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We’re extremely happy with this unit we won at the Craftsman Blogger Summit Build-Off event. Instead of schlepping extensions cords across your garage floor, setup a workshop with enough power outlets to charge your batteries as well as power your corded tools. Many garage spaces aren’t insulated so you take the extra step to insulate your garage to stay warm and cool or setup some space heaters or floor AC units. From the weekend DIY warrior to the skilled craftsman, their set of tools is a very personal choice.
Most of us enjoy listening to music while working on projects and if you want to forego a full-on audio system and their fragile components, consider these new rugged portable listening stations from DeWALT.
If you need visuals then you can mount a flat panel TV to any wall and stream movies and music through a digital device such as Apple TV or Roku. If you are serious about keeping things clean then your ultimate workshop should also include a dust collection system, central vacuum and air ventilation system. Timothy’s background includes stints at This Old House, ELLE DECOR, Metropolitan Home and Woman’s Day. TrendsRoom & Board Colors by Valspar – New Paint Collaboration Wagner FLEXiO 890 Sprayer Review Save Your Deck or Concrete Patio with Olympic Rescue It! How-To2016 Kitchen Trends Kitchen Countertop Pricing and Materials Guide An Evening in the Kitchen with Miele June Oven 6 Benefits of Custom Cabinetry What’s the Difference Between a Range, Stove and Cooktop? As a cycling enthusiast, once you venture into the realm of owning more than a few bikes, it usually becomes time to work on them yourself. Spice rack bins make great containers for small bits like cable ferrules, and the magnetic backs keep them in place. Owing to his years a bike mechanic, Zach’s workspace is on the more advanced end of the spectrum, but still within reach of the average home mechanic. If you haven’t seen them already, make to check out all of the other installments from our Home Workshop Series! I used the IKEA Trofast children’s storage units to create a work bench in my basement bike room. One of the nicest things about the Trofast series is the plastic bins that can be slid into place.
It helps to live by yourself ?? My kitchen has had a shop stand in it for the last 10 years. Also, to address the root cause, and stipulating I have no data to support this other than personal experience as a mechanic in a bunch of shops, I’m betting it has to do with tool ownership. I’ve got a corner of my den set up with three bikes, a wire shelf converted into a workbench (with a toolbox), and a dual-tap kegerator. One not so small detail that often goes overlooked in the name of saving space: make sure that your bench is deep enough that you have clearance for a complete wheel to go into your vice if it needs hub work. 3 Instead of pegboard or whatever, plywood with nails is the cheapest most customizable solution.
Once you have built your bench, mount a good solid backing to the bench, preferably bolt the bench and the back board to the wall behind, if possible. We are Northern California's premier inspection company, offering the most comprehensive real estate inspection report in the industry, backed by a 90 day home warranty; detailed reports with digital photos, mold testing, infrared scanning, cost saving energy audits and a complete contractor referral service, Certified NACHI member, CA. All the stands and stretchers come pre-drilled, so customizing the cabinetry by adding doors, drawers, backs and sides is easily managed. Storing lumber, pipes or other long items can be organized on the Triton Lumber Rack system. The organization of the garage wouldn't be complete without someplace to put the nuts, screws and bolts. Maybe not trash but items that we store thinking we may need to use them someday such as empty boxes, outdated electronics, sports gear, etc. Garage organizing is a huge topic which we’ve covered before and one of the biggest motivators is to hold a garage sale and stick to the date. Getting things off the floor will prevent you from tripping and also make it easier for you to see items when they are hanging on the wall or organized neatly.
You need to protect this investment with a high quality tool chest that is nicely organized and if needed lockable.
We love the stainless steel look and the variety of drawer sizes is able to accommodate all types of tools and gadgets. You may have a couple of overhead lights from the garage door opener and a few recessed ceiling lights but they are simply there to make sure you don’t trip in the dark.
Having to wear a heavy coat will impeded your DIY efforts and nobody likes working in a sauna.
You can run your mp3 player or smartphone music through them and they create remarkably incredible sound.

All three of these systems will keep the dust, dirt, pollen and other air and heavy particles off your clothes and out of your lungs which makes for a safer work environment. It seems like yesterday when we had a clean garage and 3 months later it’s mess again!
I love the concept of a garage workshop but if the freezing and thawing leave a coat of rust on your tools, drill press, table saw etc.
In this series, we are going to cover the idea of building your own home workshop, matched to the mechanical skills or limits that you have. Working on a dirty bike in the kitchen will probably not win you any favors from your housemates, so it is important first to establish a place to set up shop.
Having a space for your bike work is essential to keeping tools and bike parts in order, and keeping the rest of your life free from dirt and grease. You’ll find it at Sears occasionally, but your best bet is online with (surprisingly, considering the weight) free shipping. Due to space constraints, pressed peg board was used for the tool rack since it could be easily cut to fit.
One or two inexpensive fluorescent light fixtures from the local hardware store will do the trick. If you have a concrete floor like most garages and basements, industrial anti-fatigue mats are also available from most home improvement stores, make it easier to stand for a while, insulate your feet from the cold floor, and prevent that dropped bolt from rolling off into Narnia.
I have a 4′ fluorescent light over my bench in the garage and I still need to break out the portable work light for some jobs.
My wife graciously allowed these things into our home, and I use a Park folding race stand that goes in the closet when I’m not using it. I’m on a 29’er and the balance act of having the wheel on the bench only to have part of it off and then I tap it by accident and it falls off the bench completely is a bit of a pain!
I’m a professional bike mechanic, and have built or rebuilt many bike workshops for retail stores in London, England. It keeps stuff off the ground in case of spills or flooding (for basement dwellers) and stops that tiny screw from rolling to the back-wall into that unseen crevice never to be found again. The Adjustable Multi-Function Shop Stand was designed to use common building materials for the surfaces and sides, but the genius of the design is that it's economical and versatile. With six levels of storage, there will be plenty of room to store lumber and materials for future projects. Clear Tilt bins let you see what's stored inside and are readily accessible with the tilt-out feature. By clearing off your work table you have the most room to operate and won’t misplace nuts and bolts under paper or trash. Look for smooth rolling ball-bearing draws and if buying used beware of rust and dirt that could corrode your tools.
You simply can never have too many outlets and it’s much safer to have too many than not enough.
When most homes are built, the garage lighting is never a consideration, but when you are planning to use your garage as a workshop you need to make sure you upgrade your lighting. You need to make sure you have enough outlets to power these units and choose them carefully.
The major bonus is that they are powered by DeWALT’s 20V MAX cordless battery system. It’s your workshop and whatever you need to make your work environment work for you the better.
Most of us will have a limit to the work or maintenance that we want to perform ourselves, leaving the more difficult tasks to the professionals that have the right tools.
Most people will choose a garage or a basement, since those areas are better for getting dirty, and you probably store your bike there already. My bench shown above cost around $100, and is 8 feet long, since most of the material is sold in 8 foot sections.
Under the workbench it is easy to add a shelf for the containers, and if more space is needed, inexpensive wire shelving is available from most home improvement or big box stores. Zach runs two 4′ fixtures side by side, plugged into a powerstrip on the side his work bench.
It is just the waste in wood making it greater than 24″ deep unless you can find a use for those left over strips… maybe shelving! I will cut some of these to length using bolt croppers, or dress the end with a file if cutting short with the bolt croppers. We would be honored to provide you with the safety, security and peace of mind you deserve. Using a set of stand legs, a set of stretchers, and the included hardware, a variety of workbenches, power tool cabinets, storage cabinets, assembly tables and more can be built -- up to 15 different sized workstations.

For garages with less than perfect floors, heavy-duty adjustable levelers will keep the workstation stable and wobble-free. The traditional pegboard is the most economical solution, and Rockler's Talon pegboard tool holders stay in their designated spots without falling out. A small tray, wire shelf, and a tool rack designed to fit the slats will help you organize regularly used tools and supplies. All that water stemming from cooking, showering, washing and drying clothes, and even breathing, has to go somewhere.
However, making garage workshop plans will be challenging since you will make the space multifunctional. It also gives you piece of mind to start a project with a clean slate instead of having to clear out old and unfinished work before starting new. We recommend installing drawer mats to keep your tools from sliding around as well give them a softer cushion to sit in. Be aware of the load your workshop is drawing and bring in an electrician to help plan and install these outlets. A lot of people also have success with propane heaters but be careful when using in semi-enclosed spaces.
Consider giving your garage floor an epoxy finish which is easier to clean and can also provide extra grip.
As we move through the series, we will cover all the areas of bike assembly and maintenance, and the tools needed for each task. It is built with white melamine coated MDF panels for the surface, and self-tapping Spax screws, and it took about 2 hours to create. To store your bikes, simple vinyl covered hooks also available from these stores easily screw into a wall or ceiling to hang your bikes out of the way. Right now I have an iPad stand that hangs from one of my shelves that serves that purpose, but with the ability to stream from an iPhone to an apple TV having that set-up wold be great.
While most people need a basic workbench for routine maintenance, the enthusiast turns the garage into a fully equipped workshop. Add on locking casters to each modular unit and the stations can be easily rolled out for optimum use and then tucked against the wall to make room for the vehicles. Evaluate your home and ask yourself if it meets your expectations in terms of functionality and energy efficiency. So, you need to consider some things since there will be more items you need to store.Before doing anything when making garage workshop plans, you have to plan ahead.
If you are seeking a softer surface then check out those restaurant grade rubber floor mats or some of the more durable options from FLOR. Beyond your standard set of hand tools and power tools, there are some stand alone tools that could come in handy in many workshops. Cycling is a much more compact hobby than say, assembling a kit airplane, so a lot of space is not needed. If you decide to change the layoutl, or the paint gets dirty after a season, strip all the tools and fittings, paint it over an start again. If your home contains excessive moisture and its cold outside, the first place you'll see it is on your windows. After that, you can make a space where you can store all the items while still providing enough space for you to work.
You need to determine what types of the tools you want to store to make sure that you may need electrical outlets or water lines in your plan. Since you will store many items and tools in your garage, make sure that you make them organized. You can either hang them on the wall using S hooks or install wall shelves to add cabinets. For larger tool like table sew, you have to take the overall placement in your plan to place such item.
Make sure that everything will fit into the space.Although your purpose is to make a workshop in your garage, adding some extras is also needed. You can add small appliances like refrigerator to keep snacks and drinks or other extra items that express your personality.

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