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Shows up on time, works hard all day and finished the job in 4 days and it was half the cost of a tuff shed.
My pal and former EFF attorney Wendy Seltzer conducted a debate with MPPA exec Fritz Attaway in the pages of the Wall Street Journal. The copyright balance is that both creators and the public get the returns on investment, neither to the exclusion of the other. The Pirate Bay was raided and the servers at its hosting company were indiscriminately confiscating, leading to the shut down of hundreds of websites. The raid shut down The Pirate Bay for a few days, but it is now back online and operating in Sweden again.
Our reference system was the RX-MFR-RLNK-00 Texas Instrument Multi-Function Reader evaluation kit. We first connected our 10x15 cm PCB antenna to the evaluation kit, without the power amplifier. Such irony: Bruce Springsteen recorded a tribute album for Pete Seeger, anti-property agitator and old-guard leftist.
Update: Some readers report having bought copies of this disc without any apparent DRM -- we've seen this before, as with the Coldplay disc, where some copies have DRM and some don't.
I did a fun, short interview about DRM with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's LateNightLive program this week -- the audio's online now. Joan Roughgarden, a transgendered professor of biology at Stanford University, has penned a fascinating-sounding book on the evolutionary role of homosexuality called Evolution's Rainbow. The paperback of my novel Someone Comes to Town, Someone Leaves Town has just shipped and the UK bookstore Aust Gate has a case of signed copies that they'll ship free for second-class post to the UK and for reasonable rates around the world. Elephants and other species can experience emotions akin to those present in disturbed people. Until a few years ago, making such inference and diagnosing elephants with PTSD would have been dismissed as anthropomorphism.
Home-Made: Contemporary Russian Folk Artifacts is a brilliant book about the ingenious creations of Soviet and post-Soviet inventors in Russia who improvised the industrial rubbish around them into a startling variety of useful and gorgeous items. You have the amount of dimes and nickels switched: it should be two dimes and one nickel, not vice-versa. I'm in retail so this jumped out at me; the only reason for two nickels is if you don't have a dime!
While the correction that has been posted to this article is true (ie: you don't need 2 nickels if you have a dime), it is also more expensive. Also, for the record, the Instructables website continues to say "1 dime, 2 nickel" just as you quoted.
Short video from Japan shows you how to score a potato with a knife so you can snap the skin off after boiling it. This week, the New York Times reported that Wikipedia had become more restrictive by introducing a new kind of entry -- a "semi-protected" entry that can't be edited under some circumstances. The headline and first paragraph of the story give the impression that today at Wikipedia, articles are protected and semi-protected, whereas in the past "anyone can edit". 31-year-old Seitaro Kasai was arrested on suspicion of kicking women with a pair of shoes with tiny nails protruding from the toes.

Even before I found out that the guy who plays the part of the Windows dweeb in the Apple TV commercials is John Hodgman (who wrote the wonderful song containing 700 imaginary hobo names), I liked him much more than the smug, boring Mac kid.
Meanwhile, the PC is played by John Hodgman—contributor to The Daily Show and This American Life, host of an amusing lecture series, and all-around dry-wit extraordinaire.
Jo Walton's new alternate history novel Farthing manages the incredible, heart-rending trick of being a quiet little story about quiet, brave people while simultaneously conjuring the kind of haunting dystopia that rips your guts out. In the Farthing timeline, Britain made peace with Hitler, through the intervention of a faction within the Tories called "the Farthing set," for the Farthing manor house on which they gather. The story opens with a weekend on the Farthing estate in 1949, and Lucy, the sole surviving child of the family that owns the estate, has come back to her girlhood home with her husband, David, a Jewish banker who escaped Hitler's France.
Then the architect of the peace with Hitler is found murdered in his bed in Farthing manor, and all suspicion turns to David. The story proceeds in chapters told by Lucy and chapters told by a likable, sharp Scotland Yard detective, but this is no detective story. Boing Boing uses cookies and analytics trackers, and is supported by advertising, merchandise sales and affiliate links.
Epson has used the occasion to change the ink and cartridges, thereby gaining a few months before the compatible product manufacturers catch up. I have been asking for it free of usage and interoperability restrictions that go beyond copyright. The problem is that I don't just want to see my own creative output, but the works of the public around me.
Malcolm sent to the Swedish Secretary of State at the Ministry of Justice demanding that he shut down the legal (under Swedish law) site The Pirate Bay. The resulting furor has led to lawsuits and official investigations of police irregularities, and public outrage that Swedish cops were being used as pawns by American entertainment companies looking to shore up their creaking business-models. The evaluation kit embeds the TI module we used, and comes with small 8.5 cm diameter round antenna directly connected to the module's output [TI05]. Springsteen's label slapped a super-restrictive DRM on the disc that prevents PC playback, ripping to MP3, and lots of other freedoms that are totally in synch with the poltiical messages in Seeger's music. It can indicate that either the label was too cheap to buy DRM licenses for all the copies it shipped, or that copies produced for another country got the DRM and have wandered into the US retail channel (or vice-versa). This month's Seed magazine features a long article on Roughgarden's theories, which center on explaining why, if homosexuality is a genetic aberration, it hasn't been bred out of all species -- instead, homosexual coupling is more the norm than the aberration when it comes to most animals. Part Make Magazine, part Prisoners' Inventions, Home-Made showcases a brand of uniquely Russian invention. However, this is entirely incorrect: Wikipedia became more open, introducing "semi-protected" stories as an alternative to the much more restricted category of "protected" posts that were only editable by certain people. He approached a 28-year-old woman at Tokyo's Shibuya Station and began kicking her repeatedly in her calf.
As the Mac character, Justin Long (who was in the forgettable movie Dodgeball and the forgettabler TV show Ed) is just the sort of unshaven, hoodie-wearing, hands-in-pockets hipster we've always imagined when picturing a Mac enthusiast.
Hitler has taken Europe and is warring on Russia, while Britain barely tolerates the Jewish refugees that have come to its shores. David is cordially loathed by all present -- the Farthing set -- who nevertheless tolerate him with hypocritical good cheer.

Even those who suspect that this is a setup nevertheless choose to believe that it isn't, preferring to blame the interloping Jew to one of their number. It's a thorough study on evil, a meditation of how people betray that which is good for that which is expedient, or self-serving. The difference is critical -- I fully support a market in which creators are compensated for their works, but not one in which a creative industry can monopolize cultural reference and the technology around its works.
In the letter, Malcolm notes that he also got the US Embassy to intervene on his masters' behalf against the Swedish site.
Attaching the big loop antenna to the evaluation kit gave no results since the kit generates only 200 mW output power that is insufficient to drive the antenna. Do you have example of cultures from your specific local scene that you see as using remixing in order to create something new? He goes on to discuss the burgeoning body of evidence for parallels to human psychology in many vertebrates and even some invertebrates, and tantalizingly asks whether this means that humans' "unique" and subtle psychologies aren't more common than we like to think. Elephant psychopathology, chimpanzee infanticide and other un-animal-like behaviors are part of a growing body of research that suggests science is building toward a radical paradigm shift. Where other developing nations are thin on industrial equipment and expertise, Soviet Russia brimmed with factories and tools and trained labor, but was crippled by political ideology and corruption. Rather than full protection, which means that no one can edit, we now increasingly use semi-protection, which allows people to continue to edit the article. It is never cynical -- the world of Farthing has at least as many heroically selfless angels as cheap sellouts, but where this book really goes on a tear is in showing how even the good can be easily boxed into doing ill. But the i860 comes draped in new modules: a 10x15 cm paper feeder in addition to the A4 one, a paper analysis sensor and a second black cartridge.
Streams of new data and theories, critically from neuroscience, are converging into a new, trans-species model of the psyche.
The resulting tools are the creation of people who seem to be refugees from a lost civilization -- people who know much, have much, but are in steady decline.
The first one contains pigment-based black for text printing and the new one a dye-based black for photos. Its chief advantage is that, even with clammy hands, you can take and hold the paper as soon as it is printed and the ink will not smudge. Humans are being reinstated back into the species continuum that Darwin articulated, a continuum that includes laughing rats, octopuses with personalities, sheep who read emotions from the faces of their family members and tool-wielding crows. This means the i860 does not have to add in cyan, magenta and yellow to make black for high-definition photos.
If the idea was to reach out to new types of consumers (the kind who aren't already evangelizing for Macs), they ought to have used a different type of actor.
While the Stylus Color 880 (late 2000) and its successors (C80 and C82) shipped at about the same price as their rivals, the C84 is half the price of the Canon and HP.

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