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And then there are the planting possibilities you can explore with sheds and other outbuildings. Sheds can also provide a perfect place for showcasing potted purchases while you’re trying to find a permanent home for them in your garden.
Dressing up an existing outbuilding is one issue; planning a brand new structure is a whole other adventure. If you’re new to the Garden Bloggers’ Design Workshop, here’s how it works: Write a post on anything related to sheds and outbuildings in the garden on your own blog and leave a link here (already-archived posts count too), or jot down your thoughts in a comment below.
That’s something I desperately need but can’t afford to do anything with just yet!
Oh, sure, most of them start out looking rather boring, but they don’t have to stay that way. Surround them with a border, create a pretty path leading to them, and dress them up with vines, trellises, and window boxes.

At the end of the month, I’ll gather all of the links into one summary post for easy reference. It’s great to see you here again, and I look forward to seeing your post this month (or whenever you can get to it). And no worries about missing a few workshops; we appreciate everyone who participates whenever they can, whether it’s by reading or posting (or both)! Think of all the fun you can have with a few cans of paint, for instance, playing with different color effects. In the firm belief that every garden ought to have a pretentious-sounding (or at least pretentious-looking) name, she refers to her home grounds as "Hayefield." There, she experiments with a wide variety of plants and planting styles, from cottage gardens and color-based borders to managed meadows, naturalistic plantings, and veggies--all under the watchful eyes of her two pet alpacas, Daniel and Duncan.
But strangely enough I was getting glass changed in mine as you posted this – I do love my new potting shed.
Or perhaps I’m just projecting a childhood wish for a permanent playhouse onto my existing outdoor structures.

The boss took a leaf of Golden Spirit smokebush into the paint store to get a color match for the trim paint. Anyone who wants to write a post relating to the topic, or who has written about it previously, can leave a link on the kick-off post during the month. This is lovely because it is right next to the old chicken house so I get to admire the roses at least twice a day. If you don’t feel comfortable painting the whole structure some gaudy color, then you can at least play around with the trim. On the last day of the month, I do a wrap-up post to collect all the links that have been submitted, so it’s easy for everyone who is interested in the topic to find them.

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