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Our clients based in Tring were downsizing from a larger property but wished to continue to work from home. Mr Brace needed to get back to work quickly and looked at several companies before deciding to work with us at Green Studios because we could deliver everything required.  Near the top of the list was IT accessibility as lots of connectivity was required, in particular to be connected to the house. Living in a green belt area the Brace’s options were restricted by planning permission i.e. In particular low maintenance Aluminum framed windows were a top priority as was the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. This visually stunning self contained unit has resulted in increased productivity and a better quality of life for our clients. Since we finished the installation Mr Brace has also fitted his own alarm, data and telecoms cabling and has hooked up a web-enabled infra-red security camera to the studio allowing him to log anywhere in the world and still see his garden office.
Join our online community, get inspiration for your garden room and build your dream space. Green Studios designed and installed a beautiful Garden Office garden room based at their home location in Devon.
The project to build an external professional studio did not require planning permission as the outdoor home office was located with a minimum 2m gap away from the garden boundaries and the (rear) eaves height was kept down to 2.49m, by virtue of a shallow 6 degree roof pitch. OfficePOD is a prefabricated garden office space that is designed to be self contained and modular – allowing it to be easily installed in ones garden with minimal disruption. Homeowners that have swapped the capital city for somewhere further afield will typically find that they have more room to grow. Meeting clients in coffee houses and rented office spaces can create a dent in your income. Many homeowners opt to have their home offices in a more natural space and don’t look any further than their own back garden. If bills and expenses are a concern, most home workers will find that they can claim a percentage of their bills and rent against their taxes. Making the leap into home working, whether you’re moving away from London or not, doesn't have to be daunting. Their prefab garden studio provides the divide between work and home life – our client uses the room purely for business, but values the practicalities of working from home. Because of the size of the room and situation, the garden studio required planning permission which we successfully organised. In readiness for the installation of the prefab garden studio, the rear garden fence was replaced and a new gate installed. This is a customised garden office and includes a recessed entrance door which creates a larger than normal 1m over-hang to the roof canopy acting as a sheltered entrance.
If you are considering a prefab garden studio of your own or need more inspiration, take a look at garden room extensions.

Striking a balance between work and your home life is a key yet difficult thing when you work from home, as you obviously want to keep the two things distinct. Installing a garden office away from the main body of your house is the innovative and modern way to keep your two worlds separate, while still enjoying all the benefits of working from home. A garden office from Central Garden Buildings is an affordable and attractive space solution for smaller homes. All of our garden office designs are spacious, modern and comfortable, to ensure that they provide the ideal working environment. Don’t worry about the UK’s wayward weather; all of our garden offices can be insulated, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.
For more information about our fantastic garden offices or for your free quote, call our garden building specialists in Birmingham today on 0121 356 8827.
A garden room was the answer and an external office would mean fewer interruptions reinforcing it as a separate workplace. In addition to this the garden office studio can easily be converted later to enjoy during their retirement.
Join our quest for exciting news and trends from the world of workspace design, innovation, technology and the startup ecosystem. Email us about your office space, something cool you’ve seen, or any office-related topic you think is of interest! Moving away from London might mean leaving a job behind or it could mean taking one with you.
Developing an office at home that is suitable for meetings can minimise the need to wine and dine elsewhere. A garden office is the perfect way to bring work closer to home but still feel as if you are ‘commuting’ somewhere different, even if it is just a short walk down the garden path.
Those that want to keep bills to a minimum should think about the energy efficiency of their home office and find ways that they can save money in the short and long term.
Ensuring that you have a natural, efficient space that can be separated from your home life will make the process smooth and simple. To find out how you could benefit from a garden office, get in touch online or call them on 0800 917 7726.
The garden is due to be landscaped and will include raised vegetable beds and a cherry blossom tree. Moving from a managed office, our client wanted to keep the ‘feel’ of an office and chose the full length garden facing windows rather than patio doors. This allowed access to the garden from the rear, enabling our clients’ work colleagues to visit and use the office without having to enter the garden through the house. Insulation was also upgraded to fully (Building Regulations) Part L compliant standard for a new-build dwelling house.

Working from home is an increasingly popular option, as more and more professionals have discovered that it is a great way to cut out the commute, reduce stress levels and spend more time with family. If there’s no room left inside your home for your office, why not make the most of the space outside?
If you have particular preferences, we can modify your garden office to suit your lifestyle. Be in harmony with the environment and watch the seasons change from the window of your very own garden office from Central Garden Buildings!
Interactive 3D drawings (used with their existing software) helped with the planning and decision stages and we were able to provide everything requested whilst echoing our client’s views on sustainability. The partition walls that created the utility room area were formed with a double layer of Fermacell and medium density rockwool for additional sound insulation. Inside the OfficePOD provides a cleanly designed and comfortable workspace, key features include the innovative storage space which is unique in that it creates a stylish yet space saving solution. Taking the plunge from the commuter lifestyle to working from home might seem daunting but with the right attitude and right working environment it can be a much smoother transition. If you’re sharing a computer with the children or a desk with the dining table it’s impossible to keep business and pleasure divided. Separating your office from the house means that clients don’t need to trip over a hallway full of shoes or spot last night’s leftovers, they can head straight to work and straight to business. An outdoor office that has been developed with energy efficiency in mind can help reduce heating and electricity bills and even offer something in return with the addition of solar panels. In the meantime, the garden is enjoyed by the family dog, and pet rabbits which can be a nice distraction for our client when he wants a break from business! The opening door however, still gives the feel of outside and included additional decking leading to the garden and alley-way entrance behind the building.
Floor-mounted socket boxes were also added to deliver power and telecoms services directly to the underneath of our client’s desk, which is located in the middle of the room. Creating a unique space dedicated to your work can ensure that you have a door to shut at the end of the day and away from the distractions of home life.
They provide a break in the monotony of working in a concrete office and give respite to tired eyes and cloudy minds.

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