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First, know that I’ve built successful membership communities in multiple niches from men’s clothing to survival and preparedness to finance and investing. I’m about to share with you what I know about building a profitable membership website the right way, the first time. My first goal with any membership website is to achieve that break even number in recurring monthly membership fees. First, it’s a hell of a feeling entering each month knowing all costs are covered.  Everything else is profit. There are other “continuity” or recurring billing models besides membership websites.  And each has its own set of marketing challenges. A Verizon cell phone plan allows you to make calls, text and otherwise stay connected with the outside world. Dollar Shave Club will mail you high quality razors once per month so you don’t have to get them from the store.
Adobe Creative Cloud gets you access to the latest versions of all your favorite design software. A membership site is a vague, amorphous “thing” often containing multiple components that are difficult to explain. But selling access to a membership website isn’t as hard as it might seem — if you do it right. It’s far easier to sell membership to someone that has already bought something from you — even if that “something” is a low-dollar offer. In this 5-step funnel, the membership offer is made in the Core Offer slot or the Profit Maximizer slot.  In other words, it is NEVER the first offer.
Not only is it easier to sell membership to those that have already purchased from you — it’s also easier if they’ve purchased a particular kind of offer. Webinar Trainings – We have two types of webinar trainings (Office Hours and What’s Working Now) that deliver educational content and directly answer customer questions. Digital Marketer Engage – Our private Facebook Mastermind Group where you can give and get help from the Digital Marketer team and the community as a whole.
Execution Plans – A library of step by step checklists showing our customers exactly how to execute on a specific marketing tactic.
As you can see, the Execution Plans are made up of SPECIFIC trainings that provide a SPECIFIC end result for a SPECIFIC segment of our market.
If we “splinter” one of these trainings out of our membership offer and put it on the front end of our funnel — we’re in business. Remember that the problem with selling membership is that the benefit is vague, amorphous and difficult to explain. But a splinter of Digital Marketer Lab has all the specificity and clarity of a Verizon cell phone plan or a Dollar Shave club subscription. Facebook Social List Building – Create and scale highly successful Facebook ad campaigns that generate leads and sales. How to Get Your First 1,000 Blog Subscribers and More – Optimize your blog for lead capture and grab your first 1000 subscribers.
And… both have been plucked out of the membership site and positioned on the front end of separate funnels.
If you’re looking for steady, predictable sales month after month you need a continuity offer. Sometimes we send cold traffic directly to the Tripwire offer — particularly if that low-dollar offer is a physical product as opposed to an information product.
But often, and to cold traffic especially, we will “splinter” a piece of the Tripwire offer and place it on the front end of the funnel as a Lead Magnet. The Lead Magnet is a SPECIFIC chunk of value that solves a SPECIFIC problem for a SPECIFIC segment of the market.
Let’s take the How to Get Your First 1,000 Blog Subscribers and More Execution Plan offer for example. We still haven’t addressed why these “front end” Lead Magnet and Tripwire offers increase our ability to sell membership.
These buyers have already displayed interest in a “desired end result” and it’s much easier to now sell them membership — assuming the desired end result remains the same. Notice that in both cases these buyers wanted the same underlying end result — increase leads and sales. BUT… this Execution Plan is actually only a portion of a larger set of Execution Plans that will get you more leads and sales.

The membership offer now works because it’s being made to buyers that have a displayed an interest in a desired end result.
They’ve purchased a “splinter” of the membership offer and it’s now much easier to explain this larger, amorphous “thing”. Let’s look at each page in a funnel that we’ve been running for quite some time to acquire new members.
Prospects that opt in for the 212 Blog Post Ideas Lead Magnet are made the $7 Tripwire offer called “How to Get Your First 1,000 Subscribers and More”. This sequence allows us to make a clear membership offer to BUYERS.  And the sequence makes all the difference in the world. Richard Lindner is the President at Digital Marketer, and brings his experience and skills to the forefront of many of the most important marketing campaigns we execute.
I was wondering if you could tell me which plugins or maybe a software was used when making Digital Marketer’s Lab?
I want to set up several membership websites but am suffering from information overload and rip off artists. I am interested but what are costs, guarantees, what is included, what do I have to do etc, etc. I’ve made membership websites for my clients (Business coaches, real estate agents etc).
Whether its bringing your memberships to life or pointing you in the right direction, I’m here to help.
I know my target market, I know many of their concerns and problems, I have solutions to their problems. There are many ways available to build a membership website but I believe WordPress is worth checking out.
Before choosing a membership plugin for WordPress, it is important that you understand what exactly you want from your membership site. In this post, I am presenting a collection of WordPress membership plugin I think you should check out.
Member Mogul™ is a Membership Plugin for WordPress which allows you to: Create membership levels you offer, such as Silver, Gold, Platinum and more with customizable options, Create premium content available only to paid or free members, Recursive payment and much more.
This WPD subscription add-on is for you If you wish to run a premium membership on your blog. Allowing users to edit there own profile (including image) really helps transforms a website into a community.
Often before you launch a site you want to get some real users in to test the site without allowing access to the rest of the world, normally known as “closed beta” testing.
DesignRouge is an online magazine created for web designers, bloggers and online entrepreneurs. We take customer care very seriously and we work tirelessly to make your website a huge success. I tried to code my own membership script for a recent client website but found I ran into trouble with the Paypal integration, email confirmations and password resets etc.
I did have a couple of queries with my particular setup, so I emailed the technical support service. But, if you execute properly, a membership website will absolutely change the economics of your business. These offers are made at a ridiculously low price ($7 usually) and used to attract a SPECIFIC type of buyer with a SPECIFIC offer that leads to a SPECIFIC desired end result. To generate leads for this $7 offer (that eventually sells Digital Marketer Lab) – we splintered a chunk of value out of this Execution Plan and placed it on the front end as a Lead Magnet.
It’s a very specific, clear offer that a prospect would desire if they want to grow their business using a blog. These two separate “splinter” offers provide two different and specific ways of achieving that end result. This year alone, Rich will oversee the delivery of more than 1 billion permission based emails in multiple markets. I am planning to set up a membership site myself but can’t seem to find the right wordpress plugin for it.
More and more people make a living from selling subscriptions to member areas providing solutions in specific niches. There are plenty of WordPress membership plugin options out there and combined with the massive availability of high quality themes we have a great combo for kick-starting an online business.

Some plugins offer simple solutions and tend to be simpler to configure and get started with. Many membership sites have been build using this plugins and there is a pretty large community supporting it and even consultants with dedicated focus on creating Wishlist Member solutions. It is a flexible plugin that also allows you to have the ability of allowing free membership to purchase content articles on a per post basis.
It is a flexible and user friendly membership software that allows unlimited membership levels and items, an incremental content delivery, a payment systems integration and all the other bells and whistles you need to have in a membership website. It helps you build any kind of membership site: from personal membership blog to self-help and health educational website, from spiritual development portal to premium investment advisory newsletter. The My Profile WordPress plugin allows you to add the profile editing functionality easily by dropping a shortcode into an existing or new page. Closed Beta is a WordPress plugin which allows you to turn your site into a “Closed Beta” site where only logged in and approved users will be able to access your normal WordPress site.
I am a full time blogger and online entrepreneur and I just love creative and beautiful creations. That Member Mogul plugin from Code Canyon was I believe an unofficial clone of our Paid Memberships Pro plugin.
We are proud of our membership software - it is really one of the most easy-yet-powerful membership software solutions available.
It was exactly what we were looking for as we did not know how to automate the entire process from registration to payment by paypal and password activation. Tried a couple already, like Ultimate Pro Plugin, WishList Member and Paid Memberships Pro but none of them provide me the full range of functions I need.
On the plus side I earned a living as a writer, first as a journalist, then PR manager for national companies, and then for advertising agencies. Is this something I can engage your services for as I would love to hire this level of expertise to help me to get it right?
Question is of course, which of the membership plugins would you find to be is most suitable for your website and business plans?
Once you are done looking through the list, I hope you will share your thoughts with me in the comment section below.
This Membership plugin have most of the features you will need such as Unlimited Membership Levels, custom log-in pages, Sequential Content Delivery, Seamlessly integrates with the most popular shopping cart systems and much more.
This plugin can also integrate with autoresponders, has an easy member management that will help you see all of your members, their status and other information in one easy read location. You can launch your own membership website in minutesand add online store selling access to digital downloadable materials such as e-books or podcasts. Designed to be as easy to install and set up as possible it only takes a few minutes to get working. Any logged out or unapproved users will see the Closed Beta splash page which allows users to “sign up” for approval to access your site. I started this online magazine to share news, inspiration, tutorials and other interesting ideas with designers and photographers who want to have a strong online presence. Simple, customizable, elegant, quick to install and customer service was out of this world.
PMS is fabulous and the support is lightning fast even for minor customizations that we requested.
For advanced membership websites you will probably look for integration to payment providers, email auto responders, flexible membership plans, dripping content and so on.
Build your own WordPress membership site with unlimited paid membership levels using this plugin.
Maybe you can replace it with Paid Memberships Pro which is actively maintained and 100% open source and free, available in the WP repository with support on our site.
It allows customization of almost every aspect of the membership site starting from the login page to the members page. Users can pay after post submission.Payment management and Email management is also included.

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