frame with no horizontal tracks protruding into the garage space when open.
Anti-drop device to prevent the door from crashing down in the event of a spring or cable failure.
Product specification may change and it is advisable to consult with HAG technical advisors before specifying or ordering.
A quick tips on how to determine the perfect garage door sizes, I am very sure this tips will help you a lot!

Before you can make an order, measure the door opening so you can be certain to get something that fits perfectly.
When building your garage, it is important that you keep in mind the kind of vehicles you expect to buy.
Ziegler Spanish garage doors are simply designed to compliment the cleanliness of old Spanish and California mission architecture. Our doors are unique one of a kind custom wood garage doors, designed to create the charm of yesteryear. This traditional type of door pairs nicely with a wide variety of modern architectural styles, from rustic bungalows to expansive estates. Let us help you choose your new carriage style garage door, install it, and service it regularly for years of superior performance. Old ModelsAugust 23, 2012 by admingarage door installation, garage doors, new garage doors barrie0 CommentIf you take a look at the residential garage doors that are being sold today, they may look similar to the old ones but they are very different in terms of mechanisms and features. This just basically means that the money you used to purchase the fixture will be returned once the house is sold.
One of the main points of entries of strong winds in the house is the garage so having a sturdy new garage door will keep your belongings inside safe during the storm. If you install the parts correctly and maintain them well, they can reach the usage period that is indicated by the manufacturers. This is an important feature because you do not want to be locked inside when a power outage occurs. We have all the information and pictures you will need whether it is to match what you already have or go a different and unique design. When deciding with or without windows think about the design of your house, weather conditions, and budget. More often than not, the problem is caused by the tracks and not by the more expensive garage door opener.
You can stick to the material of your old tracks or pick one that you deem is more durable. The main goal is to have both tracks properly aligned and attached securely to their brackets.
Dont forget to watch the video on how to maintain garage door and how to install garage door from start to finish. New houses were designed to have garages which were big enough to house more cars and also to accommodate big and heavy vehicles. The standard garage door sizes are available, but it usually depends on the area you live in.
Like for instance, if you bought a garage door a few years back do not conclude that the same will work for the house you are currently building. Whether the backdrop is a Spanish Villa or a Mexican Hacienda you will find that the beauty of the wood makes the biggest impression.
Each door is authentically detailed & hand crafted to replicate "old world" architecture. At Carroll Garage Doors, we offer a variety of solid wood or steel garage doors that look just like old-fashioned swing-open carriage style doors, but function like a roll-up garage door.
If you want the sleek look of glass panels, without the high visibility, Frosted Glass Garage Doors are the right choice for you. According to professionals getting a new garage door with the latest features can actually save homeowners more money in the long run.

If your garage door is sluggish to open or if you hear unusual noises while it is opening it, you can start by releasing its electric opener feature. Since the garage door tracks are used to correct any sloping on the ceiling or floors, check also its mounting brackets for any defects. Some metal tracks are made to accommodate only metal garage doors, but others are able to serve any kind of material like wood, plastic, or fiberglass. Lastly, conduct routine checks to help you spot potential misalignments in advance and correct them. This is why the garage door sizes also had to be increased to enhance the movement of the vehicles in and out.
This is because the sizes of garage doors keep on changing as a result of the creation of new cars and vehicles of different sizes.
It is commonly 12 ft height and 12 ft width for RV vehicles like fifth wheels, travel trailers and many others of the same category. If you know that you will buy a motor home in the next four years, build a garage and also have garage door sizes which will work efficiently with your vehicles. This allows you to get the look you want without sacrificing precious driveway space to accommodate a swing-open door style. The doors can prevent the exchange of hot and cold air, keeping the interiors warm for an extended period of time without having to full blast your heaters.
Our professional garage door installers at Greeley Garage Doors can make your home have that new street appeal once more. The door can be painted at a later time to match any paint theme for the house or neighborhood. Here in Colorado insulated doors can keep the garage warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
You can then try to open the door manually, and if the door opens and closes smoothly, the opener may be the culprit. You can remedy this problem by checking them for any loose screws or any skewing portions, dents, bends, and any sign of damage. When you see some broken parts or heavily rusted ones you may need to replace the tracks to ensure your safety.
So to avoid such surprises which may see to it that you incur extra costs, it is essential that you check what is in the market before you buy. Greeley Garage Doors will give you a free estimate and discuss the entire job with you at your convenience. However, if you have a problem with the manual opening and closing, you may have to look into the tracks. Professional builders may advice you on the door size which is common in the market, but if you want something unique there is always an option of custom made doors. It is very important that you learn about the type you want because the different types require different sizes for them to be properly put in place.
If you know that you only need two cars, there will not be a need to build a very big garage door space. The common garage door sizes available today may include double car door, single car door and also golf cart door among many others.

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