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View full sizeCourtesy of Nir PearlsonTheir new home, designed by architect Nir Pearlson, and built by Six Degrees Construction, is a jewel, with exposed structural wood, natural wood trim, and earthen plaster walls.
Challenge: Design a sustainable hybrid timber-frame Mini Home that combines cozy spaces with an expansive character.
View full sizeCourtesy of Nir PearlsonA double-insulated envelope shelters the interiors, while a super-efficient mini-split heat pump combined with an HRV provide heating and ventilation.
Based on the Feng Shui principles of Yin (private and closed) and Yang (public and open), Ming's essential personal activities of study, sleep, and meditation, are distilled into a compact, eight-foot cube. This Twin Stable Barn Shed was designed for a small farm with a couple of horses or other livestock. The distinct stylistic touches that you can put on an outdoor drop are numerous and diverse. Creemore Ornamental Window Mini Cupola for Sheds 12"This is a nicely detailed 12" by 12" Ornamental Cupola with French Style windows.
A great looking shed that will enhance your property's value and provide lots of light for your yard tools and equipment, this shed doubles as a quaint backyard studio.
Superior to any Mini-Barn's, this "Shed and a Half" offers massive cubic footage for plently of overhead storage with optional lofts. The deluxe package adds the character and athestetic qualities that all other deluxe models share.
Also known as a "Salt Box", this distinct storage shed gives and additional protection from the elements and a nice 7' front wall for convenience and additional head room. Our top-of-the-line model with additional detail and trim, this popular shed is a head-turner, offering that "one of a kind" look.
Unfortunately, the only information on them is where each house was located, and where the photo is from, clues that with luck can help you track down more information.

He was often forced to juggle his desk, closets and other hefty personal furniture to accommodate over 30 students. This mobile dwelling unit allows him to freely reconfigure the loft to suit his popular classes while securing his personal realm. All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Oregon Live LLC. You can of course make use of the available space in a variety of ways to suit your needs perhaps as a luxury guest room.  The Lillebo series are constructed using high quality, slow grown nordic pine just as with our log cabins and kit homes. It's a scaled down verison of our very popular 16" Brooke Cupola.This cupola is a beautiful accent to any smaller structure like a garden shed  up to 12 feet in roof width. Here are some configurations of three of our most popular shed sizes to consider before ordering.
Inexpensive and flexible to suit your needs, our A-Frame is the ideal choice to securely store your valuables.
He sought an unconventional design solution to gain more space for his classes and streamline loft reconfigurations, while preserving his personal space. The compact study and bed niches provide him a sense of coziness missing in the open industrial space.
There are two 12 by 12 spacious stalls in this little barn with a 6 foot overhang to keep the weather out.
These building come supplied with a high quality sauna including kiln dried floorboards, double glazed windows and maintenance free roofing felt as standard.
For more, go to his Moonlight Chronicles website; his other works are for sale for a small price.
The high-capacity casters allow Ming to orient the Cube towards auspicious directions based on the Chinese lunar calendar.

All Cupola Kits require only about an hour to assemble and include full instructions on how to install them on your specific roof slope.
These Cupolas also come with cross bracing internally in case you wish to add a weathervane.
This Cupola is shipped as shown in the picture without a prime coat.You can match the cover of the roof of the structure or clad them in prefinished metal or copper for a striking and dramatic look.
Ask about all the additional options available. The Lillebo series are constructed using high quality, slow grown nordic pine just as with our log cabins and kit homes.
Many of the Scandinavians build their saunas in great locations to enjoy beautiful views as they relax. The Lillebo series are constructed using high quality, slow grown nordic pine just as with our log cabins and kit homes.
By adding a decked area to the sauna cabins you can of course realx after your sauna on the patio area or deck. The Lillebo series are constructed using high quality, slow grown nordic pine just as with our log cabins and kit homes.
Timber Panel, sauna panels and benches, 2-glass isolated windows and maintenance free roofing felt are just some of the things that are part of the purchase. Options such as insulation, painted windows and vatrumsbekladnad include products that we offer. Once again this is a high quality cabin constructed using 54 mm slow grown nordic pine logs.

Barnstable high school class of 1998
How to build a ramp for the shed kits

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