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Construction of a detached building was a less expensive alternative to building an addition to her home.
Historic Shed designs and builds outbuildings for historic homes, from simple garden sheds, to garages, to cottages like Ms. Each Historic Shed outbuilding is constructed in a warehouse, broken back down into individual walls and roof for delivery, and then reassembled on site.
This particular cottage was actually at the higher end of construction costs ($17,000) because of the brick pier construction, which is time-intensive to construct.
Well, one does have to account for the fact that those building it have to make a living, and run a business.
From one builder to another, I applaud their use of quality materials, and historic styling. I think it is just beautiful, and I think the price for something with a kitchenette and bathroom is quite reasonable.
Mystery answer: The floorplan shows our base model but the owner decided to use the space for storage instead of a Kitchenette so we modified it with an exterior door and a ramp for her lawnmower. Historic Shed are experts to contact to build a garage or shed to match historic home details, but as seen on Houzz, they can build any kind of shed your heart desires. Today I am sharing Historic Sheds tropical themed shed they call Palm Harbor Snack Shack that is my favorite, a sunny yellow artist studio, a pink potting shed, a historic guest cottage, and a Bungalow shed.
Historic Shed details on Houzz about this Bahama island type shed are the paint color of the body is Benjamin Moore Babbling Brook with a custom modified recipe and the green accent color is Spring Meadow Green. Pink potting shed with island shutters and arched door is designed for a historic bungalow by Historic Shed. This backyard custom-built guest cottage complements a historic Bungalow home complete with craftsman style brackets and door. Cute as a button soft yellow shed with window boxes was designed to match a 1920s Bungalow. We founded Historic Shed to meet the unique needs of historic homeowners in Florida for architecturally compatible outbuildings that meet (exceed) Florida Building Code.
A stand from Snover, Michigan, had a wide variety of beans sourced from all over the state. Enduring an unsavory climate this season, Michigan seems to be at an awkward standstill for fruit.
This resident busker is delighted to serenade you while you browse some Michigan gladiolous.
Grown in Detroit is as local as it gets, coming from community gardens and urban farmers on the fringes of the city.
The flower sheds, potted plants, and floral items lining the sidewalks make me wish for the space to plant and hang them all. At the end of the shopping, the smell of open barbeque and the Motown karaoke is a likely temptation to rest before heading back home.

Even though Eastern Market is now open for business on Tuesdays, it’s totally necessary to come out for at least one Saturday as it’s a Detroit staple. If you can’t make Tuesdays at Eastern Market, Wayne State holds a public market on Wednesdays from 11-4pm, July through October, across from the public library.
It’s true, freshness has the capacity to thrive in Detroit; the city and its metropolitan areas are absolutely peppered with farmers’ markets and other fresh food options.
So, if you’re in the Detroit area and interested in discovering new things in small travels, I’ve included a list of metro Detroit farmer’s markets at the end of this post.
I can believe it because I also hear the same sentiments from some people that live in Michigan too! There was no construction inconvenience since all the work took place in her back yard, without disturbing her house. Installation typically takes 2-3 days for garden sheds and two or more weeks for a more complex structure such as the cottage due to coordination with electrical and plumbing contractors. A small AC unit was installed on the opposite side wall for summer visitors with a built-in thermostat. Each shed is custom designed to complement the main historic building, drawing from original architectural details and using traditional proportions and design details. I am a foodie and this has been a gateway drug to the thrill of experimenting in the kitchen and the jonesing for more than an apt balcony to garden. Politics, economics, and its capacity for violent social rifts have painted Detroit its notoriously gritty reputation.
Since 1891, the market has expanded into the historical district it is today, remaining as one of the oldest and largest continuously operating market districts in the United States (the largest in the world in the 1920’s).
Fresh collards, kale, cabbage, spinach, chard, and broccoli, with vibrant rhubarb and stems of chard to break up the color. Even though it’s a summer squash, I can’t help but let it remind me that fall is in transition. Roasted redskins in olive oil and sprinkled with lemon pepper is one of my favorite potato dishes.
The friendly Green Organics man was very knowledgeable and eager to explain the subtleties of each variety (much appreciated when garlic-lover meets indecision). These peaches looked delectable, but I will wait because Michigan peaches will be available in the next couple of weeks. Peaches are still being brought in from California to hold us over until they are direct from Michigan orchards.
And perusing the colorful blooms is an exciting opportunity to explore more of the history-rich district.
Plenty of ethnic and local tastes, specialty shops, and fresh meat distributors encompass the main market.
It’s hard not to stop and grab a bite with the droves of other market patrons sitting around tables and enjoying another beautiful summer Saturday in Detroit.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a smaller roster of vendors on Tuesdays, but still so much to choose from and enough goings-on to make the trip worthwhile. Ybor City resident, Judy Greer, has found an affordable solution to that problem: she is installing a guest cottage behind her home. The custom designs incorporate architectural elements from existing historic homes and use traditional materials and detailing.
Most of the old beach towns like I grew up in show Spanish influence and Key West has the Conch houses. It was built in 1908 and is a typical Ybor City Casita (the neighborhood is in a National Historic Landmark District). For most of the winter you can open windows and be comfortable in Tampa, with an occasional need for a small space heater.
Our sheds can serve a multitude of old home uses, from traditional tool storage to modern personal home offices. Today’s beautiful weather will draw tens of thousands in from the city, the suburbs, and even other states. A 1.5 lb bag of bean soup mix is the prize I took with me for plenty of hearty bowls to last me well into the cold months. I am now, gratefully, a more informed garlic consumer and very excited about my selections. Designed and built by Historic Shed, a Brooksville-based outbuilding specialty company, the cottage complements her historic home and adds to the neighborhood character. Historic preservation consultant, Jo-Anne Peck and her contractor husband, Craig DeRoin began building Historic Shed outbuildings in 2008 to fill a void in the market for historic homeowners. Anything less rots quickly in Florida’s climate, but it is a more expensive than some other materials we could choose. The porch has been altered with a new concrete deck and replacement columns, but has a lot of other original features. Our designs are easily approved by local Historic Preservation Design Review Commissions as accessory structures and they meet the Secretary of the Interior?s Guidelines for Historic Preservation.
That doesn’t even include the uncharted gems and roadside stands you might drive by in areas with less urban development. Outbuilding planning tips we offer for historic homeowners:- Keep the outbuilding visually subordinate to the main building.

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