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Well, today is officially the final day of our “30 Days to an Organized Home” series, and I know that with all the different ideas and inspiration, some of you may be dying to get started (or may have already started)!  I know I’m dying to get some more organization done around our home… starting with the bathrooms and garage!
When it comes to paying bills or sending out a birthday card, the worst thing in the world is having to hunt down that little tiny strip of stamps that we never use except on these rare occasions.  But, since stamps do play a vital role in our lives still, I thought I would share my simple wait to get mailing done efficiently. Mobile work stations may be a foreign concept to some, and an absolutely necessity to others.  If you don’t have the space for a dedication work station, are a mom on the go, or run a home-based business where you’re always on the go… a mobile work station may be the solution for you! After seeing the inside the only thought that occurred to me was how badly I’d want to get out of such a small cramped bland space. BobboMax Fankhauser { The RockRipper isn't for pros- if you can't rip with a tape, you're a semi-pro at best.

Jered { If you are going to stain raw wood, then you should condition the wood, then use the stain of your choice.
Piet Hein Eek built this variation as a recording studio for his friend and musician Hans Liberg.
But unless your stage name involved the wood as part of it… Chuck Wood, Woody Woodson, et al This makes no sense. It’s not very clear from the picture, but the cabin is on wheels, has a hitch, and can be towed.
Currently located in Hilversum, Netherlands, the log cabin houses a modern recording studio in its surprisingly bright interior.

You can glimpse a bit of this in the picture below, where the top-hinged windows are opened.

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