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In honor of Disney's "Frozen" weekend, the stars got together to shoot a music video of one of the film's most popular songs. The full music video is set to premiere today on the Disney Channel app, with the song also debuting on Radio Disney -- so yes, you're about to have the song stuck in your head for another month! When done eating the ice-cream, throw away the sticky cardboard tube, but wash and save the plastic stick and plunger. Take a clean plastic bottle from the recycling bin and drill a pair of holes in it a little larger diameter than the plastic push-sticks. That’s it, you have a great little toy car make entirely out of plastic items from the recycling bin. My two-year old was having lots of fun with the one that I built for her, and older kids can build ones themselves easily! Nifty project but that bottle looks suspiciously like what they serve only up in First Class seating these days…. ANY plastic bottle can work for a Push-Ups Racer, as long as it’s narrower than the axels. Whether you’re ready to use eLearning in your business or not, that business will be stronger and more viable in the future if you strengthen its foundation today.

Improve your performance by removing waste in process times, materials, and natural resources. Reduce your impact on the environment without sacrificing quality or increasing costs.  Improve your standing ecologically and in the community. Introduce new products and services (including eLearning) that are aligned with both your customers’ requirements and your business objectives. Penny's blog, Penny For Your Thoughts: Simplifying eLearning for Business, offers advice to small businesses on how to implement eLearning to increase revenue, reach more clients, and free up time for coaching and consulting.
At The Beehive, Buzzy (Penny's alter ego) tells you how to run a Lean & Green business using data and focusing on what matters to you and your customers. Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! Featured in the video are stars from "Austin and Ally," "Liv and Maddie," "Good Luck, Charlie." and more.
You can decorate it if you’d like, and then race them through the hall-way, in the driveway, or for some real fun, down a big ramp!
You could add some broccoli rubber bands to the wheels for some traction if you have those too.

Unless it is a straight window one and you can find a Hope Chest or kids Toy Box the right height and length. It’s a good solid plastic that has a little heft to it, so it makes a really nice race car.
Penny's presentation, Using Moodle for Business, can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on the image to the right. In most cases they are built to match the color of the cabinetry already in the house but other times they are made to match the color of the furniture.
With the front doors you can custom make a nice cushion on top in one piece is one good reason.
Many drinking water bottles now are really thin and light plastic, which is hard to easily drill.

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