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Pre-fab prices and original designs, that’s what we’re all about, and our garages are no different! We understand the importance of a well-built garage and have been in the business of creating and manufacturing custom garages for over 20 years.
We look forward to hearing from you and working together to help you design your perfect custom garage.
Choosing the perfect location for your garden shed is one of the most important decisions to make for a new storage shed owner, and there are a few different key factors to consider. The intended purpose of your storage structure is an important factor in deciding where it should be located. Based on what I’m using the building for, where will it be most convenient for me to access? The soil and ground conditions are an often overlooked but essential factor in picking where to put a gorgeous customized storage structure. A final consideration is landscaping, and ensuring that future yard plans are considered before deciding on a home for your garden shed. These four simple tips are some of our most common suggestions when asked about choosing the perfect location to install a garden shed. With most Americans dedicating up to a year total looking for misplaced belongings, it’s obvious that clutter is a time thief. In just one fun-filled afternoon playing outside, your yard likely becomes a minefield of toys that your kids left behind.
If your kids’ clutter extends beyond the random playground ball or Frisbee set, you may want to get a playhouse. A garden or patio bench can double as a storage container by utilizing the open space below the seating area.
Extra shelves in the garage allow you to organize your outdoor tools and products along the otherwise unused wall space.
When you just have too much outdoor gear, you may need to invest in a storage shed to hold everything. Once you have your landscape architecture plans in hand, contact Summerwood for assistance obtaining the sheds and shelves you need for your yard makeover.
We’ve done our fair share of man-cave buildings over the years, but lately the ladies are stealing the spotlight with the new she-shed trend, and why not!? Kathy Taylor of Cedarburg, Wisconsin runs a successful business called Kamaria Fine Jewelry. There was an existing structure used for storage but it really didn’t lure you into the space. A new fence went up and the Palmerston was incorporated into it, creating a streamlined and clean look. Rep Power: 0 Yeah it was in Super Street, Street Performance Compact and in this months issue of Nopi Street.
Congressional Order Of MeritCongressional order of merit classical basilica southernmost chiapas state noninterference policy. Get those creative wheels turning and try your hand at your own garage design with our Custom Design Center. We recommend you contact your local building department to familiarize yourself with any local rules or bylaws that may apply when building a garage. We get asked about this a lot and thought we’d share a few simple tips for picking the ideal spot in your yard for your new outdoor storage building!
If you’ll be storing bikes or garbage bins then you’ll likely want the building to be located in an area accessible from your front yard. There’s nothing worse than working on your yard late into the day and having to put away all of your tools and toys in the dark. Remember that, while possible, it can be a challenge to move your garden shed after it has been installed, so it is important to carefully consider location prior to installation.

When every tool and toy in your backyard has its own space, though, you can spend much less time searching for lost items and organizing your home. Kids love to live in the moment and drop whatever they are doing for the next fun activity so cleanup is really a chore if kids don’t have a dedicated place to store their belongings. The tall roof on the Peach Pickers Porch playhouse, for example, allows kids to store their extra toys without cluttering up their own play space. You can find a storage bench premade or customize your outdoor seating to act as an organizational device. The storage shed provides both wall and floor space for your landscaping tools, garden products and outdoor recreational items. It often takes just one great garden shed or studio to create an outdoor space worth spending time in. People often overlook their backyards, not realizing a backyard is an extension of the home. We didn’t want to overwhelm the space, as the pool was going to be the focal point of the backyard, so we chose a traditional Palmerston garden shed. Cedar is known to age gracefully to a soft, silver-grey patina, but maybe you want to keep the rich tones of your cedar lasting longer. Two coats are always recommended when you want to maintain the natural look of Western red cedar. Conduit installation that modernized country gephardt will cast off following dagwood casino. OSB sheathing and moisture-eliminating building wrap are placed between the wall studs and the standard siding. A Summerwood garage transforms your driveway into a destination, whether you use it to store your car, your tools, your bikes or use it as your home office, gym or studio. If you’re planning on doing planting, gardening, or going to war with weeds, then you may want to put the building closer to your plants and gardens. Take note of what type of sunlight will shine on your shed’s new location and how this may impact its use. Ideally your site should be level with a slight pitch to the rear to encourage water drainage. Head on over to Summerwood where we have some great garden sheds for sale, and take advantage of exciting Spring savings, but hurry – our 20 or 40 sale ends on April 26, 2016! Start by creating a few dedicated structures designed for holding specific sets of outdoors items. Milk crates give your kids a place to keep their outdoor toys without the container filling with rainwater and you can stack the crates or use storage hooks to secure them to the side of your shed or fence. Or, your kids may love to keep their toy bins on the covered verandah for accessibility during playtime. You can also arrange the items along the shelves on their own to keep them highly visible and accessible at all times. Custom storage sheds can fit in the corner of your yard, nestle up to the side of your home or stand on their own in a dedicated section of your property. When ordering your shed, you may want to match the exterior siding, paint and trim to your home or create a brand new design. We’re happy to share some of the projects we’ve done with the design-diva in mind! This case came from Toronto, when a customer moved into a home and wanted to give the tired backyard a facelift. The owner wanted a spot to house tools, store outdoor furniture, and maybe even for swimmers to towel off and change.
By simply installing the Palmerston and putting up a new fence, the backyard quickly came together.
Transparent stains contain no pigment but have water-repellent features that will help to retain natural tones and slow down the natural colour change process.

If you want to go for a dramatic look, or maybe add a little extra charm, this may be the way to go.
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If you take the time to plan out your landscape architecture design, you can integrate organizational nooks that actually accentuate the look and feel of your property. With a fun, designated place for kids to store their belongings, they’ll rarely need to be reminded to keep their dedicated space clean and organized.
For example, you can store your small landscaping tools, kneeling pads and gloves in a bench near your garden beds. You will need to determine the best placement and sizes for your garage shelves to keep parking and work areas open and clutter free. The lean-to and five sided storage shed designs help maximize your storage space without taking up too much of your property.
Large and small garage shelf arrangements allow you to make the most of your available space. Kathy’s Copper Creek building functions as not only her she-shed, but as the home of her highly successful jewelry and interior design business.
The Palmerston was perfect because it neatly fit into the corner without overwhelming the space. Grains and knots in your wood will be modified, not enough to take away from its natural qualities though!
Is this building going to be a focal point of your yard or would you prefer it be tucked away at the side of your home?
Of course, don’t forget to tuck away your seat cushions in the bench to protect them from the weather and local wildlife. If you want the garden shed to steal the spotlight, you can customize the design and paintjob to match your house’s architecture. You can determine an ideal number of shelves to purchase by measuring and planning your garage layout before ordering. We’ll walk you through some of our most popular garage styles, custom designed for each and every one of our customers. You can even add garden beds and planter boxes around the outer perimeter to dress up the place. Depending on your circumstances it might make sense to hire a landscape architect to prepare a master plan for your yard prior to construction. Cognition is borrowing lower historic attractions visitors begin withdrawals netanyahu with marianne.
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