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If you want toA learn how to build a rustic cooler from pallets then I’ve got a great project. I know you might not have a table saw, router or miter saw – which can cost hundreds of dollars. I’m super excited to show what the cooler looks likeA and I’ve got a way cool surprise at the end!!! This past SaturdayA I discovered the Ultra Saw while sauntering past the tool section (think Shaggy from Scooby Doo). After checking out the description I was all in and decided to get one, specifically for this project. Seriously, I started Saturday morning then went to the pool with my daughters and wife for the afternoon. Big box stores get paid $15 to $20 for their palletsA and this is why they don’t give them away.
I used a 50 quart Igloo cooler for this project and dry fit the slats to see how many I’d need to cut. Now measure the height of the cooler and figure out how many slats you need – in my case it was 6 slats for each side for a total of 12 slats. You’ll want enough slats to cover the entire height of the cooler plus an extra 4 to 5 inches. Apply wood glue to the legs, position the slats between the legs, pre-drill two holes on each side of the slats, and screw the slats to the legs. Cut one front slat to size and dry fit it between the two sides to check the cooler will fit.
Once you’re sure the front slat measurement is accurate go ahead and cut 12 slats, 6 for the front and 6 for the back. You’re gonna build a little shelf on top of the frame so that the lid closes easily and the frame looks a bit nicer.

I wanted the side shelf pieces to be slightly skinnier than the front and back.A A So I made a rip cut using the Ultra Saw. You can get more inspirational home improvement ideas by clicking over to the Creative Ideas website. This is a great project for Father’s Day – and perfect for a novice woodworker!
I’m in the process of adding window trim inside and out and this tool looks like it is a lot less cumbersome than the standard ones.
I’m also keen to have a go at the cool cooler – maybe the landscapers fitting the pool next door may have some spare pallets for me! Am trying to teach grandsons use of tools for building small projects, help me do repairs, create some lawn sculptures using their own creativity. Yep, this tool would be unbelievably helpful in so many ways, that trying to list them all would keep me writing for far too long. What a great project, it turned out so well (I attribute that to the beer; incentive is everything!). The project I will be doing is creating a pet bed from either an end table with doors or a vintage console TV if I can every find one ?Y™‚ I’m just starting out and enjoy creating things from thrift store, Habitat for Humanity and curb side finds.
Hi Jeff – I bought a fixer upper a year ago so many projects could benefit from this saw! September 5, 2013 By Beckie When the movers broke her dining room table, Jen from House of Wood’s first thought was to build a new one.
The original inspiration came from the retired Rencourt Extension Dining Table from ZGallerie.
Hi Monique, I would guess it’s a pine because Jen says in this post that she used pre-stain conditioner. July 3, 2014 By Beckie Amy of Amy Krist created a rustic wood lantern in just an hour using materials she scrounged up in the garage.

This is a small aesthetic preference but will affect the look of the cooler once it’s finished. Add wood glue, pre-drill two holes on each side of the slats and screw them to the legs just like you did with the sides. This will need to be an early spring project as summer is HERE and so much in the garden to do now.
We live in the country and have frequent power outages; and when the power is out, the well is out!
She saw a gorgeous X-based table from ZGallerie and hit up her friend Ana White to draw up the plans.
Cut those slats to size and attach them to the cooler frame like you did in the previous step. Then with a little more help from Ana and the friendly folks at Minwax, Jen gave her freshly built table a “rustic yet refined” Restoration Hardware-inspired finish. I want to lift the tank off the ground, build insulated housing around it, and be ready for the next power outage!
It won’t be warm water but it will be wet water which beats NO water any day of the week! Build a similar cooler with storage underneath and shelves elevated above the lid and use the lid as a work surface.
Then after the yardwork and gardening has been done, lift the lid and reach in for some Saint Arnolds Weedwacker, sit back and enjoy.

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