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Any serious DIYer should have their own workbench, so why not use your DIY skills and make your very own. Our block is rectangular shaped and our house design had the master bedroom, the main entrance and the garage on the same front line.
In our design this store room was considered a garage storage area where we could throw tools, bikes, cartons and other stuff to keep the garage neat and tidy. It turned out the room looked pretty nice once I finished laying the tiles (and I am not a tiler). In this article I’d like to share with you how I custom made and installed the shelves. On the below photo you can see all data cables arrive in this room so they can be connected to a high-speed switch.
We also have wi-fi hot spot for friends and guests that visit us with their laptop as well as for our small wireless devices. The gap between shelves was approx 350mm to cater for high books like comics and document storage boxes.
I used a Ryobi mitre saw to make U cuts in the timbers that serve as vertical support to the shelves at the front.
Tip: If you plan to do things yourself in the house such as installing shelves, blinds, curtains, photo frames and the like I would strongly recommend taking a lot of photos of your frames and studs before the dry walls are put on.

I also installed all the blinds myself and I could rely on the photos to find out where the studs were above the doors. Also, how large is the area, it looks like you’ve managed to get heaps of extra storage now !! Some of the products shown on the website may not be available from your local Mitre 10 Store.
Plants are sourced from local regions and availability and varieties may vary from store to store. Freephone 0800 4 MITRE 10 (0800 4 648 7310) to be automatically connected to your nearest Mitre 10 Store. Thanks for your quote request, somebody from the store will process it and get back to you as soon as they can. Thanks for your special order request, somebody from the store will process it and get back to you as soon as they can. If you are looking to add a little style and colour to your garage, with a little effort a coat of paint can turn your practical concrete floors into something a little more stylish and exciting. Concrete that has oil stains or marks on it may require an acid etch to allow paint to key to the surface. Painting your house will not only improve its looks, it will also protect it from the elements. It was also meant to be the technical room to house a switch for our home LAN (computer wired network).

We also happen to have a fairly big collection of books, comics, VHS, DVD, CDs that we wanted to keep. Our computers and game consoles share a broadband router via a wired network for maximum speed and security.
Even with a stud finder these photos helped a lot in locating quickly and more confidently the studs behind the dry walls.
You will gain a lot of time when you want to know where the studs, live wires and gas pipes are. With this new space I was able to store equivalent of 15 full cartons used for moving house. This is also a fantastic solution if your garage is stained with oil, grease, rust or marks left over from your DIY explorations.
As you can see on the floor plan access to the store room is through a sliding door that seals the room from dust. As we decided to have minimum furniture inside the house we thought we would put shelves in the store room for the books.

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