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He had already figured out the two spots he was going to attach the pulley hooks to and had measured to be sure it would work. I’m really excited to have the bike up off the ground, but yet accessible, so that I can get it down to ride it.
I can say that Dave was impressed with the quality of the product and was very pleased that the bike leveled itself out.
The goal in this garage was to organize and sort without spending any money on more organizing items. The single bike stands are about $20 and you can find them at The Container Store and Target. For the skateboards I ended up finding a plastic milk crate that ended up being empty and we put the 2 skateboards in that. Make sure if you have pet food stored in the garage that it is in a rodent proof container. Would you like to organize this?  This is the 2nd wave of a full garage I had to work on for someone. Once you have sorted through what you want to keep, what you want to donate and what needs to be just thrown away…then you can decide how you are going to organize it. Until you know how much you have it is difficult to plan your attack on how to organize it. I'm a Professional Organizer, Mom and Step Mom to eight, and a Senior Content Manager for Collective Bias. Utilizing a patented design and all-steel components, the Monkey Bars system is designed to last and hold a lot of storage in a little amount of space. Simply leave a comment on this post (provide your email if I don’t have a way to contact you). Extra Entry – mention this giveaway in a blog post, Facebook link, tweet or pin an image from this post, then leave a comment letting me know.
Monkey Bars is also giving all Simplified Bee readers 15% off their products from now until February 6, 2013.
It’s easy to get buried in a large task like organizing the garage and it’s something most of my clients dread. These images posted under: How to Install Black and Decker Cabinets – Installing Garage Cabinets. This entry was posted on Sunday, May 19th, 2013 at 9:03 amand is filed under How to Install Black and Decker Cabinets – Installing Garage Cabinets. Country style living room furniture design is always identical with old and vintage accent either design or model.
Recessed lighting living room is a kind of ceiling lighting ideas which offer such of beautiful light effect for your living room. Choosing the best table sets for narrow dining room may not be as easy as when you try choosing dining room table set for spacious room.
Black and Decker cabinets are furniture that offers storage for your household equipments and tools. Garage organization plans will guide you to create and organize your garage to make room for more storage. Garage organization plans will give you tips and rules on how to organize your garage better. Make a sketch or draw a floor plan to give you a visualization of what will fit in there and where you can place it. Garage organization plans proved giving you smart tips that will make your garage looks organized.
Well, if you’ve got a swinging door, a pair of swinging doors like we have in this shed, is you have a nice, large, flat surface, perfect for hanging things like collapsible sawhorses, ladders, wheelbarrows. So, in this case, I’m just going to use a couple of utility hooks, metal hooks, you can get at any hardware store or home center.
Apparently, seeing all of the shelving go up is inspiring Tami, because she’s adding her own spin to the design. After a little discussion and drawing to iron out some of the details on the shelf unit, Allen gets to work building it. Meanwhile, Tami is busy touching up the paint on the cut ends of the shelves we’ve already completed. Scrubbing the floor with the TSP solution will make the floor stain we’re about to apply work a lot better. So we can hang the extension ladder off the new shelf, Steve and I add some blocking to the underside so that we can screw in some of those big coated hooks. Jodi Marks: You know, I love hanging out in the paint department, and I love seeing all the new products, and I love putting paint on my walls. You can see it comes in a wide variety of colors, so you’re bound to find something that you like.
Danny Lipford: Our project this week is helping homeowners Steve and Tami not only organize the chaos in their garage, but customize it for their shared passion of competing in triathlons.
The stain that Allen and Steve are putting down will not only improve the looks of the garage floor, but because it seals the porous surface of the concrete, it’ll keep down the dust and make it a lot easier to keep clean. After we have some of our adhesive in place for the carpet, we carefully roll the first edge in place. Speaking of corners, Steve and Allen are about to paint us into one, so we have to finish getting this carpet glued down and get out of the way so that they can finish with the stain, which turns out to be almost a perfect match with the color of our carpet.
Now, while the stain and carpet adhesive are drying, it’s time for Steve and Tami to figure out what goes back in and where.

Once we start filling the shelves, the pile outside starts to get smaller, and soon we’re fine tuning it.
You need to start out with 100-grit sandpaper, and just sand all of the gloss off the wood surface, wipe it down, follow that with a good quality primer. Six-inch drywall knife, probably take a couple of coats with a little sanding in between to create that nice, smooth surface. Steve and Tami Williamson’s garage had become a victim of their active lifestyle, rather than an asset. So, Steve, with the new garage will it inspire you to maybe get this thing ready for that cross-country trip? You can follow comments to this article by subscribing to the RSS news feed with your favorite feed reader. Sign up for Danny's Monthly Newsletter and stay up to date on tips and tricks for the home. What is really nice is that Dave positioned it so it is right over the bed of our pick up truck. I think garages tend to get very messy in the winter time at least in the cold weather states because it is too darn cold to stay out there and clean them!! You also won’t be embarrassed when your garage door is open and the neighbors can see in.
It keeps them from rolling around on the garage floor or someone accidentally falling on them.
These owners have the large trashcans that the company provides and didn’t need their old ones, so we put them to good use. It makes it really easy to pitch those fast food bags and empty drink cup that are in your car. With the number of bikes that had to fit and having to have room for the cars, these 2 bikes had to kind of jut out into the garage. They will be will be giving away a $500 Home Depot gift card to be used to help the lucky winner become more organized in their lives. To be eligible, entrants must submit a photo of their well-organized space with the hashtag #ESSandsimplifiedbee, like Extra Space on Facebook and follow Extra Space on Twitter. After the deadline, Extra Space Storage will select one winner out of all eligible entries in its sole and exclusive discretion.
Extra Space Storage reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, modify or prematurely conclude the contest for any reason. Typically the best way to keep your garage organized and clean is to get items off the floor.
They seem to have a solution for most everything including bikes, golf bags, skis, folding chairs, camping gear and gardening tools. The winner will be chosen by and will be announced on the Simplified Bee Facebook page on Thursday, January 31, 2013.
All image in this gallery hopefully can give you an ideas to improve your home become more beautiful especially on interior design. Country style certainly looks like cottage or old summer villa interior decor styles whatever the furniture kind is.
Tuscany dining room is categorized as the high class of dining room designed with the brown color, chocolate color and even gold accents. That is why many it is important to choose the right bathroom floor according to the bathroom. It commonly designed in mini size and applied in high amount in the same place to get great illumination. Narrow dining room table doesn’t mean bad.  Narrow dining table can be used for large or small dining room. You have too many stuff in the garage that make your garage looks more like a messy storage room than a garage.
Their two-year-old daughter, Cadence, and nine-month-old son, Classic, keep Steve and Tami on their toes.
Now that we know what we’re up against, we can lay out a plan to relocate some stuff within the garage, like the bikes hanging overhead. And then, we can kind of scratch our head on how we’re going to organize this menagerie.
But what I was amazed at is, look how much space is right here, I didn’t expect that. The new shelf unit hangs between two of the existing supports for a nice, clean installation. You know the coated type of hooks, they’re just about endless, the different types you can get. Meanwhile, Allen and Tami are relocating those pulley-operated hoists for the bikes they use a lot less frequently.
But when people talk to me about doing their painting projects, I always say take that extra step and put high gloss on your trim, because that’s really going to make the colors on your wall stand out. Now that we have everything off the floor, we’re ready to make the floor look a lot better.
And I always tell everybody the cereal bowl, whether it takes the form of a cup or whatever, whatever you got.
And after the primer’s dried sufficiently, then would be the time, if you had the sheet paneling, to eliminate all those little grooves by using drywall joint compound. Then, two more coats of a very good quality wall paint, and you’ve brought your paneling and your home right into this century.

But with a lot of hard work, a little bit of planning, and a few inexpensive materials, we made a very positive change. Speaking of bikes, they’re now all conveniently stored up, off the floor, either from the ceiling or the wall. But, you guys have been great the last couple of days, and hope we have satisfied everything you wanted here.
In addition to posting comments on articles and videos, you can also send your comments and questions to us on our contact page or at (800) 946-4420. So what happens, things get taken out of the cars and dumped, shovels are out, rock salt out, things just left on shelves and not put away. If you have just too much to handle in one day, then work on one side of your garage at a time. To enter submit a photo of your organized space using #ESSandsimplifiedbee, then like Extra Space on Facebook and follow Extra Space on Twitter. Using the walls and ceiling space to create additional storage options is key and the Monkey Bars garage organization system can help you do it. Sold for $99.99, this wall mounted bike rack is the best way to store bicycles and can be installed in just 15 minutes. Garage storage cabinet ideas & Organization plans and all other images, photo or designs in this blog are copyright of their respective owners. DIY is effective to save several of your money and even you don’t need to rent a worker or specialist to do it.
If you have children at home you can consider having locking cabinets to store combustible stuff or unsafe equipments like paint, pesticides, fertilizers, etc. Build some shelves for some small stuff, and relocate some big items like the boat, elsewhere.
This one by two we’re nailing along the back wall will be the support cleat for our shelving. At the beginning of day two, we start by showing Steve some of the accessories we’ve picked up to continue customizing their garage.
But I can see the ladders can be taken care of with that and maybe the stroller or something like that. It’s got the Gel-Flow technology, and this is perfect because it eliminates drips and runs.
And whether you have real wood paneling, like this, or sheet paneling, the process to brighten it up is pretty much the same. Visualize what you want in your garage your garage to look like, and you can make it happen.
They offer a versatile shelf-rack system that allows home owners to customize storage solutions based on their needs. We collect from various website and blog to use as home decoration and inspiration for home interior designs. But I was wondering about the positioning of the two bikes that you use the most, as to whether or not it would really work right here. Allen is also cutting some large triangles from the shelf material that will attach to one by twos to form our braces. And it eliminates the brushstrokes that you would typically get in an oil-based high-gloss trim paint. However, handing over your precious collections, heirloom furniture and cherished books to just any storage company can be a costly mistake. Plus, Steve also serves as the chief mechanic for Team Williamson, so he has plenty of wrench time with their bikes. And now, you can very easily… I positioned those hooks to be the perfect place to hang this ladder. And Tami and I are going to put down some carpet and see if we can make the entry way look a little better.
That’s why I was thrilled to learn about Extra Space Storage and how they pride themselves at being the best in four different areas – customer service, cleanliness, convenience and security. Once everything is put on its place, you can put your car inside along with the other stuff, which is now can be seen, easy to reach, and usable. With 1,000+ facilities and 25+ years in the business, their mission is clear – to make the self storage experience as convenient and hassle-free as possible. The folks at Extra Space take the business of storing people’s belongings, keepsakes and memories very seriously. Which is why their facilities implement the highest security technology, perimeter fencing and the majority have a manager that lives on site. Put items in appropriate storage bin or box (label each) – 30 minutes (break up into multiple tasks if over 30 minutes)8. They even have climate controlled units available for those family photos, antiques and artwork you want to preserve.
Install cabinets (hire professional if needed) – 30 minutes (break up into multiple tasks if over 30 minutes)9. Install shelves (hire professional if needed) – 30 minutes (break up into multiple tasks if over 30 minutes)10.

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