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Assembling the glass and lumber on top of a foundation he built from natural stone gave him a 70-square-foot greenhouse attached to a 180-square-foot barn.
About usTiny House for Us provides free listings for tiny houses for sale, for rent, and property space for parking to people across the United States. All text, graphics, images, animation, videos, and other works on this website are the copyrighted works of Solar Innovations, Inc. It also takes a lot from the tiny house aesthetic – it’s certainly small enough, at 250 total square feet, and almost everything in it is recycled.
There was over a thousand board-feet of old-growth wood, and Michael helped himself when he learned his client had no plans for it.
Beautiful, and very practical: Michael uses the complex for growing vegetables and brewing his own beer. Really it’s more like a shed, with a greenhouse where he germinates seedlings in the spring, dries hops that he uses for a home brew, and stores other pieces of equipment. Small palm varieties, such as beach palm and Sierra Madre palm, are suited to indoor growth.

Any unauthorized redistribution or reproduction of any copyrighted materials on this website is strictly prohibited. He decided to add the greenhouse after beating the garbage truck to a set of antique windows a neighbor was getting rid of.
The trademarks, logos, and service marks (collectively the "Trademarks") displayed on the website are Trademarks of Solar Innovations, Inc. Aluminum, which will not rot, warp, rust, suffer termite damage, or require constant finish maintenance, is used in all Solar Innovations, Inc. Nothing contained on the website should be construed as granting any license or right to use any Trademark displayed on the website. Two story greenhouses are available for those that wish to grow exceptionally tall palms and can easily accommodate trees up to 20 feet in height.Banana trees, white bird of paradise, and Madagascar traveler’s trees are excellent companions to palm trees. Unauthorized use of the Trademarks is strictly prohibited and may constitute trademark infringement. A palm greenhouse can be attached to a building or be completely free-standing and utilize insulated, double pane glass.

This moves palms off the ground, can be cool at times, and allows for better air circulation.Palms thrive in temperatures above 65 degrees.
Ventilation allows hot air to escape and brings fresh air in through ridge vents and eave sashes. Circulating fans are utilized for air movement, keeping plants healthy and eliminating stagnant air.Palms are a large species of plant, and much like orchids, warm and cool palms species exist. Shades can be incorporated into either environment to cut down on direct sunlight, as palm leaves can easily burn. Humidifiers can be programmed to maintain specific humidity levels, typically, 50-60% for most palms.To discuss a future palm greenhouse feel free to contact Solar Innovations, Inc.

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