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Videos: If you are having any difficulties with your new garage door part, we provide you with additional assistance including step by step installation and repair videos. When we first thought of creating this site, we were thinking of people like you and us who take pure joy and pride in doing DIY repairs. Determining the right type of garage door roller for your garage door tracks can be a little confusing, especially when you do not know what you need to look for in a garage door roller.
The materials of a garage door roller can influence how long the roller lasts, how resistant it is against high-moisture environments, how quiet the garage door will be, and how heavy of a door the roller can lift.
Clopay model doors have a sticker at the top left end of each section that has information on door weight and size.
Next priority would be to determine if your garage door is in a high-moisture environment or not. At this point, you really are deciding between how quiet you want your garage door to be, how much money you want to spend, and how long the rollers will last you. Finally, understanding the cycle life of a garage door roller is essential as well to picking a garage door roller that's right for you. Essentially that means that a single roller can support 150lbs and will last for 50,000 cycles on a track for a 12 ft.
To summarize, the pros of steel rollers are that they lasts longer than nylon, they handle higher loads, and they tend to be a little bit cheaper than nylon rollers. If you have any questions or trouble, feel free to contact us by email or call us at (877) 436-9446. Contact the following companies for residential and industrial garage doors, openers and repairs in your local area. November 5, 2013 by The Advance Team 3 Comments Even those with lots of experience in car repairs can be fooled by the meaning of engine sounds.
While you always have the option of taking your vehicle to a mechanic for a diagnostics test, you can often get a good idea of what’s troubling your engine by listening to it.
Whirring: Could mean a bad water pump, power steering pump or alternator, or low power steering fluid level. Hissing: Could mean a problem with the cooling system, exhaust, catalytic converter or vacuum line.
Popping: Could be an issue with the ignition wires, air filter, distributor cap, ignition module or engine compression.
Again, don’t turn your back on car engine noise, and hope that it’ll just go away on its own.
I found a Great way to find My noises, is to use a very inexpensive, but extremely handy tool: The Mechanics Stethoscope.
No Seasoned Mechanic or Do-It-Yourselfer should be without a Mechanics Stethoscope draped around their neck, toolbox, or workbench. On an 06 ford expedition with a 5.4, how do you change the spark plugs, comfortably, without breaking one? We commonly see doors come off the tracks, broken cables, broken torsion springs, burnt out garage door openers, dented and broken rollers and more. My wife and I bought our house a little more than a year ago, and recently our garage door began giving us problems. He inspected the door and made some good recommendations on items that should be repaired and a couple that were not that urgent.
Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Last month's article dealt with the principles of DC electricity and how your car's battery functions.
Inside the generator is a spinning central shaft which is supported in bearings at each end.
When the generator armature first begins to spin, there is a weak residual magnetic field in the iron pole shoes. Direct current from the battery is fed through into the rotor's field coil by using brushes rubbing against slip-rings.
In actual operation, the voltage regulator senses the battery voltage and overall demand on the car's electrical system. And when we finally decided to do it, we made sure we are able to provide you with everything you need to know about garage door parts and we think this diagram is a good way to start. Pictured below is an array of a few of the various shapes and kinds of garage door rollers.
Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, and knowing your own priorities, necessities, and expectations on your garage door can help you pick a part that will best serve you.
Your first priority, in any case, would be to determine a garage door roller that can handle the weight of your garage door without breaking quickly. Rollers made with stainless steel or zinc plating are made that way because they are resilient against rust.
Nylon rollers are much quieter than steel rollers, but they also do not last as long and are a little more expensive than steel rollers. To make matters more confusing, sometimes minor or innocent-sounding sounds may signal a severe problem–while a loud, menacing thud might be fixed with a $20 part. But, if these sounds occur when you apply the brakes, it likely indicates worn brake pads or rotors. Advance Auto Parts carries a wide variety of quality auto parts to help keep your ride running right.

It’ll work just like the stethoscope and transmit the sound from where it comes from to your ear. But when you have a busted springs or your door comes of the track, it’s important that you be able to at least tell Capital City Garage Doors what you think might be the problem. We love being able to provide same day service to get our customers garage doors working like new. Rather than use magnets - which are heavy and expensive - many turns of wire are wound around the pole shoes. Loops of wire (armature windings) are wound on a special laminated holder called the ARMATURE. These segments are electrically insulated from the armature - and each other - but each is soldered to one of the armature windings. Mechanically, the installation is straightforward but electrically, things are more complex.
One end of the field coil is fastened to the insulated brush, while the other end is attached to the grounded brush.
When charging is needed, the regulator applies battery voltage to the stator's brushes and this creates the electrical field for charging. Viewing our custom diagram will help you to identify the parts you need using the various images we’ve labeled for you. No sales pitches, no up-sells, just the most trusted products reviewed to save you time and money.
First are the actual dimensions of the roller, and second is purpose that you will be using the door for.
The safest way to replace your garage door roller is to look at the material that your garage door rollers are currently made out of. Under normal circumstances, they are used in places like car washes and other high-moisture environments.
Additionally, the number of balls in the bearing for the roller can influence strongly how loud your garage door will be. A single roller does not support the entire weight of the door, so this should not be alarming. Nylon rollers have the advantage of lightness and quietness, but they tend to break a bit faster than steel rollers.
Plus, disregarding engine sounds could threaten your safety–and result in a breakdown at the worst possible moment. If you look the diagram above, the most common problems with a garage door are with the rollers (#5), garage door opener (#7), and the torsion springs (#16).
When I called Capital City Garage Doors, which had installed the door 15 or so years ago, Loren (the owner) came right out, even though it was Super Bowl Sunday.
I had him service the door, replace plastic rollers that were going on 18 years and also install new weather stripping on the bottom of the door. If a current-carrying coil of wire is placed around a bar of steel, the bar will become magnetized.
The armature is turned by placing a pulley on one end of the shaft and driving it with a V-belt from the engine's crankshaft, as seen in the figure. It is the commutator which distributes electricity to the armature in an on-off manner, creating a magnetic field around the armature.
Some of this voltage is impressed on the field windings through the generator regulator (commonly called the VOLTAGE REGULATOR, explained in the next article).
Alternators have the advantage of producing far more current at low speeds than generators, thus allowing more and more accessories in the car. As the pole fields pass through the stator, current is electromagnetically produced (as in the generator) but since the rotor is composed of alternating North and South poles the current produced flows in opposite direction every 180-degrees of rotation. By clicking on your specific part, we offer our detailed product reviews and recommendations. You can read below about measuring your roller and choosing the right quality of material for your door. In addition to the diameter of the roller, you need to know the full length of the stem itself as well. However, if you are considering upgrading your rollers, you will need to know the weight your garage door. If you don't find it, you can find out your door weight by following our tutorial on How to Weigh a Garage Door on our tutorials page. If you do not have a high-moisture environment, there is not an expressed need for a stainless steel or zinc plated roller, but if you've had a rust problem in the past, it's probably wise that you get rollers that are resilient against rust. The more ball-bearings inside the garage door roller there are, the quieter and smoother the garage door will run. So if we take that into context that means that using this particular roller on a door with ten rollers on it, the rollers could lift a 1500lb door that is 12 ft.
As for the stems, if you need rust resistance, get zinc plated or stainless steel, otherwise just regular steel will suffice. After that time all cars switched to alternators and the reasons for the change will become clear. This impressed voltage builds up a stronger winding current, increasing the strength of the magnetic field. The polarity of the shoes at that time depended on the direction of current flow in the field coil windings.

In an alternator, the "field" windings are placed around the spinning central shaft rather than on "shoes" as in the generator. All of this occurs many times per minute, with the system turning on and off repeatedly to keep everything at optimum operating efficiency.
We provide you with sound advice when it comes to choosing which brand name to trust since there are probably hundreds of manufacturers of hardware parts. You can get that measurement by measuring the full length of the stem up to where the roller is on the stem. Usually, the weight of the door itself is on a sticker somewhere on the garage door itself. If you would rather not weigh your garage door, look at the material that your garage door rollers are made of and use the same kind of material. Additionally, rollers with more ball-bearings in them tend to last a little longer than ones with less ball-bearings, but they are more expensive than rollers with less ball-bearings.
The number of ball-bearings can greatly influence the price, but as you add more ball-bearings, the roller lasts longer and runs quieter. Trying to find the noise within a rapidly spinning bunch of pulleys and belts can be an eeny-meeney-miney-mo exercise in frustration, and you certainly don’t want to just go swapping out parts til you find the right culprit. It’s also a bit of Fun to poke around your engine with a stethoscope and listen to the various sounds it makes.
By placing a soft iron core within the coil, the magnetic force lines are concentrated and strengthened.
These brushes are held in spring-loaded brackets and that pressure holds them against the commutator. If - during testing and rebuilding - current is caused to flow in the opposite direction, the pole shoes will change polarity.
Two iron pole pieces - cast with "fingers" - are slid on the shaft, covering the field winding so that the fingers are interspaced. In effect, the alternator produces three times the current of a generator for the same effort on the engine's part. We give you a shortlist of things to consider when shopping for garage door parts and a whole new garage door.
The picture to the left shows what you need to measure exactly in order to get the properly sized garage door roller for your garage door. Finally, although all of these materials are important to take into context the number of cycles and the weight ratings that are provided for each roller can determine whether your roller will last ten years or ten weeks.
It may help you to be a better diagnostician, and maybe have the need to use a Steth less often, as you learn the different Normal sounds an engine makes. As there is less electrical resistance (remember resistance?) in the iron than in the surrounding air, the force lines will follow the core. This, in turn, builds more current in the field windings, with a resultant higher armature voltage. If the generator is then run in the car, the reversed polarity will cause current to flow in the wrong direction, damaging the regulator and discharging the battery when the car is left overnight.
The fingers on one pole piece form the North poles and the fingers on the other form the South poles. Diodes have a peculiar ability to allow current to flow readily in one direction only, stopping the flow if the direction reverses.
We also give you our honest opinion as to whether you should make the decision to perform the repairs on your own or hire an expert.
This voltage could, of course, continue to increase indefinitely, but it is limited (by regulation) to a pre-set peak.
Multiple diodes are arranged in alternators so that current will flow from the alternator to the battery (in one direction only, creating DC) but not from the battery to the alternator.
We also have a page dedicated solely to comparing garage door prices and a complete list of garage door parts. Now, after determining the weight of your garage door as explained above, you can compare the weight of your garage door to the weight and rating of the individual rollers.
This is done by holding one end of a wire on the "battery" terminal of the regulator and scratching the other end against the generator's output terminal (for externally-grounded generators).
Surrounding the rotor are a series of windings around laminated iron rings, attached to the alternator's case. If your rollers are too weak to lift the door, the roller will break much more quickly than under normal circumstances, so be careful to pick something that can support the weight of your garage door.
For internally-grounded generators the proper way to polarize is to disconnect the "field" lead from the regulator and scratch it on the "battery" terminal on the regulator. You will likely not need to worry about that measurement unless you have a much older door. Once you know this measurement, you can see what size products below you can purchase from us.

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