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The Quail Shed provides a chance for anyone to access prime hunting land, and mature bucks that have not been heavily pressured, at a very reasonable cost. Our 6x8 foot PVC shed is still in good condition, so I intend to replace the compromised wood base. I thought about using those "portable garages" (temporary storage tents) but why spend the money on something less durable and temporary when the money can be better spent on a permanent solution?
Though Lowes was having a sale on the 8x12 foot Heartland Stratford Saltbox shed kit, what really made them a better deal was their flat rate $75 shipping charge on large items.
The shed kit comes in a 4x8 foot flat pack and contains (supposedly) all the required parts and fasteners.
What really slowed down the accounting process was the fact that some pieces had the wrong part designations stamped on them. This meant that I couldn't fully trust the part designations at all, so I had to measure every part and cross reference their physical dimensions with their printed dimensions in the instructions to confirm I had the correct part before (re)writing the part code on them using a marker.
It was a good thing I wasn't missing any shed parts aside from the easy-to-replace 2x3 pieces.
After a very tedious inventory accounting process, I was finally ready to begin actual construction.

The base is elevated on two 12-foot long, 4x4 pressure treated skids to keep it away from moisture, and the whole thing sits atop the old concrete pad where the old cedar shed used to be.
In the picture above you can see my brand spanking new Porter Cable 3.25 inch pneumatic framing nail gun in the lower left.
In the photo above, I have some of the lumber layed out for constructing the long, back wall of the shed sitting atop the completed wood base. It doesn't take a master carpenter to know that making a 12-foot long plate in this manner is a bad idea because it's not as strong as using full length 12-foot 2x3 top and bottom plates. I should have purchased two 12-foot 2x4s that Home Depot did have, and rip them down to 2x3 dimensions. But before I can do that, we need to find a place to store all the outdoor tools and supplies besides the garage. Rona's and Home Depot's shipping charges are crazy expensive and would have added $150-$200 on top of the cost of the shed. Again, Lowes' $75 flat rate made them far more economical and hassle free compared to renting a van or truck that can haul 4x8 foot sheathing.
I didn't buy the nail gun specifically for this shed but it's something I've always wanted because when you have to work on home renovation projects alone, a pneumatic nail gun can make a job quicker, easier and less fatiguing.
I had intended to replace these sistered wall plates with two lengths of 12-foot 2x3s but for some reason the nearest Home Depot stopped carrying any 2x3 lumber!

I was going to use steel tie-in plates or brackets to add more strength but there would have been too many nails driven into this intersection and the whole thing might have been weaker because of it. But I don't have a table saw and I hadn't made cutting jigs for my circular saw yet so I went with what the kit had. I found that a few pieces were missing but fortunately the missing pieces were made of 2x3 inch stock. That's to primarily prevent splashback water damage from rotting the walls from the bottom up but it'll also be a cosmetic improvement too. The shed just gave me a good reason to pull the trigger on a nail gun purchase soon rather than later. And your second comment was most helpful, made me realize that I never wrote a conclusion and summary article for the shed kit build project for those who want a quick run-down before tackling a project. I had some spare 2x3s left over from previous projects so I didn't have to make a trip to the big box hardware store. Despite the extra stiffness afforded by having floor joists every foot, the floor was still a little bit springy.

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