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Ideal for the eco-minded shedworker with a penchant for water, Harry Dwyer and Charlie Waller of Aircraft Workshop have created what they claim is the world's first houseboat made entirely of recycled cardboard.
The aim is to make use of otherwise wasted cardboard found in and around the site of their workshop, transforming it into a fully seafaring vessel, capable of sleeping two. Wednesday posts are sponsored by The Stable Company®, the UK's premier supplier of garden offices and garden rooms. We've reported on various motorised sheds over the years, but Kevin Nicks from Chipping Norton claims his is the fastest, an upcycled VW Passat which can do nearly 90mph thanks to its V6 engine. New Zealand winery Cloudy Bay will be back at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show again this year with this Sam Ovens-designed garden. And this is what last year's Gold-winning Cloudy Bay garden with garden office looked like, below. Continuing our look at this year's shedworkingish elements at the 2016 Chelsea Flower Show, The Harrods Eccentric British Garden is designed by Diarmuid Gavin, no stranger to shedworking designs who readers will remember from his 2007 design. Enviromate is a platform which allows you to buy and sell surplus building materials and has recently seen an influx of DIY enthusiasts who have discovered supplies they can buy for cut-down ‘trade' prices as well as making cash selling surplus materials from their own projects. It's Chiropractic Awareness Week and this year’s campaign focuses on shedworking, flexible working, and the impact that working remotely can have on back health.
Work was cited as a trigger of back or neck pain by nearly a fifth of sufferers, but despite this, more than a quarter of workers admit to taking no proactive measures to protect their back while at work, whether at home or in an office. The survey revealed that sitting in the same position for long periods of time was the most common cause of back or neck pain in the workplace, with over two fifths of workers who have suffered from back or neck pain citing this as a contributing factor. The BCA has developed a series of simple exercises to improve posture and help prevent back pain on its site here.
Here's another top shedworking trend for 2010: using your garden office as a positive selling tool for your business.
A nice example of fitting a garden office into a tight space, a Smart Duo in Reading from Smart Garden Offices (who have recently updated their branding) with some slight modifications to the roofline.
Dr George Grant is pastor of East Parish Presbyterian Church, Tennessee, president of the King's Meadow Study Center, founder of Franklin Classical School, and chancellor of New College Franklin. Booths Garden Studios will be launching the My Generation (MG) range in June and the video above talks us through the design concept (it's aimed at anybody who needs extra facilities such as lavatories, showers and kitchens). The fine folk at Plankbridge are very excited as they have tracked down some historic 1905 blueprints of huts made by local firm Lott and Warne - which they describe as "like finding the holy grail of the shepherds hut world" including all the materials, measurements and methods of making their huts.
Pictured above is a recent restoration project undertaken by Plankbridge built as a Devon salmon fishing hut built on a gypsy wagon or gun carriage chassis. Designed by architects Scott Brownrigg , the new London offices of Google have a distinctive shedlike interior feel, deliberately designed using beach hut facades (and associated seaside elements such as dodgem cars and wallpaper with seaside images). Tarka the Otter's success in winning the Hawthornden Prize provided Henry Williamson with enough money (£100) to buy his own writing hut in 1928 at Ox's Cross in Devon, close to his family house at Georgeham. Pictured below outside Williamson's hut are schoolchildren from Georgeham Primary School in Devon on a field trip.
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The interior of the Lance Armstrong Foundation's new HQ in a warehouse in East Austin has a very definite shedworkingesque feel to it.
You can watch how the the fine folk at Oazis Garden Studios turn what they call "a pallet of precision cut components" which weighs over two tonnes into an Oazis garden office at one of their new show sites which are opening in February in Tunbridge Wells and Knockholt near Sevenoaks. Pictured above is an early concept sketch for an Oazis garden office designed by Veljko Linta.

Tuesday posts are sponsored by The Home Office Company, manufacturers of unique garden rooms since 1998. There's a lovely gallery of garden office and potting shed ideas at Better Homes and Garden including this marvellous two storey shedworking atmosphere. Floodwaters moved a shed across the road in Glamorganvale, near Ipswich, Australia, according to an ABC report by Brett Williamson.
George, a reader of Shedworking from Western Australia, has sent in details of a garden office he built for his eldest son who runs his electronic repair business inside it. The annual Shed of the Year extravaganza is now on the horizon and Uncle Wilco has all the details over at Shed Blog. If you haven't shared your shed to enter the competition, nip along now and upload a photo now (if you're already up there, add a couple more) for a chance to win £1,000 of Cuprinol products.
Another one for the 'Interior shedworking' folder, here is the Smog motion graphics studio in Santiago, Chile, designed by Sebastian Bravo on the top floor of a building which was once textile workshops.
Pinterest calls itself a "social catalog service" or virtual pinboard — essentially, it's a marvellous collection of images under a huge range of headings.
Here's a rather impressive eDEN Garden Room which is acoustically insulated so that it holds the sound in the room and doesn't disturb the neighbours (apparently the client likes playing loud music in his spare time). The beauty of a garden office is that you can mix business with pleasure (or in this recent example from Roomworks, keeping fit). An eco-shack built from scratch out of recycled material with an allotment on the roof was today crowned Britaina€™s top shed.Joel Bird, 39, in Tottenham, north London, used recycled materials to construct his Allotment Roof Shed - and grows an array of vegetables on top. He grows potatoes, courgettes, leeks, beetroot, onions, carrots, garlic, asparagus, tomatoes, rhubarb and strawberries on top of his shed. Tribal touches: Small mementos from trips away and Moroccan tapestry cushions decorate this back garden retreat.
Owned by Mark Appleton, 52, The Appleton Arms shed was winner of the pub category.The 52-year-old built the shed in Merseyside as a tribute to his late father and brother. Perfect for summer: The Appleton Arms shed boasts tables and an outdoor heater to allow family and friends to enjoy the quaint pub in the warmer months This houses a day bed, stereo, small mementos from trips away and Moroccan tapestry cushions.
Rustic: Inside there is a sitting area with circular table, gas hob, hand wash basin and shelves for crockery. Under threat: Mr Melville-Smith has been told to remove his shed as it does not have planning permission.
Traditional pub: Patrick Lynch filled his pub-shed 'Charlie Browns' with collectable items rescued from the skip. According to the Morning Advertiser, it will be a 4.6% ABV American Pale Ale made with Cascade and Citra hops which will be produced in Sweden and imported into the UK. Theywill be showcasing the logic-defying boat for the first time at Grand Designs Live on April 30. The boat, currently being assembled in London's historic docklands will contain two bunks, an electric motor, kitchen and all the amenities one would expect to find in a houseboat, in cardboard. Using only surplus materials like double-glazed windows, timber and plasterboard that would have otherwise gone into landfill, he set about building a fantastic home office in his garden, all for just £150. The campaign is a result of consumer research conducted by the British Chiropractic Association who say that a fifth of people working remotely on a computer do so from the sofa, and more than one in ten admit working from their bed. An easy way to ensure that you get away from your desk is to set a loud alarm in another room.
Even proud shedworkers are sometimes a little careful about telling clients exactly where they work. Contacted by a young couple in Weybridge who had their own ideas as to what their new garden office should look like, he got to work drawing up a plan of what they had in mine and - here's the really intelligent bit - gave them a copy of Shedworking: The Alternative Workplace Revolution book to tempt them with potential ideas. The new design removed all signs of life in the earth and replaced it with monoculture grass and a plain box ( with no eaves!).

He is also a shedworker and has a very pleasant collection of photos of his garden office on his Eleventary blog. Plankbridge is now working on their first, authentic copy of a Lott and Warne hut for a holiday site in Hampshire. Read more about this on their restoration page where there are many more wonderful examples.
The 40,000 sq ft office also features sheddish meeting rooms and individual video conference booths. The hut - known as The Field - is now a museum and contains a selection of her personal effects, clothes and indeed his writing desk.
They are planning more show sites around the UK and you can also catch up with them at their stand at The National Homebuilding & Renovating Show at the NEC Birmingham at the end of March.
Roger Gale runs his Amicus bookshop in Western Canada, specialising in antiquarian travel books and ephemera, from a 240 square foot refurbished garage in which he has installed floor-to-ceiling shelving and artifacts. Local resident Mike Skerry explains how the local Fire Service's equipment shed (and its concrete slab base) was shifted to the other side of the main road.
It's well worth a browse, for instance if you're interested in photos of sheds, shacks, huts, garden offices or microarchitecture in general.
The lights are powered by a solar panel, I use a wood burner to heat it - and then there is the allotment roof.
He built the grotto out of recycled woodIt is a fully mobile shed that travels the country to play at music festivals and contained DJ decks, lights, a smoke machine, giant rooftop visuals, disco ball and a record sleeve lined roof.Luke a€?Syda€™ Hollingworth, of Malmesbury, Wiltshire won the workshop category for his Stencil Shed to house his art work. If you're in the area on April 28, tiny house expert Bill Rockhill (pictured) will talk about his tiny house building experience. As well as all the interior facilities, Harry and Charlie will include everything required for a fully functional boating experience such as fenders, rubbing strips, funnels, wheelhouse, portholes and even an anchor. Not Judith Morgan, who describes herself as a "wealth coach, prosperity mentor, business consultant, accountant and property investor" - one of her new offerings for 2010 are her Shed Sessions in the brand new garden office she moved into late last year (pictured above). The hut provides a major focus for the annual autumn meeting of the Henry Williamson Society as it did for Williamson himself who wrote his A Chronicle of Ancient Sunlight series of novels inside it. The whole building is clad in tropical hardwood IPE and among the features are an electric roof vent to help with extra ventilation on warmer days, and state of the art electric underfloor heating.
Off cuts of limestone blocks from building site rubbish piles, old window frames from the local tip shop and or demolitions yards.
The small back wall is from limestone blocks left over from other jobs or again ex demolition. It features a smiley face optical illusion, a cider bar, as well as a full sized gorilla that guards the entrance. These are one-to-one coaching sessions which take place specifically in her garden office where she offers to help "a very small number of clients who want really dramatic financial results in their businesses, property or wealth creation goals". The local rubbish tips, like many tips around the world today, have tip shops where you are able to buy building materials, old furniture and the like, that people where going to throw out. Some of the wood from the frame is from a neighbours demolished pergola and the rest is plantation timber pine.
A Shed Session day runs from 10am to 4pm and includes lunch on Judith who offers the first one on a 100% guarantee basis so that if you don’t find it useful, she'll refund your money. The great thing ( and sometimes bad too) thing about gardens is that they keep on growing no matter what.
All the walls and roof have a layer of reflective sarking under the outer panelling which also helps keep the heat out.

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