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A farmer and his son in southern China have found a unique way to make money; the pair take heaps of old car parts and scrap metal and build life sized replicas of Transformers from the hit movies. The farmer and part time artist Yu Zhilin and son Lu Yingyun spent three years constructing a giant replica of Optimus Prime. I still don’t understand how they fold down into a normal sized car or truck when they are clearly bigger.
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Using a 60' telehandler lift and build an exoskeleton of pallets, 2x4s, and other scrap wood around the containers. Hmmm it wasn't a duration burn - just a series of Independant one-off blasts, timed microseconds apart. After that their Transformers really took off and now they make around $160,000 creating the robots full time in their home workshop.

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The purpose of the show was ultimately to allow scientists to test various theories on volcanic activity but the fun part was having an explosive special fx team in to blow it up at the end of the experiments. I'm not sure I know what pyrotechnics or explosives throw thick brown smoke like that at low velocity.

Was it in some sort of hopper or did you have a guy standing in the back tossing buckets into the air stream?
We worked with a great production designer, Andy Berry, who tirelessly drove the construction forward for almost a month and a half (here is a link to another Instructable, a show we worked on with Andy where we got to build, and then blow up, a small town in WW2-era Germany). Gasoline bottles strapped to the explosives would again be what makes for the accompanying fireballs. There are some interesting explosions right around 2:30 into the video that look like typical pyrotechnics rather than high explosives - the ones that seem to throw shrapnel that gives off bushy tails of orange sparks. I would guess those to be a type of firework called a comet, fired into the air with black powder.

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