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Everyone loves a garden shed whether it’s for storing your gardening tools in or simply for taking some time out with a good book. Before buying a shed there are quite a few different things to consider.  What do you plan to store in your shed, do you want a flat roof or apex roof and perhaps the most important decision of all is the size of the shed.
You may just want a bike shed, a potting shed of something as simple as a small garden storage box for storing your garden tools. Rest assured whatever sort of shed you are looking to buy, we’ll have them on our website. It might be more interesting and satisfying to design and build your own shed that is your own creation.

Mass produced sheds can be cheap, but a shed you buy is usually pretty plain-looking, with no outstanding features and made on the cheap.
If life is too full of stress, a shed can be the hiding place you go to get away from everything and enjoy your hobbies or crafts. If it is designed and built by you, it can have hooks, shelves, or whatever you want built right in. Wooden shed drawings can be set up in various shapes or sizes to accommodate all you can put in there. It will end up being more like a clubhouse to you especially if you add in some furniture and maybe a TV or radio to listen to.

Rather than buying a shed from someone who is selling one, it might be more interesting and satisfying to design and build your own shed that is your own creation. It can be better built with higher quality materials which will not only make it look nicer but will also help it to last longer as well. You will feel more special about one that you built yourself than one you bought, and it can have special features you need built right in to meet your needs.

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