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My mother & I want to build a small cob house (500 sq ft) and I'm trying to work out an estimate but I'm having trouble figuring out how much we need of everything.
Sounds like questions I would ask if I were ready to build, Felicia! The whole personality thing might have a lot to do with it. Some people are naturally gregarious, know a lot of people, know how to scrounge, make deals, shmooze. Besides letting us save energy by living a comfortable walking distance from many of the things we do, human scale architecture helps us feel comfortable as we move through the city and experience the interiors of buildings. If our cities pinch, wea€™ve got problems that manifest themselves as increases in violent crime rates, respiratory illnesses, infant mortality rates, and school attrition rates. We live in a world of more than 6 billion humans and the concept of human scale cities becomes very important as the worlds populations continue to grow. Likewise, we cannot simply ignore human scale design issues by allowing everyone to sprawl their dwellings over the landscape. When great cities fall, their failure extends deeply into the countryside and rural villages that depend upon them for supplies, tools and services.
A noble goal for human scale cities is to make them operate entirely with renewable energy. As we minimize our need for energy, we begin to make it possible to derive that energy entirely from renewable sources. As a child, while visiting the city of New York, I was awe struck with the size of the buildings.
Billboards and advertising line our main thoroughfares in attempts to capture the attention of motorists who should be paying more attention to traffic conditions.
In cities with high human population densities, elevators, buses, trains and bicycles become essential public transportation devices that allow human scale infrastructure to survive.
If they are not thinking too much about it, people often try to sit a comfortable distance away from strangers.

Cities with big parks and adequate organic spaces alleviate some of the feelings of compression resulting from loss of personal space.
There is value in allowing other animals to live with us within the boundaries of the city.
Vanishing point perspectives achieved with line, form, and color add to the value achieved by having real vanishing points due to distant objects appearing small even though we know they are large. The receding wall effect induced by curving walls gives the impression a building is much smaller than it really is.
Based on the assumption people are basically gregarious, human scale design can actually improve the social interactions that make cities great places to live.
George Bernard Shaw said a€?The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. I found a brewery that will give us all the 50 lb polypropylene rice bags we want so that cuts away that big expense. It's not about cob. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Felicia --- You have described the building of an earth bag house with a cob plaster.
You're exactly who I had in mind when I said she's going to need to perform some executive-level scrounging.
I've contacted a sand & gravel company about rough fill dirt & I'm waiting to hear back from them. You would be well advised to spend many hours looking around YouTube and other sites concerned with cob. Perfectly good way of building, lots of people with good information about it out there on the internet, some pretty good examples on YouTube. The item that concerns me is e discussion of using "rough fill" brought in by truck. On their site it says that the rough fill soil is usually offered free with the only cost being gas for the truck to deliver it but I only live about 15 minutes away from them so I'm thinking that won't be a big expense & if it will be my grandfather can get his hands on a dump truck to deliver it to us.

Some are harmless, but it is entirely possible that you could get a truckload of contaminated material that someone else paid a premium to get removed from their site. One of the biggest benefits with all of the earthen construction systems is that much of the material you need is right under your feet.
Cob requires less purchased materials than almost any other building system, with more labor. You just have to dig it up I would be very reluctant to build my home out of someone else's rejected soil without knowing exactly why they had it removed.
This won't work unless by rare chance the dirt beneath your feet happens to be a mixture of good binding clay mixed with sand.
I will attach a couple of pictures of our ground after we recently built a chicken pen & see if guys can tell from the pictures. And we'd like to paint the plaster so does anyone know what kind of paint we can use on cob? Also, we'd like to keep the building cost below $3000. I've been reading about solar & harvesting rain but it all seems so expensive & considering we'd have to go month to month paying for & building our house it would take about a year alone just to get a solar system like the ones I've been reading about. Should we just stick with our power & water companies & are we right in assuming that with the smaller square footage our bills through the companies should drop drastically?
In our trailer we pay about $230 a month in power when it's colder & about $180 when it's hot. Oh and a basic layout would be a living room, kitchen, small eating nook, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom (preferably 2 if possible) and a loft. And before I forget, we're thinking about just using our existing power & just having it hooked up to the cob house.

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