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I really like it, but think the brick chimney clashes a little I'd probably use brown or reddish clay block to blend in a little better. Walking through the maple sugar forests in North America, very often you can find a small wooden building a ?sugar shack.? Inside a shack in the March a people is making maple syrup. This legend comes from the Algonquian Indians and relates how the wife of a chief discovered maple syrup quite by accident while preparing venison during the "Season of the Melting Snow." Woksis, the Indian Chief, was going hunting one day early in March. I like how you captured the smoke billowing out of the chimney and the cannisters for collecting the syrup (they probably have a special name)but I can't think what.
In spite of the hard conditions weather you made a nice composition by using your special secret for giving spot lights.
If you feel the post above is in bad taste or violates the Rules Of Conduct please report it to the Lake-Link Moderators. Majic I hope you live on or very near to the water you to plan to fish if that not trailer set up!
Your plans can be downloaded instantly for your to save, print and use after your paypal payment is confirmed.

We also include instructions on how to get Adobe Acrobat software free of charge if you do not have it for viewing and printing your plans. Pay safely and securely with Paypal with a credit card, debit card, or your own personal check! I'm going to be building one very similar in size this summer, could you post some pictures of your layout inside? We don't really know who first discovered maple syrup, though most people believe Native Americans in the northeastern part of North America discovered the sweet sap of the maple tree.
He yanked his tomahawk from the tree where he had hurled it the night before, and went off for the day. I really like the fact that you have proper windows that you can open, it'll be a nice feature on those warm days later in the season. Several legends have been handed down over the centuries, which tell of the first discovery of maple syrup. The weather turned warm and the gash in the tree, a maple tree, dripped sap into a vessel that happened to stand close to the trunk.

I don't know if it's true or not, but it's sure a good story, and the maple syrup is good too!
When the wind blows on the lake it puts drifts around the shanty that you can dig into for banking purposes. How do you attach the one peice aluminum roofing to the shack without putting holes in it (making it leak)?
I want to say it was $6-$7 a sheet, but can't be sure.Hey, with it up on blocks like that and no snow piled around, dont you get alot of wind coming in the hole?
When Woksis came home from hunting, he smelled the unique maple aroma and from far off knew that something especially good was brewing. He spread the good news how the Great Spirit had guided his wife in making the delicious new food, Sinzibuckwud (meaning, "drawn from the wood" in the Algonquian tongue).

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