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Whenever I clean my guitars, my family wonders why it smells so good; I say that I exude a fresh citrus scent from hidden orifices. When I was researching building these cabs, I concluded that there are 2 main philosophies to building guitar amp cabinets. I have decided that it would be a good idea for me to make a 4x12 for my 6505 as my Marshall, its just crap. Not pictured is a load of boring stuff like bolts for the handles and screws of various sizes.
Went with Eminences as I wanted something a little different and I didn't feel like paying through the ass for Celestions. So the build starts on Saturday and I should be taking photos whilst I go, majorly stoked about this, as usually I just have stupid ideas about 'I'm gonna make an amp!' or 'I'm gonna make a guitar!' and they never happen, and this one is happening so its awesome.
Actually I just hit up a shop that does rhino liner (same as vader cabs) in my area and they got me set to spray a 412 for $75. Right, couldn't post these yesterday as I left the camera over my Nan's, which is where the thing is being built by me and my Uncle. Glued a little 5mm shim at the top as the baffle was a little short, due to my measurements. Baffle is now glued together, the middle support is glued and screwed and so is the baffle support. While raping a bear in Yellowstone and snorting coke out of a freshly-dead baby's skull, I finally felt that I had found my calling and built a time machine out of Iraqi WMDs and LOTS OF HEMP WHOA. I had 2 Celestion Greenbacks and bought 2 Eminence The Governor speakers, all of them 16ohm. I'll post some progress pics as I go along and update this original thread for the cost and links to places I bought the hardware from, in case someone wants to build a similar cab.
I like to use tape to keep the box held together while I screw the pieces together (used wood glue too). I wanted to get some more work done this week but I got a tooth pick sized splinter in my finger which got infected.

I'll probably add an extra brace in the middle like most 4x12 cabs, even thought I don't know what it's for. Ask a group of guitarists what their favorite instrument, amplifiers and effects are, and each one will surely ramble on for hours about his gear of choice. The overall sound of a cabinet is the result of all the components that go into building it and how they’re put together.
An interesting characteristic I discovered about closed back cabinets is that you can change the sound of the cabinet by loosening and tightening the screws that hold the back board on. Another thing that I’ve found to affect the sound of a cabinet is the vinyl covering and the glue that holds it onto the cabinet.
Ask that same group about their favorite speakers and cabinets, however, and many of them will likely respond with a simple “I dunno.” The sad truth is that even though cabinets and speakers play major roles in shaping the tone of a guitar sound, they are often overlooked by players. Once you acquire the knowledge of what goes into building speakers and cabinets, you’ll start to understand exactly what you like and dislike about different cabinets. Plied birch wood is far and away the most common choice, though some cabs are made from particle board or a combination of the two.
A one-inch wall will be more rigid and will produce a tighter, darker and more blunt sound; a ?-inch wall will usually accentuate high frequencies. Open back cabinets generally don’t produce as much low end because the back pressure created by the speakers has a lot of room to escape. By loosening (or removing) some of the screws, you can “tune” the cabinet to be soft and floppy. The glue and the vinyl slightly muffle the higher frequencies, in most cases in a desirable way.
An old cabinet with years of use and heavy gigging will, in time, soften up and lose it’s stiffness-sometimes too much for desirable results.
In this lesson, I’m going to focus on defining the components and materials that go into building speakers and cabinets as they relate to the sound they produce.
Sonically, birch is great because it strikes a very desirable balance; it’s rigid enough to produce punch and definition while being soft enough to sound warm but not floppy.

With a closed back enclosure, the back pressure has a much harder time escaping the cabinet which, in turn, creates a more significant low end resonance.
I first discovered this when I decided I wanted one of my 4x12s to have bare wood finish and proceeded to rip off all the vinyl. I was looking into cab building and this looks SO gorgeous, but the one thing i noticed was the lack of finger joints, and was wondering why?
My hope is that at the end of the two lessons, you will be well informed and on your way to identifying what you preferences are and what speakers and cabinets complement your playing the best. Remember that the cabinet acts as a resonator for the speakers just as the wood of a guitar acts as a resonator for the vibrations of the strings. In some closed back and front loaded (where the speakers are mounted on the front of the baffle board) cabinet designs, you will see holes in the front or back of the cabinets.
It’s similar to the way drums are tuned—just think of the back board as the drum skin and the rest of the cabinet as the drum. Birch is also super durable and is well suited to withstand the vibrations, abuse and travel that a cabinet is likely to endure. Those holes are known as ports and are intended to let some of the back pressure escape to allow for desirable frequency response. Wood interacting with wood will only extend the resonance of an amp as opposed to carpet or concrete which have a little or no resonating abilities. For the same reason, I also recommend resting cabinets on rubber feet or nothing at all, as opposed to leaving the wheels on all the time. Personally, I don't think it's quite as pretty as tolex, but it's infinitely more durable, and virtually eliminates the need for a road case (minus protecting your grille cloth) which would hide your pretty tolex anyways.

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