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Good Looking Gardens can help you with a whole range of projects from simple lawn care to garden design and light construction work (fencing, pagodas etc.) No project too big or too small. A friendly, reliable attitude means you can be rest assured that we will always take your needs and concerns into consideration.
We have years of experience and are qualified in a wide range of estate management  requirements including tree maintenance, plant and flower knowledge and patios. George’s “Pennsylvania Month-by-Month Gardening” helps you know when to do what in the landscape.
This entry was written on January 6th, 2012 by George and filed under Edibles, Favorite Past Garden Columns. Like a lot of gardeners in the North (and South and everywhere else, it seems), my garden has been under constant attack from rabbits this year.
I bought these boxes on steep discount when a local hardware store went out of business a few years ago, and since then, I’ve been using them to grow annuals.
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Some are ornamental climbers, such as purple-blooming hyacinth beans and white moonflowers, while others are edible, such as cucumbers, grapes, peas and pole beans.

All except for a few nursery-bought marigolds are direct-seeded annuals such as cosmos, zinnias and annual dahlias. This also maximizes production and keeps a steady supply of fresh produce on the table all season. The classic favorite is a Pennsylvania German four-square design, which features a central circle or block with paths splitting the remaining space into four separate corner gardens. Define the garden with permanent features such as stone paths between the beds, walls or fencing around the perimeter and maybe a vine-covered arbor at the entrance.
Instead of plain wooden tomato stakes and utilitarian vine netting, switch to more ornamental trellises or build attractive bamboo teepees. I’m working on some fencing, but in the meantime, I decided to plant lettuce in these window boxes, which are on my back deck.
We don’t need vast rectangles, long single rows and 4-foot-wide paths since we don’t have to worry about driving tractors through it all. But unlike Point, Greenbaum consciously shoots for a garden that looks as good as it tastes.
For instance, I’ll plant spinach and lettuce on May 1 in a block about 4 to 5 feet across, using about 5 or 6 feet of a 40-foot row.
Or consider a wagon-wheel pattern, a series of triangles or any design that strikes your fancy.

The rabbits are huge, but not big enough to get up the deck steps, and consequently, the lettuce looks great. I bought a six-pack of romaine lettuce starts and used a mix of commercial potting soil and compost for the growing medium.
On May 15, I’ll repeat that in a space farther down the row and on June 1 again elsewhere in the garden. Just keep the planting beds about 4 to 5 feet wide so you can reach in without stepping on the soil. A cluster of spiky onions, for instance, might look good flanked by trios of red lettuce and back-dropped by taller pepper plants.
We have had plenty of rain since I put them in, so with just a little supplemental watering they have grown really well.

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